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  • It Takes a Thief – Part 38

    After making a revelation about herself that clearly was difficult, Taylor runs to the bathroom in tears. The men sit in stunned silence for a moment before Jason decides to brave the turbulent waters of her emotions. Smiling her thanks, she dabbed her eyes. “Or that. So. Now you know my stupid secret.” “Not so…

  • Time for another chat with Dellani Oakes

    Time for another chat with Dellani Oakes. Thank you, Karen, for sharing my interview!

  • It Takes a Thief – Part 37

    Jason and the team are getting dinner ready and Jason gives in to despair, thinking about Orchid. “Not a bad idea. We can coordinate that tomorrow. I think his input would be very useful.” “Thank you. I apologize for the nosedive into the pity pool. Not my best behavior.” He wiped his eyes on the…

  • The Reality Behind the Fiction

    The Reality Behind the Fiction. What were the bikers really after?

  • The Importance of Setting

    The Importance of Setting. Location, location, location

  • It Takes a Thief – Part 36

    During their workout, the security team comes in to give their report. The lead technician is very impressed by Jason’s knowledge and skill. They declare the house bug free and they installed the extra security as requested. Jason wasn’t eager to get the chip he’d been promised, but decided it was better than feeling completely…

  • It Takes a Thief – Part 35

    After a successful day at the firing range, Jason and the team decide to workout. The men find out a little more about Jason’s personal life. “Been lots of women?” Tim asked. “A good few. None serious. Hard to settle down and have a real life with a job like mine. Which is one reason…

  • Life’s An Adventure – Bring It On! by Dellani Oakes

    Life’s An Adventure – Bring It On! by Dellani Oakes.

  • It Takes a Thief – Part 34

    Despite his misgivings, Jason proves to be a natural shot. He admits that he has experience with airsoft and paintball guns, but not real weapons. Invigorated by his experience, he shows off a little of his pickpocket abilities. “How the hell did you get all that? When?” She grabbed her lipgloss possessively. “Moments ago. Don’t…

  • It Takes a Thief – Part 33

    The team prepares to take Jason to the gun range for the day. The plan is, also, to get him chipped for emergency purposes. They piled in the SUV’s and headed out in a convoy. Driving into the city, they moved quickly through the early morning traffic. Tim was a good driver and always seemed…