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Red River Radio Presents Dellani’s Tea Time with Kent, Larry & Paul

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Join Us Monday, April 9, 4-6 PM EDT on Blog Talk Radio

Can it really be April so soon? Spring is springing all over the place, at least we hope so! Flowers are blooming, grass needs mowing and pollen is flying. If you’re like Dellani, you enjoy the great outdoors from inside. (allergies and asthma – such fun) How better to spend your time than reading a great book? Our three authors have books to entertain you through the sunny days of spring.

Kent Wayne

First up is a new guest, who sometimes goes by the name Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha, but we know him more prosaically as Kent Wayne. As the name suggests, he is the author of sci-fi books The Echo Series; Approaching Shatter, The Taste of Ashes, The Dialectic of Agony. Welcome, Kent!

Larry D Thompson

Our next guest is also new to the show, though I’ve had the pleasure of reading several of his books. Please welcome Larry D. Thompson, author of legal thrillers White Witch, Insanity Plea, Dead Peasants.

paul nosach

Our third guest is another first timer. I don’t know if he has a nickname, but I know him as Paul Nosach. He is a horror/ mystery/ fantasy author of Bloody Hearts, Broken Trust, Dead and Bound. Welcome, Paul!

Welcome to the show, gentlemen! I know we’re going to have a great time! Join Us LIVE or Catch the Recording Later.


A Little Bit About “The Cain Letters”

THE CAIN LETTERS Book CoverAll legends have beginnings— some are worth remembering — others are better left to darkness.

When college student, Marcus Brennan, discovers an ancient book revealing the origin of vampirism, all hell breaks loose not just in his life but for the world around him. He is holding the ultimate weapon two master vampires desire more than blood. The weapon that will give them the power to rule the Vampire Nation and all mankind alike.

It is up to Alexandra Glade, fierce and radiant vampire hunter, and her team, the Berith Lochem, to find and protect Marcus in order to prevent the unthinkable…

… The awakening of Cain.

Pierre Roustan Is My Guest Blogger

Pierre Roustan, author of "The Cain Letters"Today, I am thrilled to have Pierre Roustan, author of “The Cain Letters”, here as my guest blogger.  Recently, Pierre was fortunate enough to cross the path of Alexandra Glade.  Here, in an exclusive interview, she revealed a small part of herself.

Only in the author’s private world can an audience really see the fantasy become a reality. Here, you have that opportunity to see my fantasy become your reality—

 I took a step into her world, my heroine’s world. I sat down at the table and across from me was her, my main character. A woman named Alexandra Glade. Here, you will read her story. A story she has told me many times. But let me tell you—it was worth it to hear her story that many times or else I wouldn’t have been able to pay homage to her with my first novel THE CAIN LETTERS. Enjoy.



Pierre: So…Miss…Glade?

Alexandra: Alexandra Glade. Yes.


Pierre: It’s a pleasure having you here on such short notice and in such a, uhh…dark part of town here.

Alexandra: The location is necessary. Trust me. At least for the likes of me. I prefer darkness.


Pierre: Fair enough. Okay. Well. Let’s start then. I feel like I have a slammin’ story coming my way.

Alexandra: I should hope so, friend.


Pierre: All right, first question—if you can please our readers with this answer, where are you from?

Alexandra: London, England.


Pierre: Where do you live currently?

Alexandra: Everywhere.


Pierre: ….. Everywhere? Ooooor nowhere? Maybe?

Alexandra: I mean what I said—everywhere. I’ve lived in London, Paris, Mexico, Australia, Africa, all over your United States. Russia. Poland.


Pierre: W…wow. How the hell do you get mail?

Alexandra: I don’t. Usually. I do have an apartment, but I’m rarely there. Typically maybe one week a year I reside there.


Pierre: And what do you do for a living then that allows you to live in so many places around the world?

Alexandra: I am a hunter.


Pierre: A hunter? Just a hunter? What do you hunt?

Alexandra: Vampires mostly.


Pierre: What?? Come again??

Alexandra: Mostly. Evil creatures that mean us harm, that defy and stand against God.


Pierre: So a vampire hunter. For God?

Alexandra: In a manner of speaking, yes. I work for the Vatican, specifically. Although many other churches, sects and organizations have hired me to handle issues of a somewhat demonic nature.


Pierre: Oh, so, like, exorcisms or ‘ghostbusting’ and stuff like that?

Alexandra: Never had to do any ‘ghostbusting’ or even exorcisms. But I have had a conversation with the possessed before. One I care not to remember.


Pierre: Forgive me. All right. Next question: what are your qualifications as a hunter? Sounds like a pretty high-profile position. Not something you’d find in the Grand Rapids Press, you know what I mean?

Alexandra: I was trained by an ancient organization of warriors known as the Berith Lochem. We are Warriors of the Three Trinity Lines. Our founder was Nimrod himself. From the Book of Genesis?


Pierre: Wow! Book of Genesis…. Wow. My Scripture knowledge is a little shaky—

Alexandra: He was a great hunter for the Lord. He began the Berith Lochem to fight evil.


Pierre: And what does ‘Berith Lochem’ mean? Sounds like a language I’ve never heard.

Alexandra: It means ‘Divine Covenant’. Hebrew.


Pierre: Interesting. Okay. And what kind of training are we talking about?

Alexandra: These days really do call for a more extensive regimen: weapons and tactics, martial arts, vampiric theory and culture as well. Our training is the equivalent of a United States Navy S.E.A.L. or Marine or K.G.B. operative. We are trained to kill.


Pierre: …. Okay. All righty.

Alexandra: Do you have any more questions for me?


Pierre: Umm…. Sure. I suppose.

Alexandra: Then fire away.


Pierre: ( laughs nervously) I’ll do my best there, Miss Glade—although you probably have more experience than I do at ‘firing away’.

Alexandra: (she smiles) Well, I do love a firearm. But my weapon of choice does tend to be a blade.


Pierre: (laughs nervously again) So…Miss Glade…. Do you have many friends?

Alexandra: Some. My friends, though, tend to also be comrades, other hunters that stand by me.


Pierre: And how do they see you?

Alexandra: I would hope a woman they can trust.


Pierre: And your enemies? How do they see you?

Alexandra: Someone they cannot trust. At all.


Pierre: Because you hunt them down and kill ‘em, right?

Alexandra: If they break the Code, yes.


Pierre: The Code. What is…the ‘Code’?

Alexandra: Dear Mr. Roustan. Dear Mr. Roustan…so sheltered from the truth. You must know…vampires exist. And they are a community. A nation. And they have their laws. Regardless of what Hollywood has to say about vampires, it is true that even the darkest of shadows have their morality. Even demons have decrees they must follow. It just so happens that vampires, these days, have a Code that respects humankind. And hunters, we must respect it, too.


Pierre: You’re saying vampires are not allowed to kill? Right? I thought they had to in order to drink blood.

Alexandra: Some vampires, ‘rogues’ we call them, feel they need to. But the truth is…they don’t. To feed is not to kill. In fact, in this day and age, moral vampires feed on ‘consenting adults’. They do not break any laws. Therefore, we must refrain from killing them. The ‘rogues’, or even lesser breeds without self-control, we hunt down and kill because they violate their own Code and take away human life.


Pierre: Wow…and how can you tell you’re facing a ‘rogue’?

Alexandra: Usually…they try to kill me. Before it would come to that, though, I receive intel from ‘reliable’ sources about my targets. Usually, I never initiate a hunt on a noble vampire. Usually.


Pierre: So I take it hunting vampires is what makes you happy?

Alexandra: In the name of God…most definitely, yes.


Pierre: (clears throat) And…what makes you sad?

Alexandra: (pauses) …. Many things. Friends I’ve lost….


Pierre: Any regrets?

Alexandra: More than I can count with my fingers.


Pierre: Sorry to touch on a fragile subject there…. Don’t mean to—

Alexandra: Nothing to be ashamed of. This is an interview after all.


Pierre: It most certainly is, Miss Glade. It most certainly is…. One more question then….

Alexandra: Fire away.


 Pierre: …. How do you see your future?

Alexandra: Look around you. I picked this location for a reason….

Ann Stanmore – Guest Blogger

I am pleased to host Ann Stanmore, one of the delightful writers from Red River Writers Blog Tour.  I’ll let Ann tell you a little bit about herself, because she can tell it so much better than I.

I retired from my job as a buyer for smart cards two years ago after staying an extra two years. I am now 69. I am a fun loving person and my book reflects that. It was written with the hope of brightening someone’s day. I have thoroughly enjoyed writing my first book and have in fact started on a second.

I am a firm believer that every cloud may not have a silver lining but certainly has a funny side.

I have always loved books and stories and used to make up my own stories to tell my children at bedtime, something my parents did for me and that inspired my love of reading and now writing.

I lead a busy life as apart from my writing, I am a Tree Warden for the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead, I am also secretary of the Social Club where I live, and also help at a teenage group for youngsters who would otherwise be roaming the streets.

Ann’s book is called “Well, It Was Fun…”  Available at: http://www.booksbyann.co.uk/