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Something New – Part 37

something new coverHeat Alert! This scene is somewhat spicy. If such things get your pulse racing, go for it. If you’re offended by intimate displays on the page, please wait for episode #39, because the next episode is hot too. Not intended for readers under 17.

Their interviews over, Austin and Liat end up at the studio at his trailer. They’ve made promises to one another all week. Now, they are finally alone.

The sound stage was silent. It was still early in the day, but they had finally come to a spot where they could no longer film around Liat and Austin, so Sandy gave them a day off.

“I want to change,” Liat said. “I have a bag in my car.”

“Come on in. That sounds like a spiffy idea.”

“Spiffy?” Liat smirked, scoffing at him.

“I sense disapproval of my word choice, Miss Vogel.”

“Since when does anyone under sixty say spiffy?”

“I thought I’d start a new trend.” He unlocked his trailer and led her inside.

Normally, he didn’t lock his trailer during the day, since he’d been gone so much lately, he’d taken to locking it. He latched the door behind them, feeling slightly vulnerable with no one else around.

“I’m going to start tea. I’ve got some biscuits,” he called after her as she went to the bedroom.

“Sounds grand!”

He puttered around in the kitchen, starting the tea kettle and setting out mugs. Liat came out in soft yoga pants and a loose sweater. Austin thought she looked more beautiful in that than she did in a fancy dress. He couldn’t stop staring.

“Go get comfy. I’ll watch the tea kettle.”

Nodding speechlessly, he went to his room and changed into jeans and a T-shirt before heading back out. He was barefoot, nearly silent. Liat didn’t hear him as he came out. He stood a few feet away, watching her. She fit into his life so smoothly, carving out a niche in his heart without even trying. Her movements in his tiny kitchen, were dance-like. He couldn’t get enough of watching her. The tea kettle whistled, jolting him back to reality.

“Austin!” she called, without turning around. “Tea.”

Instead of answering her, he walked up close, putting his arms around her from behind. She took the water off the heat, turning off the burner, before snuggling against him. His broad chest and muscular arms cradled her as his soft lips dropped to her shoulder. He nuzzled and nibbled, inhaling her scent. Liat shivered, clasping his arms around her.

He swayed to some unheard melody, crooning as his hips moved behind her. It took a moment to recognize the tune and she smiled, moving with him to the slow, sultry tune. Austin continued to nuzzle her neck as his hands drifted to her waist.

“I made certain promises this week,” he hummed the tune a moment. “Which I’ve yet to keep.”

“There’s hot water.”

“I don’t want hot water,” he mumbled against her throat. “You know what I want.” He turned her to face him, putting her arms around his waist as he stepped closer. “The question burning in everyone’s minds is—what do you want?”

Liat rose on her toes, kissing his chin. He chuckled seductively, his voice rumbling in his chest. He lowered his head, meeting her mouth with his own. The touch of his lips was so soft, she almost didn’t feel it. His breath was warm on her skin, sending a tingle down her spine. He licked her lower lip, nipping and teasing her mouth. They stopped kissing, sharing a smile.

Austin took her hand and led her to the bedroom. He had a queen sized bed, television and sound system. With the click of a remote, he started soft, seductive music playing. He cupped her face, his lips lowering to hers once more. He seemed content to kiss her by the bed, but Liat wasn’t. Deciding to take charge, she took a step forward, forcing him to move until his knees hit the bed. He sat heavily, laughing when she straddled him.

“I do enjoy when a woman tells me what she wants. Especially when it’s me.”

Her hands drifted to his pants and he chuckled as he untucked his shirt. It ended up somewhere across the room. Hers followed, landing in a tangled heap with his. His hands slipped into her jeans. She stood, shimmied and discarded them. She stood before him in her underwear.

Austin stopped, admiring her trim figure. Her breasts were as beautiful as he imagined. He reached out, caressing one, then the other. His mouth would have followed, but Liat decided if she was going to get naked, so was he. She shoved him on his back, stripped off his jeans and burst out laughing.

“Sponge Bob pants! You remembered!”

He pulled her down to straddle him once more. “He is awfully sexy. His nose, and all.”

“You’re awfully sexy. Your nose—and all. . . .” She leaned over, licking his throat.

Austin groaned. His hands rose, deftly releasing her bra. It fell off nearly in his face, exposing her breasts. They bounced, enjoying the added freedom. Momentarily distracted, he didn’t hear her question the first time. Liat snapped her fingers under his nose.

“Condom?” she asked.

Still mesmerized by her breasts, he pointed to a drawer by the bed. She opened it and found an unopened box.

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Something New – Part 36

something new coverHaving one talk show under his belt, Austin isn’t as nervous when he goes on Late Night Ladies. In fact, he’s looking forward to it. It’s a bit daunting, however, to be among the only men there—both on set or in the audience.

He sat once the ladies were seated. Maggie, the grand dame, who reminded him of Madelyn Kahn, grinned at him.

“So, how do you feel, Austin?”

“Slightly intimidated, if I’m honest. It’s very strange being the only one with testicles on stage.”

The women whooped with laughter. Even their camera operators were female. He spotted a couple men backstage and the stage manager was male. That was about it.

“It is called Late Night Ladies,” Ginny piped up. She was the youngest, a year or so older than he.

“I demand equal time,” he said. “Late Night Laddies. We could come out on stage and dance for you. Would that please you?” he appealed to the audience.

The thundering applause and cat calls answered that question.

“Should we start with you?” Maggie asked. “You could do a dance for us.”

“I suppose I could do. But I’m keeping my pants on. If I damage this suit, my tailor will slay me. Though I’d be a well dressed corpse, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy your lovely company.”

“You’ll really dance to for us?”

“Sure. What am I dancing to?”

The bass player of the band stepped forward, her fingers thrumming the strings. Austin grinned, head bobbing to the rhythm. A saxophone, drums and guitar joined her as he stood.

“I need a partner,” he said. “Ladies?”

They all laughed, shaking their heads, so he went to the wings and got Liat. She joined him as the vocalist began singing Thank You by Sly and the Family Stone.

“Liat Fogleberg,” he yelled.

Austin swung her into a fun, jazzy dance rather like the Lindy. He added moves she’d never done before, but he was so sure of himself, she laughed and did her best. He spun her under his arm, then bowed to her before hopping onto the dais to dance with the vocalist, bass player and guitarist. From there, he skidded to a stop in front of Maggie, doing Patrick Swazi’s hip gyrating moves from Dirty Dancing. To the delight of the audience, she joined him. He danced with each of the hosts while Liat and the others danced in a group. The band extended the song, adding solos for each of the musicians. Austin finished the number by dancing with Liat. As the music wound down, he twirled her again, then dropped her in a dip before slowly raising her. His lips descended on hers, more by instinct than design, and he kissed her deeply.

A thrill scurried down her spine as he drew away, gaze locked with hers. His full lips quirked and she knew it was his way of promising more thrills to come. He bowed to the audience, clapping for Liat and the other ladies, before leading her to a chair. All the women gasped and laughed as they took their seats.

“Marvelous band,” Austin said, clapping once more. “I want to take you home with me. Aren’t they fantastic!” He ran over, giving each of the women a kiss. He stopped center stage, bowed once more and took his place next to Liat.

“Do you like my idea?” he asked the audience.

The women cheered, clapping and stopping their feet.

“Next time, I’ll bring some lads with me and we’ll all dance,” he promised.

“Darling, you can come on any time you like,” Bridget said. She was much quieter than the other hosts and spoke with a breathy Irish accent.

“I will do, Love, as often as you let me.”

The show continued, with Austin did everything he could to make them laugh and feel good. He played off Liat and the hosts, his comical antics making them blush and giggle like girls. By the end of the show, his face was covered with lipstick from all the kisses they had given him.

The audience didn’t want him to leave, but he promised to come back again. Before leaving, he turned to face the hosts, his back to the audience. With a quick flip of his jacket, he bent over giving them a fine view of his ass, pants tastefully on, before dashing off stage with Liat on his arm.

Pandemonium ensued. Instead of going back out for an encore, as the stage manager suggested, he declined.

“Always leave them wanting more,” Austin replied.

As Austin and Liat left the backstage, heading to the green room, he murmured in her ear, “And I want more.”

She shivered, agreeing with him. The hours they had spent together had served to make the attraction stronger than ever. However, they lacked time to do anything about it—until now. Stu drove them back to Austin’s trailer. Liat had left her car on the studio lot near the sound stage. He dropped them off, bid them farewell and headed home.

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Something New – Part 35

something new coverDespite dire predictions of his impeding death by dismemberment, Austin can’t resist Liat for long, nor she him. They end up in a compromising position on the couch when Dwight walks in unannounced.

His friend nodded. “You never had the other girls up here. Not that there have been many. Why now?”

He shrugged. “I didn’t feel comfortable letting them into my life that much. It’s my own private space. I felt like they would be invading it. But Liat—she comes in and makes it her space as much as mine and demands I share it. And it’s okay. She belongs here.”

“Just so you know I wasn’t trying to interfere.”

“I know that. It embarrassed you worse than it did me.”

“Probably right about that. When you do finally do put your tractor beam into her incision, you’ll be sure to warn me? Or at least take it in the bedroom.”

“I imagine you’ll no doubt hear her screaming my name.” He winked. “As to keeping it in the bedroom—” He paused, raising an eyebrow. “Probably not. I find I like the kitchen.” He danced out of Dwight’s way when his friend tried to hit him. “I’ll put my tie on the doorknob.”

“You won’t. Do you know how much that cost?”

“Not a clue.”

“Too much to risk someone walking off with it. Just send me a text. No details, just saying I’m going in. Or something like that.”

“I’ll think of something.”

“Good. Get dressed. You’ve got a dinner date.”

“Aren’t you coming? You’re part of this too.”

“Are you sure? I only made the reservation for the four of you.”

“Owen won’t care. Just come along. This is your victory too.”

“Thanks. I’d better change. You too. You look like a Nirvana reject.”

Austin chuckled as the door closed. They met up again at six minutes until eight. They rode down the elevator together, stepping off in unison. They stopped, hands in pockets, scanning the room for their friends.

Liat saw Dwight and Austin come off the elevator and strike a pose. Intended or not, they stood with their heads turned, profiles prominent. She had never realized that they looked enough alike to be brothers. Dwight had lighter hair and eyes, but their basic features; strong jaw, cleft chin, high cheekbones and sloping noses, were strangely similar. Taking out her camera, she snapped a picture before they spotted her.

She and her parents met up, walking across the lobby to the elevators. Hugs and kisses all around, they went to the restaurant. Heads turned, but the customers were, for the most part, residents and regulars. No one bothered them, though a few smiled and waved.

Dinner was in a small, private dining room that Owen reserved for friends, family and small gatherings. Sensing that Austin and Liat wouldn’t want to be in the public eye after their TV appearance, he had the hostess take them through.

They had a short evening since most of them had to be up early for work. After giving Austin a chaste kiss, Liat went home with her parents.

“I’d hoped you’d stay,” he whispered.

“Another time,” she promised. Her lips brushed his ear and her fingers wound in his hair. “Soon.”

He had to be satisfied with that, though it was getting more and more difficult to give her a kiss and just walk away. Their session that afternoon had done nothing to quell his attraction and quite a bit to increase his desire. Had Dwight not walked in when he did, it would probably have ended in a satisfying, but somewhat embarrassing, episode. Since the idea was to build a relationship with Liat, not drive a wedge between them, it was probably as well it hadn’t happened.

The following week was a mad, dashing blur for Austin. When he wasn’t filming, he was hopping from one interview to another. He had a lot of time with Liat, but most of it was on camera. When they had time, they kissed and made promises about how they would share their upcoming alone time.

It interested Austin that, after their initial interview, the hosts didn’t belabor the arse angle or the argument with Irving, and spent more time talking to them as individuals. They didn’t dwell on his homelessness either, though they always mentioned the fund and the great work they were doing.

Their last interview was on Friday, for Late Night Ladies, a show hosted by women for women. Sometimes, they dealt with women’s issues, but more often they just had fun. They didn’t take themselves too seriously, but woe to any guest who made light of anything they felt strongly about.

The show taped in front of a live audience, consisting of all women. There were very few men on the crew. Austin felt somewhat intimidated by the number of women present. He was introduced first, as usual, and was greeted by a massive wave of applause. Fortunately, no one threw their panties at him. He got hugs and kisses from all the hosts. They ranged in age from 30 to 60.

“Maggie and Fiona and Bridget and Ginny—Oh, my!” he said as he took the stage.

“Are we better than lions and tigers and bears?” Fiona, a woman in her mid-fifties, asked. She hardly looked her age. She was nearly as tall as Austin with auburn hair, green eyes and a voluptuous figure.

Oh, yes,” he purred, kissing her hand.

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Something New – Part 34

something new coverLiat and Austin are sharing a few quiet moments after the interview. He would like to take things further, but she puts him off by saying her parents will be waiting for them soon. Austin finds the idea of her father knowing they’ve been intimate, a bit off putting.

Liat pulled the pillow away, laughing at him. “Daddy won’t kill you.”

“He’ll want to. Believe me. My first girlfriend’s father threatened me with a cleaver.”


“Thought I was having my way.”

“Were you?”

Austin chuckled, pouting saucily. “Yes. He had every right to threaten me. I was being very inappropriate.”

“Have you been—inappropriate a lot?”

He shrugged, shaking his head against the couch. “Let’s see. I’m thirty-two, been active—a good few years. Maybe ten girls in all that time? About that. Why?”

She wouldn’t answer. Austin touched her cheek.

“I’m not like him,” he told her. “I don’t run about sticking it to every woman I meet. No one night stands, no fly by night affairs. I can’t say I’ve always had the best sense where women are concerned. But I think my taste has improved considerably over the last three days or so.”

“You’re wickedly charming, you know. Virtually irresistible.”

He struggled to a sitting position. “Virtually, not completely?”

“Completely. I didn’t want to seem slutty.”


His lips brushed hers once more, before drifting down her throat. He nibbled her earlobe, licking behind it. His breath was hot, his tongue rough on her soft skin.

Liat shivered, leaning into him, her breasts pressing against his chest temptingly. Austin let his mouth drop to the curve of her shoulder as his hands slid up her sides. Long, lean fingers teased her breasts, not quite touching them. She shivered again as his mouth met hers. She knew she was letting it go too far, but she couldn’t seem to find the strength to tell him no. Even thinking about dinner with her parents didn’t sufficiently put the brakes on. Austin could kiss like no one else she’d ever met and it made her wonder, again, what sex with him would be like. She wanted to know, wanted to grasp his lean hips with both hands and clamp down tight.

“Someone’s at the door,” Austin gasped when he heard the latch click. “Fuck!”

Dwight stepped in carrying another suit and shirt. He stopped halfway through the door when he saw Austin and Liat. She was on her back on the couch. Austin lay partly on top of her, between her legs. Their clothing was on, but they were obviously well on their way to getting naked.

“Ooops,” Dwight said. “I am so sorry! I had no idea. You’re the first woman he’s had up here,” he babbled. “I’m so used to just coming in and out. I live across the hall. . . .”

Liat started laughing. “It’s okay, Dwight. We probably shouldn’t be doing this anyway.”

“But it’s such a smashing idea, we were anyway,” Austin concluded. “Until you showed up.”

“You now have an effective cock block,” Dwight replied, smugly. “Imagine me walking in and seeing your lovely ass in the air. See what that does for you.” He winked, hung the suit and shirt on the back of the door, and left.

Austin got up, helping Liat rise to a sitting position. “Hell! Dwight has the Devil’s own timing.”

She smoothed his hair. “Look at it this way. Us being together is a given.”

“What you’re saying is that eventually, at the appropriate point in time, when all the stars align properly, I can shag you?”

Liat giggled, nodding. “Yes, you goof. At the appropriate point in time, when all the stars align, you can shag me.”

“Yay!” He did a silly, happy dance.

She glance at the clock. “But right now, I need to dash home and get ready for dinner. Hair, makeup, all that girlie stuff.”

“I think you look gorgeous without all that girlie stuff. But if it makes you feel better, go for it.”

“Thank you. I’ll see you downstairs at eight.”

“I’ll be there. I’ll miss you.”

Taking her leave, she gave him a quick kiss and headed toward the elevator. He wanted to go with her, but she assured him she’d be fine. The door closed and she rode down to the parking garage.

Dwight heard Liat leave. He tapped on Austin’s door. His friend answered, smiling.

“Sorry about that. I didn’t know she was here.”

“Not a big deal. At least we weren’t naked. Bit soon for that anyway.”

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Something New – Part 32

something new coverFortunately for Austin, Liz isn’t out for blood at all. In fact, the interview goes very smoothly.

They parted and she calmed the audience down. The band played some jazzy music as they went on commercial break. When they came back, Liz grinned at the camera.

“I’ve got another wonderful guest to bring on. In fact, I have three and I’m going to bring them all on at once.” She turned to Austin. “You said when you got this job, it saved your life. I want you to meet these three young people who, because of your generosity, have grown and prospered. Please welcome Tricia, Shandra and Orlando.” She beckoned to the wings.

Three thin, nervous looking teenagers came on stage. They walked over to greet Liz, then stepped up on the dais to meet Austin and Liat. The two adults moved down, allowing the teenagers to sit closer to Liz.

“I know you’re confused,” Liz said. “I’m going to explain. Shortly after Austin took the part of The Magician, he asked the executives to put together a special fund to help students who were in dire circumstances. He purposely asked them to target teens who were in foster care and interested in theatre. A portion of his salary goes into this fund. The network liked the idea so much, they decided, unbeknownst to Austin, to match his money every month.

“They found three students who met the criteria and contacted the Department of Children and Families here in the city. Soon, word got out and several of our founding families heard about what Austin had done. They matched the amount, doubling it several times over. Now, the city facility has been upgraded and given a facelift. Kids like Tricia, Shandra and Orlando have an allowance that they can spend on clothing, books and educational materials. The money has also been used to open two new food distribution centers for families at risk.

“The program is expanding and targeting more students in the tri-county area. Other businesses and organizations are matching funds with any of their employees who wish to contribute. The Magician Fund, as it’s been dubbed, has already helped fifteen students and fifty families. My three young guests are here to give you something, Austin.” She nodded at the teenagers.

The blonde girl, introduced as Tricia, acted as spokesperson. The three of them stood, walking forward. Austin and Liz joined them. A line had formed at the base of the stage. There were more children as well as a few adults, lined up. They marched on stage and formed sort of a phalanx of people, standing at an angle to the audience.

Music started to play and the group sang God Save the Queen followed by The Star Spangled Banner. When they finished singing, they filed past Austin, presenting him with cards, drawings and photographs as the theme from The Magician played. When it got to the last three, Tricia, Shandra and Orlando came over once again.

“Thanks to your generosity,” Shandra said. “Our school was able to keep the theatre teacher instead of letting her go. She was able to get the money to put on a show and we’d really like you and your friend to come opening night.” She handed Austin an invitation and two tickets.

“I would be delighted. Liat?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” She wiped a tear.

“Thank you,” Austin said. “You’re all bloody marvelous,” he said to the children and the group who had sung for him. “I don’t know what to say. Thank you hardly seems adequate.”

Shandra hugged him. Tricia joined her. Orlando couldn’t resist and added his scrawny arms on the other side. Austin was in tears. He’d never felt so loved. Liat sensed that he was overwhelmed and stepped forward, asking for hugs from the children too. The stage manager escorted them off the stage and the audience gave them a standing ovation as well.

Soon after, the show ended. Liz gave them each a big hug and they all said goodbye. When the cameras and lights were off, the audience filed out. Liz led them to the wings.

“Thank you,” she said to Austin. “You’re my personal hero.”

“Never been anyone’s hero before. I didn’t do it for the notoriety.”

“I know, but it’s worth drawing attention to. The more people who know about it, the more who will contribute. Everyone at the network has contributed, whether a little or a lot, they’ve all chipped in.”

“Thank you, too, Liz,” Austin said. “I was terrified when they told me I’d be on here today. I thought you were going to rip into me.”

“I only do that to people who deserve it. Made ya cry, though,” she teased, pointing at him.

“You did. But in the best way possible.”

They said their goodbyes and parted. Liat and Austin met up with her parents and Dwight back in the green room. They exchanged hugs and kisses before going back to the car. Stu opened the door proudly, ushering them all in.

“Watched the whole show,” he pointed to the limo’s television. “Good job, Austin! Where to?”

They all looked at Austin.

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Something New – Part 31

something new coverAustin arrives for his first interview. As he walks on stage, someone throws her panties at him, which he manages to dodge. He’s somewhat taken aback by the enthusiastic greeting he gets from the audience.

The audience erupted again. Fortunately, no more panties flew on the stage.

“I think the question burning on everyone’s lips—is this: Is that really your bum or a very buff body double?”

Austin sat down again, smirking saucily. “I don’t like to brag, Liz. But I do think it’s well known that I perform all my own—stunts.” He winked wickedly, smoothing his tie.

“I don’t suppose we could convince you to give us a peek?”

“I would, love, but I’m afraid it would cause a riot.”

“So, tell us about all this Irving business. What really happened?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. I thought we got along well, but our styles didn’t mesh. I regret what’s happened. But things don’t always work out as we’d wish.”

“I hear that you’ll be taking the director’s chair soon and that you wrote some of the episodes?”

“Yes, to both. Actually, my assistant, Dwight Wales and another gentleman, Paul Shrove, co-wrote the episodes. They’ll both be assisting when I direct.”

“What direction do you see the show going?”

“We’re hoping to try a few new things. We’ve decided to keep the same companion for a bit. We’ve just hired a lovely young lady who will be playing Morgana, The Magician’s latest. She’s from his home world, so they get along splendidly. The actress is such a good fit, we decided to keep her.”

“And she’s here today,” Liz said grandly. “Everyone please welcome Liat Fogleberg, Morgana!” She stood, clapping.

Austin smiled and stood. He stepped forward to help Liat up the rise to the platform and waited until she’d seated herself before sitting down.

“A little bird tells me that you two are an item,” Liz said. “Do tell!”

Liat glanced at Austin, smiling shyly. “Not exactly—yet. We’re giving it some thought.”

“Is he as yummy as The Magician?” Liz leaned forward excitedly.

“I’ve only ever kissed her,” Austin admitted. “I’m nothing like The Magician. He’s a horny old sod.” He blushed. “Can I say that on television?”

Liz laughed. “You just did! Is this relationship what prompted you to ask Liat to stick around?”

“Not entirely. She and I work well together and are really in sync. Her character also clicked with mine. Besides, I’m tired of getting used to new people every few weeks. It’s far better for the show to have someone more permanent with whom I can build a rapport.”

“We’ve taken the liberty of putting together a few clips from the show.” Liz directed their attention to a large screen.

They started with part of the first season’s gag reel, then started a montage of Austin’s ass shots. The audience went wild. More panties flew onto the stage and Austin dearly hoped that they weren’t recently worn, but suspected some may have been. Hiding his face behind his hand, he shook his head. Liat squeezed his fingers. They ended the clip with the dance he and Liat had done a couple days ago. The lights came up to more cheering and whistling.

“Thank you for that humiliation,” Austin said dryly. “Forty years from now, when I’m old and gray, there will be, preserved for posterity, my posterior.”

“Is it true you were living on the street before you got this job?” Liz asked unexpectedly.

Austin had anticipated this question, so he didn’t let his feelings show. He didn’t like talking about his former life.

“My early years weren’t easy,” he replied quietly. “My parents died when I was little. My father was drunk and ran them off the road into a tree. I was with the sitter at the time. I went into foster care and I left when I was fifteen, struck out on my own, and eventually ended up living in a hovel. The term starving artist would apply.”

Liz nodded, her eyes holding a multitude of emotions.

“So, when people make a fuss, toss their panties at me and cheer at the sight of my bum, I can’t help thinking how lucky I am. This is a dream job, so far separated from reality—Nothing about it is remotely real. This job, this arrogant, self-centered, butt wielding character with a saucy smile and great hair, saved my life.”

The audience was quiet for a moment before erupting into applause. They stood, clapping long and hard. Liz was so stunned, she didn’t even tell them to sit down for over two minutes. Liat clapped along with everyone else. She and Liz stood. The backstage crew came out of the wings and the band started playing The Magician’s theme song. Liz took him in her arms and kissed his cheek.

“Thank you,” she whispered. “Please stay through the next portion. I think you’ll like my next guest.”

“Thanks,” he replied, kissing her cheek.

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Something New – Part 30

something new coverAustin prepares for his first interview. Somewhat nervous, he’s glad to have Dwight appear with another shirt and tie. They both decide that they need serious intervention with their house keeping skills, since neither of them has any food to speak of.

“We can put in a grocery order when we get back. I don’t think you’re going to want to go to the store in the middle of all this.”

Dwight walked in with two thermal coffee mugs. He set one on the bedside table and flopped on the end. Austin tucked in his shirt and slid the tie around his neck.

“Here, let me,” Dwight said. “I’ve found the most amazing way to do up a tie. Bold, daring, simply gorgeous.” He stood behind Austin, talking as his fingers flew. When he was done, Austin’s tie formed a beautiful three point knot. “The trinity,” Dwight said proudly. “I’m working on the Eldridge, but it’s a lot trickier on someone else.”

“That’s gorgeous!” Austin leaned forward, examining the knot in the mirror. “You’ll show me?”

“I imagine it will become all the rage now. The Magician sports a new knot, nerds go wild.”

“We could invent our own and call it The Magician. Copyright it. Make a mint.”

Dwight chuckled. “You already make a mint.”

“Later, for when we’re old and want to retire.”

His assistant eyed him strangely. “Do you see us still being friends when we’re old?”

“Of course, don’t you?”

Dwight smiled, tears forming in his eyes. “Yes. But it’s good to know you do too.”

Tears formed in Austin’s eyes too. “You’re my best friend,” he said softly. “More like my brother, really. You take care of me and I try not to be too needy. Even if we didn’t work together, you’d be my friend because you’re splendid.”

“That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me. You’re my best friend too.”

He straightened Austin’s collar, smiling. His phone beeped. “That’s Stu. Come along. Her Majesty awaits.”

“I’d rather speak to the Queen. I don’t feel as if she’d be trying to verbally flail me.”

Dwight clapped him on the shoulder. “Liat will be there. You’ll be fine.”

The ride to the studio was spent in anxious silence. Austin reviewed the notes in his head. When they arrived, Dwight left him in the capable hands of the hair and makeup people. At least he was used to that process. It went quickly, though he was annoyed that the hair stylist made his hair look even more outrageous than Bunny did. He met up with Liat, her parents and Dwight in the green room.

“You look beautiful!” he complimented Liat, giving her a tiny, careful kiss on the cheek.

She was dressed in dark red which looked outstanding with her dark hair and eyes. An intricate ruby necklace filled the area between her neck and cleavage. Her dress was lower than he’d ever seen and he had to force himself not to stare. She had magnificent breasts, soft skinned and creamy, perfect orbs. Only the fact her parents were in the room kept him from openly ogling her.

An assistant of some kind came in. He sat on the edge of his chair, leaning toward Liat and Austin. “Lizzie will introduce you both. Walk out, shake hands, kisses are optional, but encouraged. Or cheek bumps,” he said, glancing at Liat. “We’ve set aside twenty minutes, but if she likes you, she’ll invite you to stay when she brings on her next guest.”

They nodded, wide eyed.

“Are you two together?” He motioned to their hands.

Neither of them realized they’d entwined their fingers until he pointed it out. Austin kissed the back of Liat’s hand, holding it casually. That had been covered in the briefing.

“Considering it,” he said with a smile. “A woman this beautiful is worth getting to know, don’t you think?”

The assistant flashed a genuine smile. “Yes, I do. We’ll call places in five,” he said before leaving.

They were called backstage a few minutes later. Liz finished talking about the day’s weather with her co-host and began the introduction. She mentioned Irving, her tone somewhat derisive, though she didn’t say anything negative about him.

“We have a special treat today,” she announced to her studio audience. “Straight from outer space, back from an interstellar jaunt, we have Austin Templeton, better known as The Magician!” She started clapping.

The stage manager ushered Austin onto the stage. He stopped on his mark, waving to the audience. Women leaped from their chairs, waving and screaming at him. Out of nowhere, a pair of pink, lace panties flew through the air, landing at his feet. Austin glanced down before searching the audience with his hands over his eyes.

“Not sure which of you lovely ladies threw those, but thank you. Not my color, though.” He stepped delicately over the panties and walked over to Liz, taking her hand. He raised it to his lips, kissing it seductively. His green eyes twinkled in the stage lights. “Hallo, love. Delighted to be here.”

Momentarily speechless, she showed him to a seat. She didn’t speak for another few seconds. Austin adjusted his tie and cuffs, looking around.

“Have I something on my face?” He walked over to the nearest camera, mugging at the lens as if checking his face for smudges.

Liz laughed. “I apologize. You’re just so—cute.”

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