Doodle Your Stress Away


I write books. That’s more or less a given. However, not as well known fact, I also doodle. I’ve done this since I was a kid. Anytime I got bored, I doodled pictures on the sides of my note pages. They varied somewhat, but most of the time, they were rockets. I’ve often reflected on that, and came to the conclusion that this was because I wanted to escape the boredom of the class.

When I got to be in 6th or 7th grade, a friend of mine showed me something she had done – abstract doodles on tinfoil. That really sparked my imagination. Not only did I have cool shapes, I had the embossed feel and glitter of the foil. However, my mother didn’t much like me hogging all her foil, so I started doing it on paper. The margins of my note pages changed, getting much more creative and interesting. It kept me relaxed and able to listen to lectures instead of daydreaming as much.

Doodle cutaway 1

My doodles have progressed and changed over the years, and are far different from the juvenile scribbles. I find myself making a lot of flowers or geometric shapes. I like the flowers because they flow so easily onto the page. I also like the geometric shapes because they are more exact and challenging. All my original designs are done on scratch paper with a mechanical pencil. I trace over them to scan and share. If you notice any double lines or other flaws on the book pages, this is why. These images are 100% handmade, therefore, not perfect. I want them that way. To me, the feel of the pencil on the paper is as important as the image itself. When I’m bored or stressed, I grab paper and pencil and doodle away.

Doodle Cutaway 2

I hope you will find the doodles as relaxing and comforting as I do. The designs are best colored with pencils or fine markers. Have fun, go wild! Bring color to these black and white pages. Also, you’ll notice there are a couple of blank pages in the back. This was a result of the book layout, but you can use them to make your own doodles. Have fun, experiment, enjoy.

I’m currently working on Volume 2 and I hope to have it out by Christmas. Meanwhile, sit back, relax and doodle your stress away!

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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