Undercover Lover – Part 35

On the way to Suzie’s, Brodie reveals to Saige that he knows more about Romy and his profession than she’d realized. What he has to say is somewhat disturbing.

“Why do you know all this?”

“He and I have known each other a long time, Saige. He lives in my building. He thought I should know in case anything ever went wrong and they came after him at home. He thought it was important for me to know he wasn’t a criminal, since I helped them get the place.”

“I’ve gotten myself in a mess, haven’t I?”

“Kind of a big one, yes. But he really cares about you. It’s funny, I just remembered he used to talk about you. He didn’t always call you by name, but he’d mention this beautiful girl who lived above his Gran. He helped you move in.” 

“He and his brothers, but mostly Romy. He figured out how to get my grandmother’s piano upstairs. I was so excited, I gave him a big kiss and told him he was amazing. I’d forgotten that.”

“He hasn’t.”

“Brodie, what makes me so special? There are prettier girls with better figures, better everything. Why me?”

“You really don’t know?”

She shook her head, wide eyed. Brodie huffed into his fist, leaning his elbow against the window as he sped around another car. He didn’t answer right away and Saige began to wonder if he would.

“I can’t speak for everyone, only myself. But it’s the way you get so excited about everything. You throw yourself into a project and and don’t stop until it’s done. Or you laugh at me and don’t take me too seriously even when I am myself. You have this energy that pulls a guy in and makes him feel as if he’s the most important person in the world…. The last few months though, you haven’t been yourself. It’s good to see that sparkle back in your eyes.”

“Thanks, Brodie. It’s good to be back.”

He laughed sardonically. “I wish to God I could take the credit. You’ve no idea how much.”

“So, what happened between you and Amanda? I know you broke up and she’s seeing someone else, but you were never specific.”

He gave her a sidelong glance as they drove up and parked by the lighthouse on a small peninsula that jutted into the lake. “You won’t say anything?”

“Of course not.”

“Because not everyone knows and I’d just as soon they didn’t ever find out.” He continued as if he hadn’t paused. “She left me for a woman.” He said so quietly, she almost didn’t hear him.

“Oh, Brodie! No wonder your confidence is shot to hell.”

“Thanks for the upbeat commentary, Saige.” He snorted, laughing into his knuckles.

“Can I tell you something from a woman’s point of view?”

“Sure, why not?”

“Forget whatever she said to you. You are an incredible man and any woman would be lucky to land you. If circumstances were different, I’d have snagged you ages ago.”

“Really?” He sounded so hopeful. “We keep missing one another. Timing, I suck at it.”

“The timing is bad because we aren’t meant to be together. If we were, it would all have worked out.”

“You really believe that, don’t you?”

“Look at me and Romy. Through an odd and random series of circumstances, we got together. When you meet the right woman, everything will line up for you too.”

“I hope it’s soon. I can’t begin to tell you how much being celibate sucks.”

“I have a pretty good idea.” She smiled, laying her hand on his.

He squeezed her fingers and kissed her hand. “Yeah, I know you do.”

“Where’s the old Brodie confidence?”

“Amanda smashed it into infinitesimal pieces, trampled what was left and hurled the rest into outer space.”

“You’re letting her win.”

He chuckled softly. “Yeah, well ….”

Undercover Lover – Part 34

Security in place, it’s time for Brodie and Saige to head to Suzie’s. A brief deception, in case anyone is watching, and they head out. Saige realizes that Brodie is preoccupied by something. He isn’t acting like himself at all.

She walked out of the bar on Brodie’s arm, playing it up and acting like she was going to spend a happy night with him. He talked seductively and she clung to him. Stan stormed out after them, grabbing Brodie’s arm, jerking him away.

“I told you, not my sister. What’s wrong? You don’t speak English?” He shoved Brodie hard.

Brodie moved Saige out of the way, grabbing Stan by the shirt.

“Keep out of my business. She’s with me no matter what you say. Come on, baby. Let’s go. I’ve waited for you too long.”

Stan grabbed him again, spinning him around. Brodie hit his friend with what sounded like bone crunching force. Stan fell limply to the ground. Brent burst out of the back of the bar, running to Stan’s side.

“Hey, buddy. Let me help you.”

He dragged Stan to his car while Brodie led Saige to his. He took off at top speed, laying a little rubber in the parking lot, his powerful sports car roaring down the nearly empty streets.

“We’ll go to Suzie’s by a roundabout route. Want a drive to the lake and back?”

Saige was stunned by their performance. The anger and the punches seemed so real.

“You didn’t hurt him, did you?”

“Who, Stan? No. Sounded good, huh? He and I took stage combat when we were in college. We had a fleeting idea of becoming stunt men.”

“Chicks dig stunt men?”

“Something like that. If architecture ever gets boring, I figure we can always get into the exciting world of professional wrestling. Can you see me up against someone like Big Show?”

“I have no idea who that is.”

He laughed. “Not that impressive. Bet you recognize John Cena when you see him, though.”

“Hell yes. I wouldn’t mind seeing him naked.”

“I’d look better naked.”

“I can believe that.” She eyed him speculatively. “Yes, I can.”

“What did Romy tell them so you could identify them?”

“None of your business.”

He chuckled. “Ooh, that kind of thing, huh?”

“I’ll never tell. What’s the plan?”

“In case they followed us, we’re going to go out to the point and neck for awhile, then head to Suzie’s place. Think you can stand to neck with me for a little while?”

“I can if you can. I didn’t find it exactly disgusting, you know.”

“Yeah, well, if I get too fresh, you have my permission to smack me.”

“You need to get laid, Brodie.”

His jaw tightened and he wouldn’t look at her. “Yeah, okay. Different subject. When we get back to Suzie’s we go in, I stay a convincing amount of time for a rendezvous and split. Trevor is spending the night. Brent will be outside. You’ll be well protected, Saige.”

“Brodie, what do you know about Romy’s job? I got the impression at the office you know more than you’re saying.”

“Maybe it would be better if I asked how much you know.”

“Fair enough. I know he’s an independent agent and right now he’s working undercover for the ATF.”

“That’s what he told you?” He looked surprised.

“Yeah. Is he lying to me?”

“No, no. I’m just surprised he told you that much. He must really trust you. He’s been working this particular case in one aspect or another for several years. He’s infiltrated the organization and has worked from the bottom up. With this kind of work, he could get his cover blown or get hit by the opposition. There’s also the possibility of getting arrested by a different organization. ATF isn’t the only one looking at these boys.”

Undercover Lover – Part 33

As the arrangements are made for Saige’s safety, she realizes what good friends she has. Stan and Brodie have both offered to protect her from harm. Stan would love to blame it all on Ben.

“Blame anything you want to on Ben. It’s indirectly his fault. If he weren’t such a manky twit, I wouldn’t have been driving around anyway.” She imitated Romy’s accent without meaning to.

“You’re beginning to sound like him,” Stan grinned. “Not a bad thing, different.” He shrugged, casting around for something else to say. “I am happy for you, Saige. Jealous as hell of him! Goes without saying, I suppose.”

“I suppose, but I still like to hear it.”

“So, do you think Brodie’s going to kill Mr. Stevens before this project is over?”

“No, but I can see him losing his temper. You didn’t see him on the phone today. It was scary. I’m glad he’s never been that mad at me. I’d run.”

“Stevens is an idiot who assumes because he’s fat and important, he can boss people around. He’s about to meet the Brodie Wall.”

“What’s that?”

“We used to call him that when we played football in high school. He wasn’t all that big until our junior year. He grew like crazy over the summer and could have been a defensive line all by himself.”

“What position did he play?”

“Brodie? Quarterback, of course. Can you see him being anything but the most glamorous position on the team?”

She glanced at Brodie, deep in conversation with Brent. “No. So, what position did you play?”

“Center. Not as glamorous, but I got to knock people down. That worked for me.”

“Isn’t Brodie kind of big for a quarterback? They need speed more than brawn.”

“Well, he wasn’t as big as he is now. But he is, without doubt, the fastest man I know.”

Brent was done talking to Brodie and came over to talk to Saige.

“Trevor is tightening security at Suzie’s,” he explained. “He’ll call when he’s done. Brodie and Stan will help me get you to Suzie’s. Don’t worry about work tomorrow or Wednesday. Brodie has it under control. You’ll be able to hang out at Suzie’s.”

“Look, I really appreciate all this, but I’ve got obligations. And what am I going to tell my mother? She’s already worried about me as it is. If I take two days off work and don’t go home, she’s going to go nuts.”

“I’ve got that under control too,” Brodie told her. “Don’t worry, I’ll talk to your mother and explain.”

“Mrs. Cross! I’m supposed to check on her while Romy’s gone. She’s expecting me.”

“We can get you to and from Julia’s without a problem,” Brent told her.

“And my stuff in the apartment. What about Ben? My life is a wreck.”

“I’ve got a mover going to your old place tomorrow. Make a list of what isn’t yours and they will pack up the rest,” Brent told her. “We’ll put it in storage.”

“Did you guys think of everything?”

“I’m sure we’ve forgotten something,” Brodie said with a chuckle. “But you’ll remind us if we did.”

Brent’s phone rang. “That’s Trevor. He’s set on his end.”

“What do we do now?” Saige was suddenly afraid.

“Now we get you out of here hopefully without the bad guys knowing who you are and where you’re going.”

“How do we do that? They obviously know I’m here.”

He handed her Suzie’s apron and a hair scrunchie. “You’re now Suzie leaving work with Brodie. There will be an argument between Brodie and Stan. Make it look real, but try not to hurt each other,” he cautioned the men. “You leave with Brodie. Stan and I follow you.”

“Is all this necessary?” Saige was upset and tired. Her head ached terribly and somehow this all seemed pointless.

“It may not be, but why risk it?”

Taking the apron and hair scrunchie, she made herself look as much like Suzie as she could. She hadn’t realized how much they were alike in general coloring and build.



Undercover Lover – Part 32

Saige’s unfortunate experience in the bathroom leads them to make the decision for her to stay with Suzie overnight. Romy sends some of his men to accompany and protect them. To verify their identities, Romy tells them about a mole in a rather personal place. Embarrassed, Saige changes the subject abruptly.

 Brent looked relieved. Trevor took a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

“How did you decide who told me?” She was curious since both of them seemed so perturbed by the message.

“We tossed a coin and did rock, paper, scissors,” Brent replied. “Best out of something like a hundred.”

She giggled rather nervously. “It was very convincing and we can all forget he said anything.”

Brent sported a wedding band, Trevor didn’t. Trevor eyed her much more closely than he should have and she felt as if he were trying to figure out exactly where her mole was. She cleared her throat and he jumped, blushing furiously.

“Sorry. Just after seeing you, I kind of wondered exactly where ….”

Saige pointed to the mole’s location, showing a spot to the right and halfway down her pants zipper. “Right about there. Satisfied?”

“Not exactly,” Trevor laughed shakily. “But at least my curiosity is.”

Brent punched him on the shoulder, knocking him back a step. Trevor smiled another apology and followed her back to her friends.

“Which of you is Brodie?” Brent asked.

Her boss stepped forward, hand extended in greeting. “I am.” He introduced Stan and Suzie.

“Cool, you’re all here.”

He glanced around at the rest of the staff. They were pointedly ignoring the group in the

corner. He motioned them all to take a seat. Pitching his voice low, Brent explained.

“Romy is a pal of ours. We work together from time to time. We can’t be more specific, I’m sorry.” He looked at Suzie who had opened her mouth to ask him something.

“We’re doing this as a favor,” Trevor added. “He’s in the middle of a tight situation. When you were seen together, these guys made some assumptions. They don’t like how fast he’s advanced past them. One guy wanted his job, so when Romy got it instead, he started plotting to get even. He knows he can’t stop Romy without starting a major, in-house war, so instead he’s trying to make him back off. He figures you’re leverage.

“Why did he approach her if he knew they were watching?” Brodie was angry, trying hard to control it. “He put her in danger for no reason.”

“Actually, Mr. Brodie, he was afraid there was going to be gunfire. Where Saige was parked, she would have been caught between us and them. He broke deep cover to protect her. He had to weigh the cost. Put her in danger for a few days or watch her die.” Trevor explained.


“We’ll need to see your apartment, Miss Graph,” Trevor went on. “Can you take me there before we bring Saige?”

“Sure. Let me get my keys.” She went to the back and got her things, briefly explaining to her parents why she was going.

“They’re very curious,” she said. “We’ll have to come up with a good story.”

“Tell them Saige has a stalker and I hired these guys as security,” Brodie improvised. “After what just happened, they’ll believe it.”

“Sounds good,” Trevor and Brent agreed.

Trevor left with Suzie. Brent talked privately with Brodie. That left Stan and Saige together.

“So, Romany, huh?” He nodded. “Got yourself in a mess.”

“Yeah. This all happened before we had sex, though.” She wanted to make that clear for some reason. “I inadvertently got in the middle of a mess. It wasn’t his fault.”

“Can we find a way to blame this on Ben so I can break his legs? I really want to hurt someone right now.”

Undercover Lover – part 31

Saige has had a horrible experience, but is fortunately no worse for it. Worried about her, Brodie decides she’s going to stay with him. However, after some discussion, they decide she’ll stay overnight with Stan’s sister, Suzie.  Now, she has to call Romy and give him the bad news.

“What about that new boyfriend of yours?”

“He’s out of town, Mom. Believe me, if he weren’t he’d be here. But I’ve got Suzie and the guys. I’m fine.”

“If you’re sure?”

“I’m sure. I need to call Romy now, Mom.”

“Why upset the man when he’s not even in town?”

“Because he’d be more upset if I don’t and he finds out later from someone else.”

“You be careful, honey.”

“I will.”

Hesitating a moment, she made the call to Romy. She had expected to get his voice mail, but he answered happily.

“Hey, love. I was just about to call you. It was a bloody long flight, but I’m here safe. What’s up?”

She told him about the incident in the bathroom. There was a throbbing, resounding silence on the other end of the phone. She could hear him breathing. It was the only reason she knew he hadn’t hung up.

“But you’re all right, yeah?”

“Except for a headache, I’m okay. Don’t worry, I’m going to stay over with Suzie.”

“That’s Stan sister? The black belt?”

“That’s our Suzie.”

“Cool. Look I’m sending a couple of my mates over. They’ll watch your back tonight. They will identify themselves as friends of mine and call me by Romany. So that you can be sure they are who they say they are, I will give them very specific facts that only you and I know anything about. It’s going to have to be something rather private, I’m afraid.”

“How about details about that tattoo on your….”

“Never mind that one. I’ve got the perfect thing. You’re not to worry, understand?”

“Yes, I understand. And don’t you worry either. I’m fine.”

“Let me talk to Brodie.”

“Sure.” She handed her boss the phone. “He wants to talk to you.”

“Okay.” He looked puzzled, but took the phone. “Romy?”

“Look, mate, I need you to keep an eye on her during the day. Don’t even let her take a piss alone.”

“Kind of hard to do when we’re working.”

“Can you take the day off tomorrow?”

“Yeah, sure we can.”

“Okay, work from home if you have to, but I’m counting on you to keep her safe.”

“Who’s behind this?” Brodie walked away from the group, lowering his voice.

“Some very nasty blokes,” Romy told him. “I really can’t be specific, you know that.”

“Do you think they’re trying to kill her?”

“No, I think they’re sending me a message that I’m vulnerable. This relationship came at a bloody awful time, but God, she’s intoxicating.”

“Yeah, she is,” Brodie tried not to sound too disappointed.

“Sorry.” Romy chuckled weakly. “I feel so helpless. You know what to do if you need help.”

“Yeah. I’ve got you covered.”

“I better call my men. Keep her there til they show and call me as soon as they arrive.”

“Okay. Talk to you later.”

“Yeah. See ya.”

Brodie hung up the phone and sat down to his cold meal. He was so hungry, he didn’t mind that the meat was chilly and his potato barely warm.

About twenty minutes before closing, two large, intimidating men walked in looking for Saige. Suzie stayed close, all her friends circled her protectively.

“I’m Brent. This is Trevor. We’re friends of Romany.” They smiled, shaking Saige’s hand.

“You’re supposed to tell me something so I know you are who you say.”

The men exchanged a rather embarrassed look.

“Maybe you’d like to step apart,” Trevor suggested.

“It’s of rather delicate, personal nature,” Brent nodded.

“All right.”

Saige stepped away from her friends, over by the empty pool table. They didn’t want to look at her, but finally Brent spoke.

“He said to tell you that he enjoyed licking the lovely mole on your lower abdomen, not far from….”

“Yes, well,” Saige stopped him. “I believe you’re friends of Romy’s. I’m gonna make him pay for that little tidbit.”

Undercover Lover – Part 30



 Saige went to the restroom and didn’t come back right away. Worried, Brodie and Stan investigate. They find Saige passed out in one of the stalls. Brodie carries her out, but gets reprimanded by the EMT for moving her.

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking. Do you smell that?” Brodie asked.


The EMT sniffed. “Yeah. Shit, is that chloroform?”

“Smells like it to me. I kept thinking it smelled like biology class when I walked in,” Brodie told them.


“I need you to step out of the way, sir. Let us take a look.”


They examined Saige carefully. By the time they were done, she started to come around.


“Can you tell us what happened?” One of them asked.


“I’m not sure. I went to the toilet and was at the sink washing my hands. There was one other woman in here. She was tall, not very attractive. I kept thinking it was a guy in drag.


We were chatting, girl stuff, you know. I went to get a towel and all of a sudden she grabbed me from behind and pressed something over my face. She was really strong. That’s all I remember.”


“Did you have anything with you?”


“No. My purse was on the table with the guys.”


“I brought it with me,” Stan said. “I didn’t think I should leave it on the table with none of us there.”


“Well, we can rule out robbery,” the EMT said. “I’ve got to report this as an assault, Miss Ingalls. Can we call anyone for you?”


“No. It’s okay. I’m fine.”

“That settles it,” Brodie said firmly. “You’re spending the night at my place.”

“No, she’s not. I’ll take her home with me,” Suzie said firmly.

“Suzanne,” his tone was dangerous.

“Malcolm,” she matched it. “Can I talk to you one quick second?”

Sighing resignedly, he followed her outside to the alley. Turning to her, he folded his arms, looking down at her.

“You can’t take her home with you.”

“Why, because she’s dating Romy? I’m not going to fuck her, Suzie.”

“That’s precisely the problem, Bro. Think about it, dummy. Which will torture your celibate balls less? Her staying with you, or her staying with me?”

Brodie took roughly a tenth of a second to consider it. “Okay. You win.”

“I thought I presented a convincing argument.”

“When are you ever going to relent and go out with me, Suzie?”

“It’s just your pain asking, Brodie. You don’t want me.”

“How do you know?”

“Because right now you’d do anything with the proper equipment. There’s a bar full of beautiful women. Hit on them, why don’t you?”

He shook his head. “Why won’t you believe that I really want to go out with you?”

“Because I’ve known you since I was five. You know me too well. We’d kill each other in a matter of days,” Suzie replied.

“Have I ever mentioned I hate it when you’re right?”

“Not today. Let’s get back in.”

The EMT was talking to Stan when they walked back in. “She won’t need to go to the hospital. We’ve checked her over and except for a whopping headache, she’s fine.”

“Thanks,” Brodie said. “We appreciate it, gentlemen.”

“Come back when you’re off duty and have dinner on us,” Suzie offered.

“Thanks, that would be great.” One of them replied.

Brodie couldn’t tell them apart even with their names on their shirts. They were both big, buff and male. He had no further interest. Suzie flirted with them both as she walked out with them. Brodie wanted to cry and vomit simultaneously.

Saige sat on the couch in their favorite alcove when Suzie came back with their food.

“Feel like eating?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty hungry,” Saige answered.

“You need to call your mother,” Suzie reminded her. “Or I can if you want me to.”

“If I don’t do it, she’ll freak if I tell her later.” Saige pulled out her cell phone. “I should call Romy too.”

She hit speed dial for her mother. A short, rather hysterical conversation later, she had convinced her mother she was fine and would be spending the night with Suzie.


Undercover Lover – Part 29

Saige and Stan plan to meet Brodie at the restaurant so he can go home to change. While there, they see Stan’s sister, Suzie, who works there as a waitress.

“What’s he laughing at?

“Oh, tell her. Please. Suzie will love this!”

“What will I love?”

“Saige has a new man,” Stan told her. “But before she went to bed with him, Brodie and I both kissed her.”

“I knew you had,” Suzie scolded him. “Right in front of Brodie, no less. So who was the best kisser?” She sat down at the table. She could get away with things like that since her folks owned the place.

“I told Brodie that Romy had an unfair advantage. His kisses led to an avalanche of devastating multiple orgasms.”

“Oh, you didn’t!”

“I swear. You can ask him.”

“That’s the best answer ever! Can I use that?”

“Whenever you can fit it into conversation, be my guest.”

“So, Romy, huh? Oh, he’s so hot his pants are on fire. Is he good?” She leaned toward Saige ready to discuss the night in detail.

“I’m still here, you know,” Stan fussed. “I have ears and I am at the table.”

“I know you are. Shut up, I want details.”

“I’m not giving specific details,” Saige blushed.

“Why not? Oh, you don’t talk about your man?”

“Oh, hell no! I don’t want to make Stan feel inadequate.”

“Thanks, Saige. I’m feeling the love at this table. Yo, Brodie! The girls are gankin’ me.”

“Suzanne, are you and Saige being mean to Stanley?”

“We were discussing her big night in great detail. You missed it,” Suzie teased.

“No they weren’t, they were making me feel bad about my sexual performances to date.”

“Wow. I didn’t think that was possible. Stan is, by his own admission, a love god.”

“Look who’s talking,” Stan pointed at Brodie.

“I wouldn’t know, I haven’t made it with either of you, so I’m no fair judge,” Saige giggled, kissing them both.

“Me either,” Suzie laughed. “Well, not with Brodie. Screwing my brother would be sick.”

“We took that as a given, Suzie.” Stan looked embarrassed.

“Was it magic?” Suzie’s eyes glowed.

“Walk me to the ladies’ room and I’ll tell you. I don’t think the guys want to hear.”

“Damn right, I don’t,” Brodie shifted uncomfortably in his chair. “On your way back, would you bring me a Gray Goose? Dirty,” he added as an afterthought.

“Beer for me,” Stan added.

“Thank God,” Brodie rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I don’t need to hear about how amazing another man was in bed. I really hoped it would be me. Fuck, I need a woman.”

“Bro, there’s plenty around.” Stan gestured at the bar in general.

“Yeah. You think Suzie would go out with me?”

“No. Forget it. She’s my kid sister. Do you think I’d let a guy like you date her?”

“Nope. Wouldn’t let me in high school, won’t let me now. She’s a gorgeous woman, Stan. If I don’t snag her, some piece of shit might try.”

“Then Suzie can kill him. She’s not a black belt for nothing, you know. She’d break your arm if you tried anything.”

Suzie came back with their drinks. “Can I get you anything else?”

“Yeah, a woman like you, neat,” Brodie slumped to the table with his head on his arms. “Since that’s not likely to happen, a steak, rare, baked potato with sour cream, butter and fried onions.”

“Stan, your usual barf burger?”

“Yup. Hey, what about Saige? I’m buying her dinner.”

“She’s already ordered. Not to worry, big brother. Brodie, are you okay?”
“No, I’m dying from unrequited love, Suzie. When are you going to go out with me?”

“Never. Let me get your food orders in.” She walked off with a special twitch in her hips that she saved for Brodie.

“She’s gonna crack any day. She will be mine!” Brodie punched the air.

“Right about the time all hell freezes over. What’s up with you? You aren’t usually drinking dirty martinis and hitting on my sister this early in the week.”

Brodie gave him a look that spoke volumes.

“Forget I asked, Bro.”

“What am I doing wrong, Stan?”

“You’re off your game, Bro. Amanda worked you bad. She got to your mind and screwed it so much you can hardly see straight.”

“And then some. I wonder what’s taking Saige so long in the bathroom. Shouldn’t she be back by now?”

“Maybe she’s checking her makeup.”

“And maybe she isn’t.” Brodie stood suddenly, nearly knocking the table over, beckoning to Suzie.

She walked quickly toward him, he met her halfway. “Where’s Saige?”

“I was about to ask you that. Will you help me check and make sure she’s okay? She might be sick or something.”

“Sure, hon. Come on.”

Brodie followed Suzie to the ladies’ room. Tapping on the door, Suzie walked in. There were no other women in there, so he walked in behind her.

“Saige?” Suzie called. “Saige? Check the stalls.”

Brodie ran to the opposite side of the long bathroom. He checked the stalls as Suzie worked her way toward him.

“Here she is!” He lifted Saige in his arms, barely able to back out of the stall, his shoulders brushing the edges.

She was unconscious, sitting on the toilet, fully clothed. Suzie pulled out a cell phone and called 911.

“Is she breathing?”

“Yeah. You smell something?”

“That sick sweet smell? Yeah. That’s not her cologne.”

“No, that’s chloroform.”

“What’s going on?” Stan ran in the bathroom ahead of the paramedics.

“We found her unconscious in the stall,” Brodie answered.

“You shouldn’t have moved her, sir,” the paramedic said as he and his partner laid Saige on the floor.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

Undercover Lover – Part 28

Saige has had a little bit of a scare. Thanks to Stan and Brodie, it wasn’t worse. Worried about her safety, the men decide she shouldn’t go home, but stay with one of them since Romy is out of town.  They stop at Kelley’s for dinner and drinks.

 “I’m calling Pete now,” Bill told him politely. “He’s on his way now, Mr. Brodie.”

“Thanks, Bill. We’d better move our cars,” Brodie said.

“I’ll get yours, Miss Ingalls,” Bill said helpfully. He pulled her car directly behind the security booth. It was small enough to be out of the main lanes of traffic.

Brodie and Stan pulled into a couple empty spots nearby as other employees lined up to leave, ogling the police cars with curiosity.

“Nothing to see here, folks,” the police officers said as they directed the traffic.

Pete, the head of building security, was the only man Saige had ever met who was bigger than Brodie, but not by much. He shook Brodie’s hand and spoke to him respectfully. He took Saige’s hand, holding it gently but reassuringly.

“Miss Ingalls, I’m so sorry this happened. I assure you, we are checking the security feeds now to see if we can find out more about the car and driver. You did just the right thing.”

“I was very lucky. I feel bad about hitting that other car, though.”

“We’ll take care of that. Don’t worry,” Pete assured her.

Saige trembled, knees suddenly weak. Brodie lifted her up, setting her on the hood of her car.

“Will you be all right? I’ll see you home.”

“I have to stop and see Romy’s Gran,” she reminded him. “I don’t want to keep you. I’m sure it was an isolated incident.”

“We’ll beef up security down here. I promise you, nothing like this will happen again.”

“Thanks, Pete.”

“I’m glad you’re all right, Saige.” Pete shook her hand again and went back to his office.

Stan took her keys and lifted her off the car. “Come on. I’ll drive you by your old place. We’ll take my car. Bill can look after yours for the night.”

“Sure, no problem, Mr. Graph.” He took her car key from Stan. “The key will be in the security office in the morning.”

“How am I going to get to work?”

“I’ll come get you,” Brodie assured her. “Better yet, we’ll buzz by your mom’s after we see Julia. You can stay in my spare room.”

“I’m fine, guys. I don’t need a babysitter.”

“Get in the damn car, Saige. We aren’t taking no as a viable answer,” Stan opened the car door for her.

Instead of arguing, she got in. As soon as they backed out, Bill moved her car in the place, locked it and pocketed the key. Brodie followed them to her old apartment building. Both men escorted her to Julia’s apartment. Saige knocked, but didn’t get an answer. Tapping lightly, she unlocked the door. Mrs. Cross wasn’t in the apartment. In a panic, Saige called Chas, as it was his turn to spend the night with their grandmother.

“Sorry, sweets, I’ve got Gran at the hair dresser’s. Her appointment ran late. Sorry to give you a scare.”

“As long as she’s all right,” she said quietly. “I’ll lock up now. Tell Julia I’ll stop by tomorrow at lunch.”
“Will do. Gran sends her love. Ta.”

“I need a drink,” Stan groaned as they left the apartment.

“Let’s meet at Kelley’s?”

“Yeah, I’ll meet you there in a couple minutes. I need to stop at home and change. I don’t feel like trying to relax in a three piece suit.”

“Okay, we’ll see you there.”

Brodie took off in the opposite direction as Stan eased his car into traffic.

“He’s probably going to clean up the apartment. He thinks he’s messy.”

“Brodie? He’s so anal, I can’t believe he’d ever leave a mess.”

“Not a mess like we’d define one,” Stan laughed. “If there’s a single dirty dish or a crumb on the floor, Brodie will have a fit. The more tense he gets, the cleaner his place is. It’s practically sterile right now.”

“Why’s he so uptight?”

“You seriously don’t know? He hasn’t made it with anyone since Amanda dumped him.”

“Our Brodie’s been celibate?”


“Well, that explains a lot. No wonder he nearly took Mr. Stevens’ head off today.”

“Don’t tell him I told you, okay? He’s embarrassed enough about it.”

“I won’t say a word. It makes me feel bad though. Shit.”

“It’s better this way, really. I know why he has that rule. Couple office relationships went south rapidly. It wasn’t pretty. The only reason I don’t have that policy is because I haven’t gotten burned that bad. He’ll be okay. Brodie’s got to get his man berries back, that’s all.”

“I don’t even want to know what that means,” Saige giggled.

“No, you don’t.” Stan laughed.

They pulled into the parking lot for Kelley’s. Stan put the car in park, but turned to her before shutting it off.

“I’m glad you’re happy, babe. I mean that. I’m sorry we didn’t get a chance to get together.”

“It would have been magic, Stan.”

“Yeah, but you did right. Brodie would have killed me afterwards, starting by ripping off my balls.”

Saige punched him in the arm. “Buy me a drink, Stanley.”

Helping her out, he pulled her to him. “So, who’s the best kisser?”

“Why is it so important to know that? Brodie asked me the same damn thing.”

“Well, what did you tell him?”

“Buy me dinner, I’ll tell you.”

“I was gonna buy you dinner anyway, but okay.”

She repeated what she had said to Brodie. Stan was still laughing when they got seated at their table. Suzie, his younger sister, was their waitress.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

Undercover Lover – Part 27

Brodie and Stan nearly come to blows each of them thinking the other is the one who put the smile on Saige’s face. Fortunately, they believe her when she tells them it was Romy instead. Disappointed, they are still happy for her.

Saige laughed, nearly choking on her pork fried rice. “It’s okay, Brodie. I’m a big girl. Nothing either of you can do or say today is going to get to me. I’m way too happy.”

“I give it a day to wear off. This time tomorrow, she’ll be back to her morose self.”

“He’s out of town the next two days,” she pouted. “I’ll be morose by dinner time.”

“Where’d he go?”

“Out of town on business.”

“He didn’t tell you where?” Stan was getting nosy.

Saige leaned in toward the men in a conspiratorial fashion. “Do you know what he does?”

Stan shook his head, Brodie looked impassive, which meant he probably had a pretty good idea.

“Neither do I,” she said in a stage whisper.

Brodie nodded, smiling slightly. She was right, he did know something.

Stan tossed his hands up in disgust. “You are impossible, you know? All I know is he doesn’t talk about his work. And it’s not a cellphone making that bulge under his jacket. Probably a drug dealer. There’s his flaw, I knew I’d find a convincing reason why you should sleep with me instead.”

“He’s not a drug dealer, Stan. And even if he was, I’d put up with just about anything if

he gave me a steady supply of amazingly fabulous orgasms.”

Stan spewed chow mien nearly onto Brodie’s desk. Laughing and apologizing, he cleaned up his mess. Brodie looked at him as he groveled on the floor.

“Weren’t expecting her to say that, huh?”

Stan made an eloquent gesture as he finished cleaning up his mess. Brodie held out his knuckles for Saige to tap.

“Respect,” he laughed as she tapped her knuckles against his. “Oh, Stan, we’ve got some changes to incorporate on the Stevens blueprint. Can you bring it in at two?”

“Yeah. What does the fat fuck want today?”

“To go back to the original design that we did weeks ago, with changes. I’ll tell you when you come in. God, I hate that man.”

“Maybe we can get Romy’s drug dealing friends to off him,” Stan said as he brushed the wrinkles out of his slacks.

“He’s not a drug dealer, Stanley,” Saige said in an angry tone.

“Whoa, take it easy girlfriend,” he said in a high voice. “I’m not dissing your main squeeze.”

“Shut up, Stan,” they said in unison.

“Talk to the hand,” he tossed his straight black hair out of his face.

Saige threw her napkin at him. Stan bent over to pick it up and came up with a snap like Reese Witherspoon in “Legally Blonde”.

“Dropped something, sweetie,” he said with another toss of his hair.

They nearly laughed themselves sick as he sashayed out of their office back to his own.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Mr. Stevens called back three more times, but Saige managed to hold him off. He got nasty and abusive the third time, so she hung up on him. He didn’t call back.

Shortly after five, she, Brodie and Stan caught the elevator to the parking garage. Brodie was in an executive spot near the elevator, but she and Stan were farther away. The men walked her to her car and made sure she was secure before they went to their vehicles. A blue sedan circled the parking area slowly as if looking for a parking space. Saige grew suspicious when it passed three open spots, stopping almost directly behind her.

She knew better than to get out of her car. Waiting to see what they were going to do, she watched in her rear view mirror. When it became apparent that they weren’t going to move, she planned her escape. If she didn’t mind doing a little damage to the neighboring cars, she could get out. A Cooper Mini is small and maneuverable. Their big sedan was the Incredible Hulk in comparison.

Putting her car in reverse, she backed quickly, nearly into the sedan. Clipping the bumper of the car to her right, she cut hard, turning her car so she was parallel the sedan. She got a good look at the driver, then gunning her motor, backed up to the next aisle between rows. Slamming the car in drive, she took off quickly, honking her horn as she approached the security booth. The guard hopped out, nearly falling over her hood.

“There’s a blue sedan back there, Billy. The guys tried to jump me. Call the cops!”

He was already dialing. “Did you get the plate?”

“No, but the driver is over six feet tall, dark hair and a mustache. There were three men in the car. There they are!”

The blue sedan rushed toward them and barreled through the entrance, breaking the gate. Pieces of wood flew in a dozen different directions, barely missing the guard. He stood his ground, reading off the license plate to the police. No concern for his own safety, he ran to Saige’s car, checking on her.

“Are you okay, Miss Ingalls?”

“Yeah, I’m all right, Billy. It shook me up some, that’s all.”

Brodie and Stan pulled up moments after the sedan broke the gate. Both men were out of their cars instantly.

“Are you okay? What’s going on?” They talked at once, both asking the same questions, almost in unison.

Saige was so shaken, she started laughing hysterically and was still laughing when the police showed up.

“We didn’t see them, Miss Ingalls,” the police officer told her with a frown. “But Bill got the plate and we’ll see what we can track down. I have to tell you though, it was probably stolen.”

“Bill, can more security be put on down here? What if Saige had been alone down here?” Brodie asked.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes

Undercover Lover – Part 26

Romy isn’t quite sure what to make of Saige’s friends, but he takes it all in stride.  He promises to come back as soon as he’s able, then he’s off to parts unknown.

Romy laughed, taking a step back from their enthusiasm. They hammered him with questions for a couple minutes, which he laughingly answered for them.

“Really, I do need to go. My partner’s waiting downstairs to take me to the airport. Sorry, love. I hate to go.” He gave her another kiss, much less platonic than the last one. “God, it’s going to suck being gone.”

“Be careful,” she cautioned in a whisper. “Keep your head down and don’t do anything stupid.”
“I promise,” he countered, playing his hand over his heart. Giving her one last kiss, he left, whistling happily. He waved from the elevator as it closed.

“Oh, my God, he’s so adorable!” Joni hopped up and down as Tracy squealed.

“Does he have a brother?” Dido wanted to know.

“Two, Chas and Dexter. Yes, they are both just as cute. Now, back to work, girls!” She clapped her hands like an elementary school teacher.

The other girls cleared out, but Bonnie hung around. “He said partner, what is he? A cop or something?”

“Yeah,” Saige replied but didn’t clarify.

She couldn’t tell Bonnie she didn’t really know what Romy did and what she did know could get them all killed.

“He works undercover. It’s all very mysterious.”

“Adds to his allure, huh?”

“I guess. He doesn’t need any help with that,” she grinned. “He’s over six feet of allure. I didn’t think it was possible to be so happy, Bon.”

“So, brothers, huh?”
“Chas is two years older, Dexter’s a year or so younger. Cute guys, very sweet.”

“Introduce me sometime, huh?”

“Love to. Now I really do have to get back to work or Brodie’s going to fuss at me.”

“He won’t fuss. He’s occupied.”

Brodie was on the phone, talking earnestly to someone. The call must have come in while she was on break. He looked annoyed so she stuck her head in his office.

“Where have you been?” He mouthed angrily.

She mimed drinking something. He nodded, not quite furious and not directed at her. He made yapping motions with his hand. Whoever it was wouldn’t stop talking long enough for him to say much. The conversation consisted of a lot of words being cut off and non-committal grunts.

“Right. Mr. Stevens—” He sighed with his hand over the phone. “Call me,” he whispered. “Now, call me now!”

She dialed her cell phone and let it ring through to his desk on another line.

“I’ve got another call coming in. I’m sorry, I have to take this. Right. Goodbye.” He hung up, slamming the phone down. “God, I hate that man! If he calls again today, I’m not available. In fact, if he calls again this week, I’m out of town.”

“Why do you keep working with him if he’s such a dick?”

“His health clubs bring in good money. But Ches is about ready to cut him loose. No other firm in town will work with him. He’s impossible. I’m a patient man, but he’s pushing it.”

“Face it, Brodie, you need to get laid.”

“Yeah, no shit? I had my hopes shattered recently.” He grinned, motioning her in. “So, who’s the better kisser?”

Saige wrinkled her nose, pursed her lips and pretended to think about her reply. Brodie waited patiently, putting his feet up on his desk.

“Which answer gets me lunch on the boss?”

He chuckled, waving her out. “I’ll buy lunch if you go pick it up. So, who?”

“You want the truth or a beautifully phrased deception?”

“Wasn’t me, huh?” He looked slightly crestfallen.

“You’re an amazing kisser, Brodie. Romy had an unfair advantage. His kisses led to an avalanche of devastating multiple orgasms.”

Brodie burst out laughing, tossing a piece of balled up paper at her. “Get out and go back to work!” He chuckled, shaking his head.

At lunchtime, she stopped by to see Mrs. Cross for a few minutes. Julia was fine and had just finished cooking a brisket. Despite her offers to lunch, Saige declined because she had to get back to work. Brodie ordered Chinese and she stopped to pick it up on her way back to the office.

Stan joined them for their meal. It was the first time Saige had seen him that day. He smiled when he saw her, then stopped in his tracks, eyes flickering suspiciously at Brodie.

“What’s going on here? Didn’t we discuss this?”

Saige shut the door, shoving Stan in a chair before he got too upset.

Brodie held his hands up like Stan had a gun on him. “Wasn’t me, I swear. I’d love to be responsible. Believe me,” he added quietly.

“So, anyone I know?”

“British fellow named Romy Cross. Do you know him?”

“Yeah! He’s that lunatic rugby player. His team damn near killed us. He has these two insane brothers. They all three work the field like refrigerators on crack.”

“You guys play rugby?”

“Not that often anymore,” Stan replied, rubbing his left shoulder. “It’s brutal. Brodie played for quite awhile. They begged him to stop.”


Stan pointed at Brodie with his chopsticks. “Imagine that coming at you top speed across the field. Then imagine that hits you right here,” he pointed at Saige’s hips. “And knocks you seventeen feet in the air before you land on your head. It’s like getting hit by a Hummer.”

“Hmm, I imagine that would hurt some.”

“Yeah, some. Course he’d never do that to you. You’re a little bitty girl. There’s only one reason he’d tackle you.”

“And it would be much gentler,” Brodie interrupted before Stan’s penchant for saying the wrong thing got them in trouble.

© 2012 Dellani Oakes