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  • Rocking Bloggers – Dellani Oakes Edition

    Many thanks to Tracey L. Clark for adding me to her 15 Rocking Bloggers list. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her via our posts and comments here on Word Press. We struck up a conversation and have been communicating ever since. Here Are The Rules For This Award: * Display the award certificate on your…

  • Finally Finished That Novel by Dellani Oakes

    Finally Finished That Novel by Dellani Oakes. The joys (or not) of editing.

  • Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

    My good buddy, Linda Nance, nominated me for this award. Thank you, Linda! Linda was a guest on my Blog Talk Radio show, Dellani’s Tea Time, back in August of 2011. It was a delight and an honor having her on the show. Seven Random Facts About Me: 1. I’ve completed 42 novels & novellas…