Food Truck Hero ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes Part 40


Jake trotted over, giving me a hug.

“Thank you, my friend.” I leaned close, mumbling. “Take good care of my sister.”

“Yeah, I don’t want you coming after me.” He winked and got in the car.

It was strange going back in the house. It was so quiet. Usually, I have music playing when I’m alone. Although Rowena was here, I clicked the music on. I have speakers in all the rooms. A blues song by Marc Broussard started playing, making me want to dance. As the melody for Home wrapped around me, I started dancing and singing. It’s one of those songs that just gets in your blood. As I went around checking the doors and windows, I sang with him, belting the song out. When it was done, I spun around, fake microphone in hand. Rowena was standing there, watching me. With a predatory look on her face, she strode purposefully over to me, a condom in hand.

“Oh, woman, I like how you think.”

We could have set an Guinness record for how fast we undressed. The condom was on, and I lifted her, carrying her to the kitchen. The butcher’s block seemed to call to me, and I set her on it. Rowena wiggled, feeling the cool, smooth wood under her ass.

“I approve.”

I stood between her legs, sliding into her warm, wet confines. Stopping when our hips met, I didn’t move, hardly breathed. She thrust her hips at me, but I held still.

“Keir!” She smacked my ass with her feet.

“Give it a minute,” I breathed. “Just—be—with me.”

My tongue flickered across her nipples and I breathed over her, watching them tighten. Rubbing my chest against hers, I kissed her, still not moving my hips. Moaning, she tilted her head so I could pay attention to her sensitive throat. I nipped and nibbled, chest hair teasing her breasts.

“Oh, God!” she gasped, shuddering and I knew she was about to cum.

As her orgasm crested, I pulled out, thrusting sharply into her. A scream burst from her lips. Working steadily, I took her to the top once more, stopping again. This time, her scream was one of frustration.

“Trust me.” I pushed in and up.

“I can’t…. Oh, God!”

The process repeated several more times. Finally ready, I didn’t stop when she peaked again. This time, I came with her, thinking I’d killed her for a second. The sound she made was deep, animal, visceral. Clawing my back, she ground her hips against mine, thrusting hungrily along my shaft. I stopped moving, letting her take the lead. A final orgasm shook her from head to foot. Even limp, I felt a tingle up my spine.

“You bastard,” she giggled. “Shit! I didn’t think we could do it better. So wrong!”

“Head up and start the shower. I’ll clean up.”

“You don’t want—are you turning into a once a night wonder?” She stood before me, naked and gorgeous, quivering with annoyance.

I pointed to the clock. We’d been at it nearly two hours, and she had to work in the morning. Stunned, she started laughing.

“Okay, point made. I’ll take quality over quantity, any day of the week.”

I got out the cleanser and paper towels, giving the wooden block a good scrubbing. Rowena started the tub, and I joined her a few minutes later. It took every ounce of self-control I possess, not to take her in the shower. We both needed sleep more than we needed sex. No, I didn’t think I’d ever say that. I did set the alarm early so we could make love before she left for work. I would have driven her, but I wasn’t allowed to know where the secure facility was. Snuggling close, we fell asleep.

Morning came way too early. Fortunately, an energetic recreational session put us both in a better mood. Coffee and danish helped us wake up, and Rowena got on the road with time to spare. I hadn’t planned to go to work, but I’d taken more time off than I usually did, and I didn’t want to risk losing customers, or coming up short at bill time.

I drove to the plaza and got in my usual spot. All the other vendors came over to talk to me. As with any competitive businesses, there was a bit of rivalry, professionally. Personally, we figured we’re all in the same boat, trying to make a buck the hard way. They’d heard about my sister. Having a husband who was a high end defense lawyer, her accident had been well publicized. The news hadn’t mentioned her abdominal wound, and I didn’t bring it up. The wreck had killed her, not the knife. No one cared about that, anyway. Their concern was for me and my family, for which I was sincerely grateful. They all promised to help with food for the family and the funeral. I couldn’t get over how kind and helpful they were, but I knew I’d do the same, if they were the ones suffering.

I did a fairly good business that day. My regular customers all stopped by to see why I’d been gone. Some had heard the news, others hadn’t. All of them gave condolences, told me they’d pray for us, and made me realize what a great group of people I knew. They weren’t just customers, they were friends. I appreciated that fact.

The offices of Starke and Howe were still closed, but Greg told me they would reopen next week. “Don’t know who wants to go back to work there,” he said, shaking his head. “Hell of a thing. Did they ever figure out who the hell that guy was?”

©2021 Dellani Oakes

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