Resolved ~ A Poem for the Season!

I wrote this poem back in 2013 for my Fun in Writing Group. The prompt for that week was Resolutions. I haven’t been that good at keeping them, so here it is.

It’s a New Year – Jump with Glee!

Time to resolve to be better

Hold to the change to the letter

Yeah, it’s clearly working for me.

I used to make resolutions

Same ones every year

The message was clear.

They afforded no solutions.

So, instead of saying I’ll get thin

Or make lots of money

I’m telling you honey

It’s time to RE-resolve again.

I’m going to be a better person.

I think this I can manage.

It’s to my advantage

That I don’t have much reversing

I’m going to finish what I start

No more unfinished books

Cause I’m getting weird looks.

I need to focus on my art.

I’ll keep you posted on how I do

But don’t expect a miracle

I’m not a frigging oracle

In the end, to my own self be true.

~ Dellani Oakes 1/16/13

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