Blacksmith’s Heart ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes ~ Part 75

They changed quickly, gave kisses all around, which took nearly 30 minutes, and left in a rush. Marnie rode with them, chattering non-stop the entire trip. She gave quick hugs and kisses, sending them on their way. As soon as they were on the plane, Jeff and Marnie took off, heading back to the Lazy J.

Jasper and Hana arrived in Dallas and spent the night in the airport Hilton. They didn’t stay up as late as Jasper would have liked, making love, but they had a very early flight. He made sure they enjoyed themselves, with a delicious meal, complete with chocolate pudding and whipped cream for dessert.

The following morning, they woke early, but didn’t have time to make love before having to scoot off to catch their flight. It wasn’t until they got to the departure gate that Hana even knew where they were going.

“Jamaica?” She grinned. Now she knew why he’d been so curious about a passport and insisted that she pack it.

“Well, it’s a little island not far from there. We’ll meet a private flight to take us out.”

“Another relative with a private jet?”

“A friend. His family has owned the island for over a hundred years. We’re staying in the old plantation house. All the modern conveniences.”

“You sure know how to treat a girl right,” Hana said, giving him a kiss.

Their trip went well. They arrived as the sun was setting into the ocean, setting the jungle around the house on fire with golden light. The panoramic view was the most wild and lovely Hana had ever seen. They were greeted by the housekeeper, a beautiful native woman with dark dancing eyes and lots of glittering jewelry. She led them to their room, where they would be spending the next two weeks in wedded bliss.

“And don’t worry about me,” she said. “I have a small place off the back. I won’t see or hear a thing. You’ve got the house to yourselves. I have meals planned and will prepare them when you wish. Meanwhile, enjoy yourselves and congratulations.”

They thanked her and she left, bidding them goodnight. Jasper turned to Hana, arms wide. She walked into his embrace, kissing him deeply.

“This is the best honeymoon ever. More than I could ever have hoped for.”

“And I intend to enjoy every minute. Starting right now.”

“I want a shower first, Jasper.”

“So do I.” He led her to the bathroom.

Hana’s jaw dropped. It was done in rough stone, the walls lined with nooks and crannies, where living plants grew. The shower had a small waterfall in one end, as well as shower heads on three sides and on top. The sink was an indentation scooped from the living stone. The commode was in its own little room off to the side.

They made love in the shower, and under the waterfall. The bed greeted them next, and they made love there, too. Spent and gasping, they took another quick shower before crawling back into bed. Cuddled up for the night, they held one another close, talking quietly.

“The moment I saw you, I knew. There was something about you that reached out and grabbed me. I knew I had to make you mine,” Hana confessed.

“I used to dream about you,” Jasper admitted. “I mean, before we met. When we were kids. I would have these dreams where I was getting married. Kinda weird for a twelve year old, huh?” He chuckled. “You know what? Those dreams came true yesterday. It was my dream wedding down to the last detail.”

“Really? That’s so cool! Did you ever dream about me?”

“No as such, but I had a few dreams I was getting married. I never saw his face, but he was tall, with raven black hair and the most amazing smile. It was you, Jasper. Always.”

“Always,” he agreed. “Miss Maisey, I do declare, you done stole this Blacksmith’s Heart.”


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