Blacksmith’s Heart ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes ~ Part 63


“Feels—oh, God!”

Hana licked from tip to base, tongue swirling along the shaft. She licked every inch of him until the pudding was gone. By the time she’d finished, he could hardly stand it. He lifted her, impaling her with his throbbing cock, bucking under her as he brought them both to climax. Hana collapsed on his chest after she came. Jasper held her, licking her breasts to get the last of the chocolate off them.

They had a shower and shared the other bowl of pudding and strawberries. Jasper didn’t push for another session. They’d been very enthusiastic, and he didn’t want to overdo it Hana’s first night. He’d have loved to have sex all night, but one thing Theo had stressed was taking it easy the first few times.

Instead, he used the excuse that they had to be up early, to get her to fall asleep. They lay in the bed, cuddling with her head on his chest.

They had an early flight, so Jasper hadn’t planned on making love in the morning. He dearly wanted to, but decided he’d show some of that self-control he always bragged about.

While Hana showered, he cleaned up the room and packed their things. He got a shower while she dried her hair. They got breakfast downstairs and caught the shuttle to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

“My brother, David, is picking us up,” Hana confirmed with a text message.

“Great. You think I’ll pass muster?”

He looked so worried, Hana didn’t laugh.

“Yes. I think he’ll like you.”

“He’s not gonna be mad that we had sex, is he?”

“David? Why should he be? It’s none of his business.”

“Because he’s your older brother. Trust me, we older brothers aren’t logical when it comes to the men in our sister’s lives.”

“If he doesn’t like it, he can fuck himself,” she said rather more loudly than she’d intended.

A couple of old ladies nearby, cast her a disparaging glance. Hana smiled and waved.

“Hope we aren’t sitting next to them,” Jasper said, nudging her.

“Oh, hush.” Hana blushed, putting her head on his shoulder. “Yes, I think Dave will like you. He’s not nearly as stuffy as the rest. I think he should move out to the Lazy J, too. He’d flourish there.”

“Is he married?”

“Newly divorced.” She pouted slightly. “His ex-wife is too much like our mom for my tastes.”

“Sorry to hear that. Kids?”

“No, thank God. He can put her from him, and never see her again.”

“Maybe he should come out. I have a passel of pretty cousins.”

Hana laughed. “We’ll extend the invitation.”

The plane landed a little early. Jasper got their bags down from the bin and they worked their way off the plane. David was waiting by the stairs, holding a sign that he’d obviously done in a hurry. It said, “Welcome Home, Han-Zilla!”

Hopping off the escalator, she ran full tilt at her brother. He caught her, grunting with the impact of their meeting. Lifting her, he swung her in a joyful circle.

“Hey, kid! How are you?” David kissed Hana’s cheeks. Stopping, he gazed closely at her. “You look different.” His bright blue eyes flickered over to Jasper. A knowing look passed between them. David drew himself up. Nearly as tall and buff as Jasper, he was somewhat intimidating, at least as far as his sister was concerned.

Hana pushed her brother back. “Stop. This is Jasper, my fiancé. Auntie’s known him his whole life.”

David squinted, tilting his head. “You’re the guy from the pictures on Auntie’s piano.”

“Yes. See? It’s okay, Dave.”

Glancing at Hana, David frowned. “It’s none of my business, Little Bit. In fact, I’m happy for you. Just wasn’t expecting to meet the man who deflowered my sister quite so soon after.”

“How do you even know?” Hana jabbed his arm with her knuckles. “We could have been doing this for weeks.”

David made a knowing face, shaking his head. “There’s a look. Can’t explain it. The day after your first time—there’s a look.” He held out his hand to Jasper.

Jasper took David’s hand, fully expecting a death grip. He wasn’t disappointed. Dave bore down, yanking Jasper forward.

“You hurt my baby sister in any way, and I will personally take you apart. We clear?”

Nodding, Jasper smiled. “I will do everything I can to make her the happiest woman alive. I have no intention of hurting her. But if you don’t let go of my hand in the next ten seconds, that security guard over there is probably gonna arrest us.”

David laughed, clapping Jasper on the shoulder. “As long as we understand one another. Where are your bags?”

“Coming in at the very end,” Hana said. “I need to pee.”

There was a bathroom along the way. Before going to the restroom, she took her brother’s hand.

“Be nice to him. I love him a lot.”

©2022 Dellani Oakes

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