Blacksmith’s Heart ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes ~ Part 51

She shuddered as he kissed her throat, his lips drifting down to her breasts. Arching her back, she brought them into better reach. Moaning, he put his face between them, inhaling her scent. She groaned happily, moving faster against his leg. He could feel her hot and moist on his skin. His hand crept down between her legs.

Gasping, she felt his fingers slip inside her and she moved rhythmically against them, ready for him to enter her. Jasper took a deep breath, wanting to take her, but still worried that he’d hurt her. They were both ready, all it took was a small, slight movement and they would consummate the desire that had been building between them since they met. He stopped a moment, lying still. Noticing his lack of movement, Hana opened her eyes questioningly.

“Something wrong?”

He smiled, kissing her lips. “Not at all. Everything is so incredibly right. Are you sure?”

“Yes, yes I’m sure!” Her hand dropped between his legs, tugging gently. “I’ve never been so sure! Please,” she begged him. “Please!” She moaned as he bent over her once more.

He moved to enter her when a loud, ripping noise outside startled both of them. The horses screamed, kicking and bucking against the walls of the lean to. Jasper leaped up, starting toward the door.

Hana grabbed him, holding him back. “NO! You can’t go out there!”

The wind howled like rabid beasts around the walls and they heard the lean-to fall to pieces, the horses screaming wildly. With a loud bang, the lean-to fell apart. The horses ran off, screaming and whinnying wildly. The wind swept around the house, beating against the small window and shaking the door.

Hana clung to Jasper, eyes wide with fear, gasping as she waited for the wind to blow the door open or shatter the window. Jasper rose, dragging the table over to the door. He tipped it on its side and propped it over the doorway, partially obscuring the window as well. He dragged the beds over to the other side of the fireplace, away from the direct path of the window. They huddled together, terrified and cold, their lust forgotten as the storm’s fury grew. Hail rattled against the glass, hammering the roof, zinging and pinging off the door. It was so loud, they couldn’t even talk.

About an hour later, the storm suddenly abated. Jasper built the fire up once more and turned back the covers on the beds. Hana crawled in one, lying on her side, face to the fire. She cried silently, trembling all over. Jasper huddled up behind her, holding her back to his chest, arms protectively around her. He pulled the covers tightly around them, hugging her to him as she fell asleep.

Jasper woke suddenly, senses alerted by noises outside. He thought he heard voices, but wasn’t sure. Getting up, he grabbed his pants, but couldn’t find his boxers. No matter, he buttoned his jeans and walked cautiously to the door. He did hear voices! Someone called his name.

“Dad?” It had to be his father. No one else could bellow like that. “We’re in here!”

He pulled the table away from the door. Hana woke up, blankets falling around her like leaves.

“Get dressed,” he told her. “They’ve come for us.”

Hana scrambled out of bed, searching for her clothing. She couldn’t find her shirt in the dark, but Jasper’s was handy so she threw it on over her jeans.

Sounds of lumber being shifted greeted their ears. Jasper moved carefully to the fire and put more wood on it, building the flames as much as possible. He knew there should be lanterns around and found one on the shelf over the fireplace. He turned the knob and the battery powered, high intensity light filled the cabin with an eerie blue-white light.

“Jasper!” his father called again. He sounded muffled and far away. “You in there son?”

“Yes! Yes, we’re here!” He walked over and banged on the door to prove it.

“Thank God! When the horses came back without you, we feared the worst. Jeff thought of the cabin. He said you’d come out this way.”

Jasper tried the door. “The door is jammed.”

“I know. The lean to fell and the wood’s blocking it. Jimmy went back for some axes and a chain saw. It’s too tangled up to pull away. He’ll be back any minute, we brought the Jeep.”

Jasper heard sounds of the Jeep returning and saw the headlights shining through the window. A chainsaw revved into action and at least two axes started hacking at the lumber piled in front of the door. After several minutes of hacking, cutting and grunting, the door began to move.

“It’s stuck. Grab it in there and pull.”

“Yes, sir!” Jasper grabbed the door and started pulling hard on the knob. “It won’t budge, Dad. Just have Jeff kick the hell out of it.”

“Stand way back!” He heard his cousin’s voice outside.

“Hang on!” Jasper grabbed the table and dragged it to the other side of the cabin. He pulled Hana behind it, making her crouch. “When he comes through, wood’s going to fly all over hell and back. Getting kicked by Jeff’s like getting hit by a pissed off mule.”

Hana grinned up at him, kissing his lips furtively.

“Okay,” Jasper bellowed.

There was a short pause, then the door shuddered with a thunderous blow. Jeff kicked the door three times before it gave slightly. On the fourth, it shattered, shards of wood flying in every direction. The remaining pieces fell in an untidy pile just inside the doorway.

©2022 Dellani Oakes

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