Blacksmith’s Heart ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes ~ Part 50

They were within sight of the small, adobe house when the rain started. There was a shallow lean-to for the horses. Jasper led them inside, gave them fodder and took off their saddles. He handed the bags and blankets to Hana to take into the cabin. After settling the horses, he joined her. Both of them were drenched to the skin. She already had a small fire going and had found the old, tin teapot on the shelf. She’d filled it with bottled water that was stored in the cabin and set it over the fire to boil.

“I’d love a hot shower and a change of clothing,” she said, her teeth chattering. “I’ll settle for a hot cup of tea.”

Jasper didn’t want a cup of tea, but he took the proffered mug, holding it while she gave him a tea bag from a battered tin and added hot water. He found some sugar in another tin and dug around until he found a spoon.

After a few sips of her steaming tea, Hana felt better. Her hands quit shaking and she even managed not to jump every time lighting crashed. The wind and rain drove at them relentlessly, battering the one window and the rickety door, howling like a beast outside.

Jasper took her empty mug gently from her, setting it down on the table. There were a few old blankets in a chest in the corner. They smelled a little musty, but they were clean. He wrapped one around her shoulders, kissing her softly. Now that they were really alone and inside, he felt his shyness return.

He could sense Hana’s apprehension as well. Though she thought she was ready, he wasn’t sure she was. He wouldn’t push, he’d let her take the lead. Difficult as it would be not to make love to her, he’d do his best not to force the issue. His lips dropped to hers, a gentle, loving caress. She warmed to his touch just as she always did, but he could feel a tension in her that hadn’t been there before.

“What’s wrong? Worried about being alone with me?” He tried to make light of her distress.

“It’s the weather. It has me spooked. I keep worrying the roof’s going to blow off or something.”

“The roof isn’t going anywhere. I helped put it on myself.”

He took his hands from her shoulders, backing away from her. Sitting down on one of the stools by the table, he leaned his head on his hands, sighing deeply.

“You need to get out of those wet clothes,” he told her, his good sense finally clicking in. “It’s getting chilly, and we need to dry out. I’m going to build up the fire. Just slip out of your clothes and wrap up in a blanket.”

He leaned over the fireplace and started piling on more wood. He could hear rustling behind him as she removed her damp clothing. He could picture her behind him, naked and shivering. It was all he could do not to turn around and ravish her, but his better sense prevailed. He prodded the fire and watched the flames climb higher and felt the room warm up.

With a damp flop, she tossed her wet clothing on the table. He turned to look at her, expecting her to be wrapped in the blanket, but she was standing in her panties, arms wide, shivering.

“Your turn,” she told him as she pulled his shirt out of his pants.

His lips met hers, his hands on her breasts, cupping them gently as he bent his head to her. Sighing with contentment, she undid his belt and unzipped his pants. She seemed guided by a desire and will he didn’t know she possessed. Her actions held an urgency and immediacy that heightened his desire. Hardly able to control himself, he undressed, nearly tearing his T-shirt as he lifted it over his head one handed.

Jasper was in his boxers now, feeling the thin fabric like a wall between them. Slowly, gently, he let his fingers travel down her body, slipping them inside her panties. She stiffened slightly as he drew her to him, but his lips on hers gave her resolve. She shivered again and Jasper stopped kissing her long enough to wrap a blanket around her.

There were two twin beds near the fireplace. Jasper pushed them together and grabbed a blanket for himself. He was cold, she must be freezing.

“Come lie down,” he told her. “You’ve got to get warm. You’re still shivering.”

She sat down meekly, wrapping the blanket more snugly around her, her eyes wide with fear. The wind increased in ferocity. Some of her shivering couldn’t be attributed to the cold.

Jasper lay next to her, arms around her protectively, to warm and comfort. He didn’t have sex on his mind anymore. Taking care of Hana was all he concerned himself with now.

It grew darker outside, the storm clouds building. He began to worry about flash flooding now, but the cabin was sturdily built and on high ground. The horses were spooked. He heard Moonstone whiny and Vintage Gold wicker comfortingly.

He pulled the blanket more closely around Hana rubbing her arms to warm her. Hana surprised him by leaning into this embrace, lifting her face to kiss his throat. Her cold hands crept from the warmth of her blanket, finding their way to his chest as she shed her covering, rubbing her chest against his. He pulled her blanket back around her, but let her draw him close, feeling her flesh next to his. Her touch warmed him more than any fire could. He felt his desire growing stronger, his need for her so intense, he could hardly bear it.

Jasper slipped his hands inside her blanket, taking her panties around her hips. She assisted him with his boxers, pulling them past his knees. Now, only an inch or two of air came between them and their desire. Hana put her leg over Jasper’s, lying on her side, moving against him slowly.

©2022 Dellani Oakes

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