Blacksmith’s Heart ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes ~ Part 37

She had incredibly nice breasts, Jasper thought. He couldn’t help but notice. They had to have cost a lot of money. Swallowing hard, he realized he was having an involuntary reaction to her nakedness. Disgusted with himself, he walked into the living room and on to the kitchen. Milly followed him out, leaning against the wall by the bedroom in just her panties. She slid her fingers down inside the skimpy, black lace garment, threatening to remove it.

Jasper heard laughter and voices coming toward them. Milly either didn’t notice or didn’t care. He knew his cousins were returning. He toyed with the idea of letting them catch her there naked, deciding against it immediately.

“Get out, Milly. I don’t want what you have to offer. Leave before you embarrass yourself.”

“I’m not embarrassed,” she said, sliding her panties halfway down her hips.

The door popped open. Jimmy and Jeff stood their with their mouths hanging open. Between them was their little brother, Jeremy. Jeff grabbed him, dragging him out of the cabin.

“What’s going on? Jeff? Dammit, Jeff!” The younger boy kidney punched his older brother. “Lemme go, dammit!”

“You want to be leaving now, Ms. Finch,” Jimmy said. “Jas, I don’t know what you two are doing here. I don’t want to know. I just want this woman outta here before Granddad sees.”

Milly Finch was already in the room getting dressed. She ran out of the cabin with her boots in hand, blouse open, hat clutched to her chest. Jeremy came back in with Jeff. Jimmy stood there glaring at Jasper.

“What the fuck, cuz? You couldn’t wait for Hana? Maybe you have this burning need to screw up the best relationship of your life?”

“Listen!” Jasper yelled, slamming the refrigerator door. “She was here on my bed when I came in. A—we haven’t had time to fool around. B—what makes you think I’d want a skank like that and C—why would I want to screw up what I’ve got with Hana? Do you think I’m completely stupid?”

Jimmy didn’t say anything for a minute. “Sorry. No, you’re right. I’m jumping to conclusions.”

“As much as she’s come onto the two of you, you can’t cut me some slack? You aren’t tapping that, are you, Jim?”

“Fuck no! I told you that.”

“What was she doing here?” Jeremy asked. “I thought she was married.”

“Kid, there’s a lot about some women you need to know. One thing’s for sure, a woman like that isn’t happy with what she’s got. She’s always looking for something better,” Jeff explained.

“But she’s married to a rich man. Why does she want Jasper?”

Jeff hit him on the back of the head.


“Picture Mr. Finch. Now look at Jasper. From a woman’s perspective, which do you think she’d rather fuck?”

“Ew!” Jeremy shuddered. “You’ve just scarred me for life, Jeff!”

“When you’re older, and the babes start coming onto you, you’ll understand,” Jimmy ruffled his hair.

Jasper collapsed into a chair. “God, could life get anymore weird? We need to start locking that door, guys. I don’t want a repeat of that performance only her having a loaded gun next time.”

“You need to tell Granddad what happened,” Jimmy advised him. “God forbid she goes to him with a tale about how you tried to seduce her or something. Not that he’d believe her, but still.”

“Yeah. So much for my nap.”

“I’ll go with you,” Jimmy said. “She’s propositioned me more than once. A couple times in front of Marnie, and some other people.”

Jasper’s grandfather took the news of Mrs. Finch’s appearance stoically. Sighing heavily, he leaned back in his desk chair, running his fingers through his thick, graying hair.

“Well, I suppose it was bound to happen sometime. We get some real wackos here and always have. Did anyone else see her come in or leave?”

“I don’t know,” Jasper said calmly. “I found her in there, and wasn’t really thinking about it when she left.”

“There was no one but us around when we got there,” Jimmy provided.

“Let’s hope it was contained. The last thing we need is for this to trickle back to Hana.”

“Oh, God,” Jasper moaned. “She could have gone there after she left us. She’s right next door.”

“Let’s go,” Jerry said quietly. “The three of us should be able to convince her that you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I hope you’re right. I don’t want anything to mess this up.”

When they got to Hana’s cabin, everything looked normal. It wasn’t until Hana answered the door with tears in her eyes, that Jasper knew Milly had already been there.

Hana stepped back into the living room, leaving the door open. She didn’t invite them in, but Jasper followed her anyway. He wasn’t about to let the situation drop.

“What did she tell you?” he asked, nearly running her over when she stopped suddenly.

“Ask her yourself,” Hana said, sniffling.

Milly sat on the couch, smiling nastily. In her current location, she couldn’t be seen from the front door. Jasper stopped dead in his tracks.

“Milly, what are you doing here?”

“I came to tell Hana was a naughty boy you are. Next, I’m going to tell Finch.”

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