Blacksmith’s Heart ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes ~ Part 36

Jimmy looked fine to Hana, but she said nothing. She was glad he’d moved away from Milly Finch. She didn’t particularly care for the couple, apparently Jasper didn’t either. He trotted across the corral to the pen, clamoring over the top piece of the fence.

“You gonna ride after all?” Jimmy asked him.

“Nope, just had to get away from Milly. She was practically sitting in my lap.”

“She invite you to participate in anything scandalous?” his cousin laughed.

“Not here lately. I wish they’d go ahead and leave. They make me nervous as hell.”

“I can handle come-ons,” Jeff added, “but they know no limits and don’t care if a guy’s involved. Bring her along. Can you possibly imagine how Marnie would react to an invitation like that from them?”

“She’d end up in jail,” Jimmy countered.

“No, I would. Cause I’d kill the bastard, if he even thought of mentioning it to her.”

“I’m ready when you are,” Jimmy said confidently. “Maybe I won’t look like such a pussy, now that Jasper’s not riding.”

“Let me get back by Hana, then you can ride.”

“Make it fast, he’s antsy.”

Jasper ran quickly to Hana’s side and jumped onto the fence with her between him and Milly Finch. There was no room on his left side for Milly to move over, and no excuse for her to. She frowned, her eyes flashing at him. Then her glare traveled to Hana, and quickly away before the younger woman noticed. Jasper saw it, and didn’t like it at all. He vowed to keep Hana far away from the Finches.

Jimmy was doing remarkably well on the horse. He stayed on nearly seven seconds. Laughing and cheering, he stood up, dusting himself off as his brother and cousins got the horse back in the shoot.

They continued riding various horses for nearly an hour, until a sudden thunderstorm drove them indoors.

“I thought you were planning to sleep,” Marnie said to Jasper when they ran into the big house.

“I was going to, but I’d rather spend time with Hana.”

“You’re exhausted,” Hana said quietly. “I forgot how little sleep we got until just now. We should both get some rest.”

“Enid will be fine with me up here,” Marnie said. “She’s teaching me Canasta. I’m pitiful, but she says I’ve got promise. I think the only promise I hold is that of a terrible, losing opponent. Anyway, she’s in good hands.”

“Thanks, Marnie. You’re a doll.” Hana gave her friend a hug and kissed her aunt.

Jasper walked her back to her cabin. “I wasn’t kidding about having a nap together.” He grinned at her, dark eyes heavy with sleep.

“If we lay down together, I doubt we’d get any sleep.”

“Probably right.” He sighed, leaning on one arm against the house. “Well, I’ll see you later on, I reckon.” He kissed her, aching to do more.

“I reckon,” she agreed.

He bent his head to kiss her again, then decided it would be better not to. “See you later.”

“Sleep well.”

“I will. You too.”

She walked into the cabin and he wandered slowly back to his apartment. He started stripping off his clothing when he hit the door. When he got to the bedroom, he was dressed only in his boxer shorts with his clothing in his arms. It took a moment to realize that Milly Finch was sitting on his bed in her underwear.

“Hello, Lover,” she said caustically.

Jasper halted. “What are you doing here, Milly?” He held his clothing in front of his boxers.

“I thought we could have some fun together while Finch is playing cards. Have a seat.” She patted the bedspread.

“If you haven’t noticed, Milly, I’m involved with someone.”

“Yes, I noticed. She’s a pretty child. I thought maybe you’d like a mature woman for a change. Little girls aren’t a lot of fun for a big, strong, sexed up man like you.”

Jasper put his pants on, anxious for her to leave. “Look, Milly. I’m not interested. Get dressed and go. You can’t be seen here.”

“Afraid Mommy and Daddy will get upset?”

“I’m a grown man, I make my own decisions. And I don’t want you here. I want to get some sleep. I had a late night.”

“I know. It was so darn cute! You and your little honey dancing until the wee small hours.” She made a gagging motion, putting her finger down her throat. “Please! Could it be any more adorable?”

“I’ve asked you nicely to leave. Now I’m telling you, get out.”

“Finch won’t mind. You could join us for a threesome.”

“No thanks. Three is more than I like in my bedroom. In fact, right now, two is one too many.”

“Aren’t you funny?” She made no move to leave. Instead, she took off her bra, tossing it across the room.

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