Blacksmith’s Heart ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes ~ Part 27

Hana hadn’t noticed, but he was nearly as well built as Jasper. She just hadn’t seen him without his shirt. He was burlier than Jasper, but just about as buff.

“He flirted outrageously, of course. It was all I could do to make him keep his clothing on. He kept volunteering to remove more until I finally let him.”

“Didn’t let me do jack else, though,” Mitch snapped his fingers in disgust. “Well, not then, anyway.”

“His bodacious bod got me the job I wanted,” Issy said, kissing her burly spouse. “They contracted for six book covers, provided I used him as my model. A girl has to show her appreciation, right?”

“So she does, my lovely. And you did it so beautifully, too.” He kissed her nuzzling her neck.

Jasper cleared his throat. “Maybe we should eat, then I can get cleaned up. I’d like to get on the road before too late.”

“Sure! Don’t mind us. Old married folks, still hopelessly in love with each other.” Mitch chuckled, kissing his wife again.

“I don’t mind,” Jasper said. “It’s making me disconsolate, is all.”

Hana nudged him, kissing his chin. “You’re a big boy. You’ll get over it in time.”

“How do you know how big a boy I am?” Jasper murmured as he nudged her in return. “Been looking?”

“Maybe— Then again, maybe not!” She danced away from him as he made a grab for her.

The four of them kept one another happily entertained for nearly an hour as they ate lunch and cleaned up. Only Jasper’s desire to be gone before dark got them moving. He took a quick shower and joined the ladies in the studio.

Hana was dressed in her costume again. Jasper walked into the studio in a pair of dark jeans and tan rawhide chaps. His shirt was open, fluttering loosely around him. His hair hung in ringlets now that it was damp. He needed a shave, and the little shadow on his chin made him look ruggedly handsome. Hana stared at him, hardly able to breathe.

“Okay. Let’s get you right here, Hana.” Issy moved her into position. “Jasper, behind her. Perfect. Now, right hand on her waist and the left— Hana, he’s gonna get fresh.”

She placed his other hand on Hana’s breast. The touch was feather light, but the heat of his skin was almost unbearable.

“Okay. Now, Hana, left arm up. Give me a chicken wing behind your shoulder. That’s it. Jasper, nuzzle her neck on the other side. Perfect. Move to her cheek, nibble her earlobe. I want to see teeth. Great!”

She kept shouting instructions, moving their bodies, making the poses more intimate. Jasper had to turn off his mind, and do what she told him on automatic. If he thought about how he was touching Hana, he’d go insane. It was torture of the most luscious kind. It was killing him by inches, but he relished it too, never wanting it to end.

Their final pose, he held Hana with one arm, bending her slightly back, while his lips hovered mere breaths above her chest. The fingers of his left hand were wound in her hair, while his right brushed the outer aspect of her breast. It was agony. Not only was the pose uncomfortable, but her leg was pressed against his groin. Painfully excited, he held her as long as he could.

“Issy, I have to get outta this pose,” he complained, setting Hana on her feet as he buttoned his shirt. “My back’s still kind of tender from that fall.”

“Oh, sure, Jasper. Sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I have enough to satisfy even the pickiest people. If they can’t find something they both like in a hundred shots, they can do their own cover.”

“I’ll let you change now, Hana.” He rushed from the room, leaning against the wall, as he tried to collect himself. He was still there when Hana came out.

“Are you okay? You don’t look well.”

“I’m fine, darlin’. My back’s just tight.”

“Jasper,” Hana stood near him not touching his body. “I know how difficult that was for you. It was tough on me, I can only imagine— Well, no I can’t. I don’t have testicles.” She giggled somewhat nervously.

“You could feel the effect it was having on me. That’s what you mean, right?”

“It was noticeable. But did I say I minded?”

He laughed, pulling her close so their hips touched. “No.”

“I’m flattered and pleased that I excite you that much. Keep that enthusiastic response, and put it to good use.”

“That’s my plan,” he admitted. “But soon, baby, okay?”

“When the time is right, it will happen. Don’t worry about it, promise me?”

“Not sure my nuts can make that promise. They have this way of reacting independently of my brain. Now, for instance.” He eased away from her, taking a different stance.

Hana glanced between them, feeling his firmness against her until he moved. She could still see the distinctive bulge in his pants, but didn’t say anything. She let her eyes do the talking, raising an eyebrow with interest.

“You kill me when you do that.”

© Dellani Oakes 2022

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