Crime Makes an Entrance ~ A Love Under the Sun Romantic Suspense by Dellani Oakes Part 77

“Yeah, in the safe. I don’t see the point, Deacon. It’s over.”

“I don’t know, curiosity, I guess. I want to know how they did it. How did they get in and out of the theater like they did?”

“We’ll drive over in a bit and have a look. Cindy’s helping Kacy right now. They are multi-tasking making wedding plans, decorating a nursery and finding a house. I think I want to be gone for as much of that process as humanly possible.”

“I can be ready in five minutes,” Deacon said abruptly. He had no desire to be any more involved than he had to be.

“Better you than me,” Dino added smugly.

“Thanks a bunch, Dino.”

“You got yourself into this, Deacon. But I’m here for you, my brother. Just don’t expect me to run interference for you when she starts asking your opinion.”

Kacy and Cindy were sitting on the bed when he went in the room to find his shoe. Their eyes sparkled and the air was charged with excitement.

“Hi, love!” Kacy stood up and kissed him happily. “Cindy’s had the most wonderful idea for the baby’s nursery! All done in ballerinas! What do you think?”

“What if it’s a boy, Kacy? Before you get locked into a motif, shouldn’t you know the gender? Don’t they have tests for that?” He appealed to Cindy.

“Yes, but you can’t determine anything this early on. Maybe he’s right, Kacy. We should plan something that could go either way.”

Deacon grabbed a shoe and sock and hobbled out to the living room. “Ballerinas in the nursery just got the ax,” he said resignedly. “Should I shoot myself now?”

“Wait until after the wedding, that way Kacy inherits all your worldly goods.”

“That’s very helpful,” Deacon growled. “Thanks.”

“Just trying to be obliging,” Dino grinned.

“You’re enjoying seeing me suffer, aren’t you?”

Dino shrugged. “Kacy’s a handful. I imagine now that she’s pregnant, she’s going to be even more difficult to handle. You’re a young man, reasonably fit. You can do it. I have faith in you.”

Dino socked Deacon in the arm so hard he nearly fell over. Deacon sighed and let himself drop heavily onto the couch.

“Do you suppose I could just run away for the next eight months or so? Maybe I’ll live on the beach in the Bahamas, rent a cabana and guzzle drinks out of coconut shells.”

“That sounds mighty appealing,” Dino smirked at him. “But I’d hate to be you when Kacy found you.”

“It would be ugly for sure,” Deacon agreed. “I wonder if she’d object to her groom being heavily dosed with Xanax?”

“You’d best have your wits about you,” Kacy said from behind him. “I won’t have a zombie for a husband, and my child needs a coherent father.” She kissed him smartly, grabbed her purse and took off out the door with Cindy.

“The way she’s talking,” Deacon mumbled, “You’d think she’d conceived that kid on her own. You had some help, you know!” He shouted after Kacy.

“Speaking of help,” Dino interjected before Deacon’s mood got even more foul. “I talked to my lawyer. She had a chat with Frieda’s counsel. She was quite persuasive, and convinced him that Frieda’s bid for palimony is out of line. She also called the IRS and explained to them about Frieda’s taxes. After some checking, they determined that it’s not the first time she’s filed a questionable claim.”

Dino started laughing so hard, he had tears in his eyes. He flopped on the couch near Deacon, holding his belly. “She’s being audited! And!” He giggled like a little girl. “And, the absolute best thing, the show she was on got canceled! She’s unemployed at the end of the season!” He chortled with glee.

“Really?” Deacon couldn’t help being happy. He was almost sorry for Frieda’s misfortune, but not quite. “You know what, Dino? I believe I can even handle all the preparations now. I feel fortified! How can I thank your lawyer properly? I’ve not even met the lady.”

“Not to worry, she’s been well compensated. Consider it an early wedding present.” He waved away Deacon’s protests. “I’m delighted to help. Having been in your shoes more than once, I greatly sympathize.”

They took the elevator to the parking garage, and walked to the car Dino had rented. Since his yellow SUV was very distinctive, he’d left it at Reyes’ house. The rental was an unprepossessing, though still luxurious, blue Lexus.

Deacon’s phone rang just as they were pulling out of the garage. They turned right onto highway A1A as he answered. It was Kacy.

“Hallo,” she sounded cheerful and chipper. “I was thinking of apricot and pale turquoise for the color scheme.”

“Color scheme for the nursery?”

“No, the wedding, silly. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds pretty.”

“Or we could do an evening wedding and go strictly formal, all black and white.”

©2021 Dellani Oakes

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