Crime Makes an Entrance ~ A Love Under the Sun Romantic Suspense by Dellani Oakes Part 64

“Cindy’s there. She might like some back up though.” He told her about Dino’s alcohol temptation last night.

“Oh, God, I thought he’d beaten that particular demon.”

“It’s enough to make anyone turn to drink. I’m surprised I’ve not already hit the bottle myself.”

“Don’t you dare, you’re on medicine. Come on, let’s go see if Cindy needs us.”

They rose carefully, Deacon leaning on his single crutch. Tossing it aside when he reached the door, he grabbed his cane from the umbrella stand by the door.

Cindy looked relieved to see them. “He’s been trying to get me to give him a drink. I locked up all I could find. What happened? He’s a little vague on details.”

Deacon told her as they walked into the living room, her face fell.

“No wonder he’s unresponsive and despondent. He was so looking forward to this play. He was excited and planning the opening night party.”

“Look, Cindy, I figure whoever did this, they’re going to tip their hand somehow. At least I hope they do. If anything weird happens while you’re here, call me right after you call the cops, okay?” He gave her his number and she added it to her contacts.

“Do you want us to stay here with you?” Kacy wanted to help, but didn’t really know how. It was the only thing she could think of.

“No, I think you two need your privacy.” What she really meant was that they did.

Deacon hugged her, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “Take him to bed, distract him.”

He winked and she laughed, slapping him playfully on the arm.

“Why, Deacon, you are a naughty minded boy!” She pushed them out the door, locking it behind them.

“Do you think they’ll be all right?” Kacy looked worried, watching the door.

“He’s in good hands, don’t worry. How about we go home and you distract me?”

“Wicked man!”

The phone in the guest house was ringing as they walked back in the door. Deacon flopped on the nearest chair as Kacy walked over to answer it.

“Yes?” She put her hand over the phone, “It’s Nancy calling from the condo. They heard about the fire on the news.

“Yes, we’re fine. Dino? I don’t know, he seems pretty heartsick, but he’s got Cindy with him. She’ll make sure he’s alright during the night. Okay, I love you, too.” She hung up sighing.


She shook her head. “Nancy was worried about you. She said she’s been on edge all evening and when they heard about the fire. She thought the worst.”

“Should I call her back?”

“No, once she heard we were alright, she calmed down.”

“I should call Bernie.”

“Deacon, it’s eleven o’clock.”

“Even if it were two in the morning, if I didn’t call Bernie and Maxie they’d fly down here and kill me as soon as they heard. Family is family, right?”

She quit arguing and went to make them a pot of coffee. The phone rang twice before Bernie answered. As Deacon expected, he was still up. The more Deacon said, the angrier Bernie got. He was furious that he couldn’t be there and rip someone a new asshole.

“You find that guy, Deacon. You find him and save him for me, cause I swear to God I’m flying down tomorrow and killing him!”

It took all the persuasive power Deacon had to convince Bernie to stay in New York. “The last thing Dino needs right now is more stress. You come down here acting like that, he’s going to feel responsible. Stay put, don’t argue. I’ll keep you posted.” He hung up before Bernie could say another word. “That was a refreshing conversation,” he said brightly, wiping his face with both hands. “I stink.” He’d gotten a whiff of himself just then.

“I’m sure I do, too. Fancy a shower?”

The hot water felt fantastic as he stood there, letting the shower massage pound his aching muscles to jelly. Pain and tension flowed from his body, dribbling down the drain. He could hardly stand upright when he was done. He dried himself off with Kacy’s help and lay on the bed. Without even bothering to get dressed, he crawled under the covers, leaving the lamp on so she could see in the room. He heard her moving about and then felt the bed give slightly as she lay down next to him, cuddling up beside him, her head on his chest.

“Deacon, you asleep?”

“No, just thinking.”

“Good. I’ve got something to tell you.”

He raised himself up on one elbow, looking down at her. She snuggled down in the bed, wriggling deliciously close to him.

“That sounds like impending disaster, what?”

She bit her lower lip, a habit she had when she was about to tell him something, not sure how he would react.


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