Brand New Day by Dellani Oakes – Part 43

*CONTENT WARNING* This part is not appropriate for readers under 18.

Because she thinks that Diego has forgotten her, Janet dates Tex. They meet up at his apartment, for a special dinner she’s prepared.

“Sorry I’m late. I got hung up talking to my faculty adviser. He wants me to change my thesis.”

“Now? You’re almost done!”

“I got a new adviser. He’s changed it all up. I have to start all over.”

“I’ll help you. We’ll get through this. Didn’t we write you A papers all semester?”

We didn’t. You did. I couldn’t have done this without you.” He held her close, kissing her neck. “I can’t tell you how much this means to me—having you here, making this meal…. I love you, Janet. I’ve tried to deny it, but I’m hooked.” He stopped talking abruptly, turning away from her. “I had all planned how I was going to do this, and it all went right out of my mind.”

He took her hands, bringing them to his lips. “I know it’s only been four months, but you’re my heart. I want to be with you forever. I want to be the man you wake up with every morning, and the guy who makes love to you every night…. I want to marry you, Janet. If you’ll have a rough cut, East Texas yokel….”

“Oh, Teddy!”

He slowly let go of her hands, eyes sad. “You only call me Teddy, when you’re gonna tell me no. Don’t say it. Don’t answer yet. Let’s have this great meal, and you think about it.” He busily put his things away and washed his hands before helping her serve the meal.

“Look, I know there’s that other guy—Diego. You told me about him like day one. I know you think you’re in love with him, but I’m here in your life, not him. I see you every day. I talk to you when you’re sad, I laugh with you when you’re happy. I’m the man who wants you more than my own life….”

Janet gulped, dabbing her eyes with her napkin. She could hardly eat, she was so full of dueling emotions. She cared for Tex, loved him, in a way. But she was in love with Diego, and couldn’t see herself with any other man.

They set the subject aside by mutual, unspoken consent. Instead, they spoke about their days, his new thesis, and everything except his proposal. They cleaned up the kitchen together and sat in the living room with their coffee, talking and laughing.

Eventually, he tired of the polite civilities and took her cup from her. Moving closer, he drew her into his embrace. She went unresistingly. There had been a lot of kissing the last four months, but nothing more. Janet hadn’t felt right about going further. Tonight, he didn’t stop when she moved his hands from her breasts. His lips left hot trails down her neck, his hands searing her skin as his desire grew.

Janet never thought another man could excite her like Diego, but she’d been wrong. The more Tex touched and kissed her, the hungrier she became for what he had to offer. Finally, she quit resisting, quit saying no in her own mind, and relaxed against him.

Tex felt the change in her, and knew he’d won. She was his now, and if she wasn’t in love with him yet, she would be. She might hesitate to say “I love you”, but she would one day. Pushing his advantage, he slipped his hand under her top, caressing her breast. His tongue traced the contour of her neck from her shoulder to her earlobe. He nibbled and nipped her throat and ear, rubbing her back until he found the sweet spot just below her waist. Janet jumped against him when he touched it. Laughing and kissing, they undressed, finally heading to the bedroom in their underwear. Tex got a condom from the drawer and put it on. There was no turning back now. It was now or never….

His hand touched her inside and she melted. It excited her so much, she nearly came then. Writhing and moaning, she waited for him to make his next move, but he took it slowly. Savoring their first time, he feasted on her breasts. Finally, when she could stand it no longer, she pulled him to her.

“I do admire a woman who knows what she wants,” he murmured. “`Specially when it’s me.”

Janet gasped with delight. He made love to her as well as Diego, something she’d never thought possible for any man to do. In fact, when they peaked, it felt better than her memories of her first time. Diego was good, but he’d been a teenager. Tex was a man with plenty of experience. He knew what to do to make her scream—and she did. Exhausted and sweating, she clung to him.

“Will you think about it, baby? Will you marry me? Please? I love you….”

©2020 Dellani Oakes

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