Brand New Day by Dellani Oakes – Part 37

With her parents and Sookie leaving for the weekend, Janet makes up her mind that she and Diego will be together.

Thursday evening, they finished packing the car before dinner. The family ate a quick meal and left before dark. Janet called Diego when they were gone. He drove over, suddenly very nervous. He’d told his parents he was sleeping in Sookie’s room, but he was sure they knew the truth. He’d found a box of condoms in his overnight bag.

She met him at the door with a shy smile. Was she having second thoughts? He hoped not. Jeff Beck’s Blow by Blow played on the stereo. The intricate music of the jazz guitarist, was among his favorites.

“You hungry?” she asked when the door was shut and locked behind him.

“No. I ate at home. Are you sure about this, Janet?”

She pushed him against the door, kissing him with abandon. Any fear or worry he’d had, left him. Her spirited advances left no doubt in his mind that she was ready, and she was expecting him to fulfill his promises to her.

“Let’s go downstairs,” he said hoarsely.

She led him to her room. She’d lit candles on the metal shelves in one corner. Her double bed looked inviting.

Diego shut and locked the door, even though they were alone. He set down his bag and took her in his arms.

“You’re sure? Because you can still say no.”

“I don’t want to say no,” she protested. She started to take of her shirt, but he stopped her.

“Let me.” Diego reached for her shirt, slipping it over her head.

Janet took his off, her hands shaking. Chest to chest, they kissed a long time, their desire growing steadily.

For Diego, it was somewhat surreal. Something he’d waited for, dreamed about, was going to happen. He was going to make love to Janet. He wondered if he was dreaming. But even his best dream didn’t feel this good.

“You can still say no, Janet.” He nibbled her ear, his lips blazing a trail down her neck.

“Yes,” she whispered hoarsely.

They made love, slowly, gently, getting to know one another. Despite their ages, it didn’t seem dirty or wrong. It was as if their love making had fulfilled something that had been missing until then. This new relationship could be plucked away, all too soon. They were both determined to enjoy what they could. After making love a second time, they had a quick shower and got ready to sleep. Janet made sure to set the alarm.

“Get some sleep,” Diego told her. “School tomorrow, remember?”

“Yeah, yeah,” she mumbled as she fell asleep. “Be that way….”

“I love you, Janet.”

“I love you….”

“I don’t know if I can concentrate today,” Diego confided as they walked into school the next morning. “I’ll be thinking about you.”

“Me too. We have two more nights.”

“Today needs to pass by so we can go home and go to bed.”

Janet laughed, tossing her dark hair over her shoulder as he held the door for her. She was sure everyone could tell that their relationship had changed overnight, but she didn’t care. She knew she’d made the right decision. Diego walked her to class, running to his own before the bell. He was at the door again when class was over, scurrying to his next one once she was at her door. At lunch time, he was waiting by her locker.

“You forgot to pack your lunch.”

“Crap, I did.”

“It’s okay. I’ve got it covered.”


“One advantage that high school has over junior high…. Open campus at lunch. Come on.”

©2020 Dellani Oakes

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