Brand New Day by Dellani Oakes – Part 20

During the movie, Diego and Janet start kissing. She realizes what her mother said about going too far, is true.

Soon, there was nothing on her mind but his lips on hers, his arm around her shoulders, his fingers in her hair. His left hand brushed her neck, making her shiver. Lower it dropped, to her shoulder and down. She felt the heat of his hand near her breast, not quite touching. The heat intensified as his fingers moved tantalizingly close to her chest. The touch of his hand scorched her with fear, desire and embarrassment. She pushed away from him. His lips followed her retreating mouth, desperately trying to recapture her. Opening his eyes, he realized what he was doing. His hand jumped away from her body, and a guilty smile replaced the lust.

“Sorry,” he whispered. “Went into caveman mode.” He kissed her neck and nibbled on her earlobe by way of apology. His left hand stayed steadfastly in his own lap.

“When do you think I’ll be ready?” Janet asked, bowing to his experience.

Diego chuckled. “Baby, I have no way of knowing that. That’s different with every girl. When you feel like the time is right.”

“What about you?”

He laughed loudly, fortunately, it was a funny part of the film. He put his arms across the back of her seat and the one to his left, tossing back his head.

“Janet, I’m a man. It’s always right for me.”

She looked so hurt, he stopped laughing. “I’m being an asshole. I’m sorry. This is all yours. You have to decide when it’s time. I won’t push. All you have to know is that I’m here, I’m ready and I want you whenever you give me the word.” He took her face in his hands. “Do me a favor, though. Don’t make me wait too long, or I might bust.” His kiss was playful.

“How long do most girls wait?”

He shrugged, pulling her close so she could put her head on his shoulder.

“Some a week, some a couple. I’ve never been with—someone like you.”

“A virgin?” she said the word rather harshly.

Diego flinched as if she’d hit him. “Yeah.” He glanced at her, kissing her lightly on the nose before turning back to the screen.

“Why not?”

“I dunno. Never happened before. Tell you the truth, it scares me a little.”

“I didn’t think anything could scare you.”

“I didn’t think so, either. I don’t want to hurt you. That scares me.”

She nodded, snuggling closer. “You won’t hurt me,” she replied confidently. “When we make love, it will be wonderful.”

Finally, the movie ended and the lights came up. They gathered up their trash and headed to the exit. Workers came in with brooms and dust pans. Diego proudly introduced Janet to all of them. One woman was a little older than the rest. She took a motherly interest, having some teenage children herself.

“So, this is the girl that’s made you dreamy for the last few days. Hi, Janet. I’m Charlene.”

“Hi, Charlene.”

“I’m Raul’s mom. Diego helped me get this job when I lost mine at the sugar plant. It was a life saver.”

“Raul’s a nice boy,” Janet said. “He’s always been very polite to me.”

“He’d better. I’ll knock him upside the head,” she said with a laugh. “You kids have fun. Behave,” she cautioned, shaking her finger at Diego.

“Yes, ma’am,” Diego murmured. “Want something to eat? It’s a little early for dinner….”

“You can come by, I can warm up some leftovers.”

“I thought you might like a night off from cooking. I thought, if you’d like to, we could go to Taco Village….”

“Oh, you wonderful man! I love their food!”

Diego grinned, nodding. “I know that.” He nibbled her lip. “Their cheese enchiladas taste almost as good as you.”

“Now you’ve put that in mind, how can I say no?”

“Good, cause they’re calling my name.” He put his arm around her shoulders as they walked out to the lobby.

©2020 Dellani Oakes

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