Brand New Day by Dellani Oakes – Part 12

Brand New Day coverDiego asks Janet to the movies. She isn’t sure it’s a date, but everyone else assures her it is. At her house, after school, Diego tells her he wants to kiss her.

Not waiting for an answer, he pulled her close, taking her waist as he lowered his mouth to hers. Janet wasn’t sure what to do. She closed her eyes and raised her chin.

Diego smiled. He knew she was inexperienced, but it didn’t matter. He loved her, and he’d teach her everything she needed to know. His lips touched hers, sending a spark from his lips to hers. Janet jumped back with a little eep of surprise. Laughing, he tugged her close once more.

“Sorry. Static.” He tried again, this time without the power surge.

Janet didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t this. His lips were warm, full, soft and tantalizing. It wasn’t a long kiss, but it left her wanting more.

Diego held Janet around the waist, his lips barely touching hers. He kissed her twice more before letting go. Taking a step back, he opened his eyes. Janet lowered her chin, licking her lips as she opened her eyes.

“I’ll be by around seven thirty, is that a good time?” Diego said self-consciously.

“Yes. Perfect. Thanks.”

“What are boyfriends for?”

Janet squeaked excitedly, indulging in a bounce. Biting her lower lip, she tried to stop a giggle, but couldn’t. About that time, she saw Ramona standing in the hallway. Her friend rushed her, taking her hands. They squealed, hopping a little in their excitement.

“Why do girls do that? Seriously? You’re like little kids,” Diego fussed.

“We’re happy,” Ramona said “Deal with it, big brother.”

Diego laughed loudly. “Sure. If it means I get another kiss.”

“I’m gonna go wait in the car,” Ramona said with a sly grin. “I’ll honk when Sookie arrives.”

Her brother and friend weren’t fully listening. He was all ready taking advantage of the fact his sister was leaving. Before kissing Janet again, he pulled her close.

“Try something for me,” he whispered.


“Open your mouth—just a little.”

Puzzled, she nodded. She closed her eyes, opening her mouth a bit. His tongue flickering into her mouth, shocked her. She tried to pull away, but he held her close, kissing her much more emphatically. After the initial surprise, she relaxed against him, experimentally slipping her tongue into his mouth.

The horn honked outside. Diego let her go. Sookie had arrived. If she caught them kissing, Janet would hear about it the rest of her life. She combed her fingers through her hair and dashed to the kitchen. She poured Diego a glass of water, handing it to him. Very loudly, he thanked her as Sookie slammed the front door.

“I’ll see you in the morning,” Diego said as he walked out of the narrow kitchen.

“Yeah. Thanks for the ride.”

“Thanks for the water. Dang hiccups.” He forced a burp, striking his chest with his fist. His dark eyes twinkled and he winked at Janet when Sookie wasn’t looking.

Janet walked him to the door. He knew he didn’t dare kiss her again, but he squeezed her fingers as he headed out the door.

“What’s for supper?” Sookie asked.


Sookie turned up her nose, stalking to her room. She was a picky eater and hated leftovers. However, the food budget made that necessary. Janet paid for her own clothing, she refused to spend the rest of her money on food. She had a little savings account that she added to every week. It wasn’t much, but it was her escape fund. As soon as she graduated, she was leaving. She could handle three more years of her mother and Sookie, but that was her limit.

About an hour later, the phone rang. Janet was just finishing her homework. Sookie got to the phone before she did.

“Who’s this?” Sookie said when she answered.

“We don’t answer the phone like that,” Janet reprimanded.

“It’s for you,” Sookie said, handing her the phone.

“Who is it?”

“Some boy.” She shrugged.©2020 Dellani Oakes

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