Love Takes a Swim Part 70 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover small*CONTENT WARNING* This episode may not be appropriate for readers under 18.

Kai couldn’t believe how responsive Paisley was. Each thrust delighted her, each kiss made her sigh. Despite his prediction to the contrary, he was able to make it last. Being as gentle as he could be, he brought them to their climax, leaving them both panting and breathless. Afterward, he rolled to his side, carrying her with him. Paisley lay with her eyes closed, smiling happily.

“That was delicious!” she breathed. “Thank you!”

“Delicious? Well, thank you. I don’t think anyone has ever used that word to describe it before.”

“They should have. Because that’s what it is. Let’s do it again!” She kissed him deeply.

Kai grinned, holding her hips close to his. “Give me a few minutes. Got to give my brain a share of the blood supply for a few minutes.”

“Will you kiss me while we wait?”

How could he say no? Things were just starting to heat up when his phone buzzed. Hoping it wasn’t work, Kai reached for it. He had a text from one of Brill’s men.

Got a bogey on your six, Clevon said. Ottis is going to have a look.

Thanks. Taking Paisley to bathroom.


Speaking quietly, Kai urged Paisley into her bathroom. It was an interior room with no window. He kept low and grabbed what clothing of theirs he could find. His shirt was missing, but that hardly mattered.

“Go in and lock the door,” he whispered.

“Come in with me!”

“Not yet. Please, babe.” Kai gave Paisley her cellphone. “I’ll let you know when it’s clear.”

She wouldn’t let him go until he kissed her. “You be safe!”

What do you see? he texted Ottis and Clevon. There was no response. In a slight panic, Kai sent a message to Brill.

On our way. Stay inside. I can’t see the guys.

Kai crouched in the dark room, feeling vulnerable. A sound at the window startled him. He crept closer, peering out the small slit between the drapes. He couldn’t see a thing, but didn’t dare move them further apart.

Something thumped and he thought he saw someone slam against the wall. He couldn’t tell if it was one of Brill’s men or not. Noises out front distracted him. It sounded like someone was kicking the door. He knew Brill’s men wouldn’t do that. Scuttling to the bedroom door, he locked it, glad that he’d closed it earlier.

With a loud crash, the front door banged open. Kai pressed the emergency call button on his phone and a police dispatcher answered.

“9-1-1. What’s your emergency?”

“Someone is breaking into our apartment,” he murmured, giving his name and address. “My girlfriend is locked in the bathroom. I’m in the bedroom. The door’s locked, but I heard someone break in the front door.”

“I’ve got a unit on the way. ETA, two minutes. Are you safe, Mr. Marcelo?”

“For the moment.”

Something thumped at the bedroom door. Kai knocked Paisley’s dresser over to block the door.

“They’re at the bedroom door,” he told this dispatcher. “We had some friends outside, but the bad guys are in the apartment.” There was no reason to be quiet any longer.

The door shook as someone hit it again. Kai wondered what was taking the person so long to get through. He must be hitting it with his shoulder. A good kick on the lock would have shattered the door jamb. The door shook again, this time splintering near the lock. Unfortunately, they’d thought of that too.

“Police!” someone called from out front.

There was scrambling. The thudding at the door stopped. The only way out of the apartment was through the front door or one of the windows. Their assailant was cornered. Shots rang out. Two more shots followed and bullets buried themselves in the wall outside the bedroom.

Paisley screamed his name.

“I’m okay. Stay put!”

There was a thud and the front door banged. Kai heard feet pounding along the walkway out front. Soon, the sounds of pursuit dwindled, the echoes of shouts following. Shaking, Kai sat on the floor. His phone buzzed, scaring him.


“Mr. Marcelo, this is the police. Are you all right?”

“Yes, ma’am. Pretty shaken up. Are your officers okay?”

“Yes. They are in pursuit. Did you say you had friends outside?”

“Yes, ma’am. Are they okay?”

“I’ve got an ambulance rolling. Your friends are injured.”

“Is it safe for me to go out?”


“I’m a paramedic. I can help. Tell your folks I’m coming out.”

“Will do.”

Kai told Paisley he was going out. He found his shoes and grabbed some towels from the hall closet. His first responder gear was in his Jeep, but he couldn’t find the keys without turning on a light. He went slowly out the door, identifying himself.

A police officer led him to Ottis. He was bleeding from a head wound. Clevon lay a few feet away. He didn’t look good.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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