Love Takes a Swim Part 69 by Dellani Oakes

*CONTENT WARNING* This episode may not be appropriate for readers under 18.

Kai and Paisley talk about Ralph. He asks if she wants to try to talk to him.Love Takes a Swim cover small

“Not really. I mostly want to get him off my tail. He scares me. The fact he’s come so far for me, proves he’s not stable.”

“I thought maybe his beatings qualified him for psycho of the year.”

“There are worse things to do to a person than beat them,” Paisley replied. “And Ralph is a master at them all. His torture was mental—which is far worse, believe me. The beatings you get over. Bruises heal. The mind games, those last a whole lot longer. I still have nightmares where I’m tied up and can’t escape. In my dreams, he captures me again, holding me against my will.” She shuddered, snuggling close to Kai. “I would rather die, than be his prisoner again.”

“That won’t happen,” Kai assured her. “I know you probably want to stay at your place tonight. I brought a bag and I’m gonna sleep on the couch. You won’t be alone.”

“Oh, Kai!” Paisley flung herself in his arms, kissing him. “You don’t have to stay on the couch,” she whispered.

“Do you mean what I dearly hope you mean?”

Biting her lip, Paisley nodded. “I want to be with you, Kai. I want you to be my one and only lover.”

Though he was excited at the prospect of making love to Paisley, Kai gulped. He’d never been with a virgin before. All the medical knowledge he had, flew out the window when she kissed and touched him.

“I don’t have condoms,” he mumbled as she pulled his shirt off.

“I do. I bought some when I went to get the cookie supplies.”

Kai wanted to laugh, but managed to keep a lid on it. It struck him as funny that she bought brown sugar, flour and condoms It also, strangely, endeared her to him further.

Paisley led him to her room. He trailed behind her, not wanting to let go of her hand. The world had become strangely surreal in the last minute or two. He couldn’t explain how or why, but it certainly wasn’t unpleasant. Euphoria swelled through him, settling in his nether regions. It all flowed south so quickly, he felt slightly dizzy from blood loss to his brain.

They sat on the bed, kissing and undressing one another. Paisley’s shirt followed his. Their jeans dropped simultaneously. Kai stopped to admire her body.

“Flawless,” he whispered, touching her cheek. His fingers trailed down her throat, to her shoulder, and over to her left breast.

Barely touching her, he closed his eyes, letting his hands do the exploring. One caressed her breast, the other undid her bra. She let it slide off her shoulders, down her arms, to the floor. Kai felt the warm, sleek cloth land on his foot, and opened his eyes.

“Are you sure, Paisley?”

She reached for his boxers, slipping her hands in the waistband. She lowered them with agonizing slowness, easing them over his firm cock. Kai shivered as the elastic band rasped slightly on his skin. It felt so good having her touch him, knowing he could take this to the final, orgasmic conclusion. He allowed his hands and lips to explore her body, finally slipping her panties down over her magnificent ass.

Paisley shivered with excitement, growing bold with her own exploration. Her curious hands stroked his firm, hot cock, delighted when it jumped like a living thing against her palm.

“Oh, God,” Kai moaned. “Condom,” he mumbled, his mouth on her breast.

“Drawer,” she leaned over and pulled open the drawer beside the bed.

Not wanting to leave her embrace, Kai grabbed the box, quickly tearing it open. The condom packets spilled out, but he caught one. Ripping it open with his teeth, he struggled to roll it quickly on. Paisley assisted him, smoothing the thin material over him.

A groan escaped him.

“Did I hurt you?”

“God, no. Keep doing that,” he commanded.

She did as he asked, fondling him as he worked on her breasts. His hand moved to her thigh, teasing at her. Paisley didn’t realize she’d clamped her legs together until he touched her. She relaxed a little. Kai eased his hand between her thighs. She gasped, jumping when he touched her for the first time. A flood of moisture gushed across his fingers.

Kai smiled, stroking gently. “That feel okay?”


“It may hurt a little. You tell me if it’s too much, and I’ll stop.”

“Feels good—so far!”

“I promise, it gets even better.”

Lifting her easily, Kai laid her in the middle of the bed before spreading her legs further. Kneeling between them, he kissed her deeply before thrusting into her. Paisley squeaked when she felt him enter her body. Biting her lip, she resisted the urge to scream—not from pain, from excitement and pleasure. She tightened up on him. Kai stopped.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No. No,” she breathed. “Don’t stop.”

Sliding in the rest of the way, Kai stopped again, waiting for her muscles to relax a little. She was so incredibly tight, he wasn’t sure how long he could last. Her body held him in a sleek, hot vice that felt incredible.

Paisley bounced under him, begging him to continue. Experimentally, he raised his hips before thrusting slowly upward. She couldn’t stop another squeak, but she assured him with her movements that all was well.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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