Love Takes a Swim Part 58 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallHe couldn’t relieve himself fast enough. Her words had started his loins burning with desire. He wanted her more than he could possibly say. He imagined her lying with him while he was naked, thought of her writhing in passion with him deep inside her. His release made him yell.

Thad tapped on the door. “You okay in there, kid?”

“I’m okay,” he mumbled. “Yeah,” he said louder. “Be out soon.”

“Okay. You hungry? There’s an all night diner about two blocks down.”


“We’ll go eat. We don’t have to be back on the job until three p.m.”

“Good. I could sleep for a week, but I’m starving,” Kai said as he opened the bathroom door.

“Feel better?” Thad smirked as Kai dried off and got dressed.

“Sorta. Why the concern?”

“Cause you looked ready to combust there before you hit the shower. What’d you do? Talk dirty to your girl?”

Kai blushed, not answering.

“Big mistake, bro. Good way to make yourself completely miserable.”

“No shit.”

“Still no action?”

“Just enough to make me crazy. Every time I hope it’s going somewhere, I get a call from you.”

Thad held up his hands, laughing helplessly. “Don’t blame me, blame the weather. I’m just the messenger. Look, as a man who’s been there more than a few times, a word of advice. Quit trying to make it happen. Relax and enjoy what you’ve got, a beautiful lady who loves you. I know you’re hurtin’, I sympathize. But the more you will it to happen before its time, the worse you’ll feel. Me, I got this thing I do. I say a little prayer.”

“You say a prayer. Over sex?”

“Not exactly. It’s more of acceptance. I use it whenever something’s getting to me, not just when I’m horny. But I take a deep breath and say to myself, I accept this. I don’t like it, but I accept it. Then things kinda calm down and smooth out. I used it today when we were looking for those teenagers. That was getting to me. I was worried sick that we were gonna find them dead.”

“We didn’t, they were fine.”

“I know, but their grandmother wasn’t. But rather the lady in her sixties than a teenager, right?”

Kai had to agree. He hated it when anyone died, but more when they were young.

“So, you say your little prayer, chant it like a mantra if you have to. And when everything’s right, you’ll get your quiet time with Paisley. Meanwhile, let’s go eat. I’m so hungry, my stomach thinks I don’t love it anymore.”

They walked to the diner not far from their motel. Many of the members of the rescue team were there. Kai and Thad joined them; and ordered their meals. Several of DeBarry’s finest were there as well.

“We couldn’t have done this without your help,” Officer Pati Johnson said. She was an older woman with sleek blonde hair and a petite figure that belied her 47 years. “With luck, we’ll be done by tomorrow evening. Maybe before.”

“It’s going to take a long time to rebuild,” her partner, Joel Davidson said. “But we’ll manage somehow. We always do.”

Search and rescue the next day went smoothly. They found a few more people, all of them in pretty good shape. Fortunately, no more dead. By 5:00, they were finished and heading home. Kai volunteered to drive the van back to the station. They arrived just as the truck was getting back from a call.

“Nothing serious,” Greg told them. “In fact, it’s been blessedly uneventful.”

“Thank God for that. Okay, folks. Go home, get some rest and we’re back to regular shifts.”

Kai headed home. He was dirty, sweaty and suddenly tired. He got home to find a completely empty house and no note. Instead of worrying about it, he threw his dirty clothing in the wash and took a long shower, indulging once again in what had become his daily relaxation routine. He pulled on a pair of boxers and collapsed on his stomach on the bed.

Sometime later, the door eased open and he smelled Paisley’s perfume. Rolling over, he saw her standing there in a sundress and sandals. She looked so beautiful, he could hardly stand it.

“Hey, stranger,” she said softly.

“Hey, gorgeous. Where ya been?”

“Cody took me and Tempy to the beach with JT and TJ. Marianna and her brother met us there. Bunch of folks…. I missed you.”

Kai held out his arms, pursing his lips. Paisley shrank back.

“Not that I don’t want one, but I’m sorta sandy. I came to get my stuff and head to the shower.”

“You can shower in here.”

“You think that’s wise?” She stepped forward apprehensively.

“Not at all. Cause I’d want to join you and my mother would choke me.”

“That would spoil the mood for sure.” She winked. “I’ll shower in my room, to relieve you of the temptation.”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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