Love Takes a Swim Part 51 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallAfter the incident at the high school, Kai wants to make love, but knows that Paisley isn’t ready.

As it was, he couldn’t do the former, and didn’t think he’d better try the latter in his mother’s house. She’d have his ass in a sling. He held no illusions about whether or not she’d know. He was certain she would.

But Paisley was ripe for the taking, her unsullied body lush, firm, beautiful…. Kai wanted her even more than usual, and knew he wouldn’t stop with a kiss. He could feel himself drawing closer, his body responding her her presence. The scent of her made him dizzy with lust. He flopped on his back, nearly falling off the bed.

“You’d better go, babe.”

“Do you really want me to?”

“No. I want to do naughty things, that will make my mother hate me for life. If you stay in here, I won’t be able to control myself.”

“I don’t want you to get in trouble,” she said softly, slipping out of the bed.



“Promise me something.”


“You won’t make me wait much longer.”

“I won’t. I promise. Good night. I love you,” she whispered.

“I love you, too.”

She slipped out the door, closing it quietly behind her.

Kai’s dreams were highly sexual. He woke shortly before his alarm was due to go off, embarrassed by his own desire. A long shower, and he felt better. He headed downstairs to find out that he was expected to lead class again.

“Let Tempy do it,” he begged. “Paisley can supervise and coach her. I wanna be in a position to deck the jerk if he gets mouthy. Besides, I felt like an idiot up there.”

“I’ll do it,” Tempest said, hopping up and down. “I’ll so do it! It would be fun!”

“Done,” their mother agreed. “They called a little while ago, and told me the power’s back on. How were things out at the high school?”

Kai gave them a short rundown on the situation while they ate breakfast.

“Wow, doesn’t sound like they’ll be able to start school on time. At least not there. I wonder what they’ll do.”

“They’ll figure something out, Mom. God forbid anyone miss five seconds of school,” Cody snarked as he finished his muffin.

They headed to work. Kai was much relieved that he didn’t have to teach class, and the gossips were missing. His mother explained that she’d made it quite clear that they were to keep their chatting somewhere else. It didn’t go over well with the gossip group, but everyone else was thrilled.

Tempest did incredibly well leading the class, with Paisley’s help. Kai watched her proudly, grinning as she called out the commands and hopped around on the deck. He hadn’t realized, until then, just how grown up she was. Several of the young men, who were hanging around, stared at her with more than a little interest. Kai glared at them when they looked his way.

“You have to keep an eye on her this year,” he said to Cody after the classes were over.

“I can’t babysit our sister,” Cody answered, annoyed.

“Well I certainly can’t!”

“Dude, she’s gotta grow up sometime! Sooner or later some guy’s gonna come along and….”

“Don’t say it. I know. Just so long as she waits a couple years.”

“The way those guys are staring? I give it a couple weeks, tops.”

“God, don’t say that!”

“Admit it, if she weren’t our sister, you’d see how hot she’s gotten. A girl that hot, when you were my age….”

“I’d have been in her pants so fast…. Oh, shit! Yuck! Is this how every brother feels, I wonder? Jeez, if we thought like this before hand, we’d never have sex—like ever!”

“Some of us still haven’t,” Cody replied, somewhat irritated. “There’s a good possibility that our little sister will lose her virginity before I do.”

“Yeah right. As many hot chicks as come hang out here?”

“You know I can’t talk to anyone. I get all tongue tied, then get this raging boner…. You know, that’s not really a big turn on for most women?”

“It is under the right circumstances,” Kai replied. “But yeah, not so much when you first meet. Which is why you pick well, and go for a slutty girl.”

“And imagine how her brother feels when he finds out the only reason you’re dating his sister is to….”

“Shut up! Cock block. I don’t need that.”

“Where’s Paisley?” Cody asked.

“Working the desk. Dana’s taking her class for her.”

“Spent anymore quality time in bed with her?”

Kai cut his eyes at his brother, wondering where the conversation was headed.

“No. I told you, Cody, we haven’t….”

“I know she was in your room last night. I heard you talking.”

“That’s all we were doing. I’m not stupid enough to make love to my girlfriend under our mother’s roof. She’d kill me.”

“Which one?”

“Both of them. Paisley would choke me. Mom would castrate me, and let me bleed out.”

“Charming idea. Somehow, I find that really intimidating. The vision of our mother whacking off testicles with a butcher knife…. I’m scarred for life!”

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