Love Takes a Swim Part 43 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai tells Paisley a little bit about Toby, who was a late bloomer. Of course, with a big family, it would be hard to find a woman he wasn’t related to.

“That’s probably what slowed him down.”

“Prolly. I’m happy for him. Makes me kinda jealous.”

“Really? You want children?”

“If Brianna had, had our baby, he’d be going into first grade.”

“It was a boy?”

Kai shrugged, shaking his head. “Never knew. I just kind of thought it was a son. Maybe wishful thinking. Most guys want a boy to pass their name on—teach them all those manly things….”

“What would you teach your son?”

“How to swim,” he said as if that were a given. “How to take care of other people, and how to treat the woman in his life.”

“Did your dad teach you those things?”

“Brad did. He’s a great father. Even if I wasn’t his kid, he always treated me like I was. My dad’s always been around, don’t get me wrong, but it was Brad who raised me. And that was okay. He and my father have always gotten along. His wife’s a nice lady, very cool with it all. I hope to introduce you soon. They’re supposed to be down for the wedding and Christening. He’s kin to Toby, I think I mentioned.”

“Yes, you did.”

“The lines of kinship start to get murky. Then they get muddy, then downright opaque. Someone keeps it all straight. I just call my generation all cousins. The folks mom’s age are aunts and uncles. We’re a pretty casual bunch, it’s mostly first names, so we don’t have to keep careful track.”

“You think your father will like me?”


Paisley started to tear up.

“He’ll love you. Don’t worry so much. He and his wife are super awesome.”

“He’s so cute and cuddly,” Paisley said, completely changing the subject. “KD’s so adorable!”

“He is, for sure, one good looking kid.”

They pulled up at his parents’ house. Kai opened her door, helping her out. She slid into his arms, holding him close.

“You were fantastic tonight. You stayed so calm and took care of Epi….”

Kai stopped her words by giving her a kiss. He couldn’t express what he was feeling any other way. He was overwhelmed by his experience, shocked to find that there was a large part of him that desperately wanted a wife and children. He never would have considered it, if it hadn’t been for Paisley’s presence in his life. He didn’t want just any woman for his wife, he wanted her. And he wanted her to be the mother of his children.

Only the fact that this was his mother’s home, and she’d kill him if he had sex with Paisley under her roof, kept him from misbehaving. He and Paisley kissed a long time in the living room, but when he walked her up to her room, he didn’t go any further than a chaste goodnight kiss. He ached with desire, but he had a way to deal with that. It wasn’t perfect, but it worked. He wasn’t sure how much longer it would. He hoped Paisley wouldn’t make him wait as long as Epiphany had made Toby. He didn’t think he had the self-control to last two months.

He put on his party music and got in the shower. He made sure to put on his boxers, because he didn’t want to get stuck naked in bed with her again.

Fortunately, or not, depending on the perspective, Paisley didn’t come in with him. It was just as well. He woke up with the worst erection of his life—to date, and there and been some bad ones, especially in his teen years. A little private party took care of that and he was able to get dressed and get his breakfast without embarrassment.

Kai and Paisley drove to work together. She kept talking about Epiphany and the baby, excited by the new life they’d helped bring into the world. She was so excitable, it was affecting him, making him want her even more. Before going inside, he leaned across the center of the Jeep and kissed her.

“I love you,” he whispered. “So very much. I want to make love to you, make you a woman, give you a son….”

Paisley gazed up at him, touching his lips and cheek with her fingers. “I want that too. I love you, Kai. I didn’t realize until last night how much….”

They kissed a few more minutes until someone pounded on the car hood. It was Cody. He’d seen them pull up and sit there. Not wanting to do his brother’s job, in addition to his own, he came out to take care of it.

“Move your lazy, bony ass, bro! Hiya, Paisley!”

“Trust Cody to spoil the mood,” Kai said with a frown.

“He’s jealous,” Paisley said quietly. “Don’t you think he’d like a girlfriend? Besides, I think he has a little crush….”

“I’ll crush him,” Kai said, glaring after his brother.

“It’s that alpha male thing,” she said with a giggle. “Can’t stand for another man to take an interest.”

“He’s not a man, he’s a kid.”

“He’s as much a man as you. He may not have your experience, but he’s got the same desires and needs you have.”

“Well, at least he’s not getting laid any more than I am,” Kai said with a contented smirk.

Paisley’s punch to the ribs not only took him by surprise, it hurt. Glancing at her, he realized for the first time that she was actually angry with him.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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