Love Takes a Swim Part 42 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallEpiphany heads to the hospital with her son. Toby thanks Kai for taking care of his family for him, and tells him a little about his early relationship with Epi.

“Rare. Who knew we’d find two, huh?”

“Paisley seems pretty great. Epi likes her. She’s real shy, doesn’t take to many people.”

“So’s Paisley. With a guy like what’s his asshole, who can blame her?”

“I wonder if Sushi’s made any progress?”

“Ask him when you call to tell him about…. What the hell did you name your son?”

“We had a name all picked out, but we changed it.”

“No kidding? To what?”

“We wanna name him after you.”

“Me? Toby, dude, I didn’t…. Epi did all the work.”

“If you hadn’t taken charge, I’d still be sitting on my ass not knowing she was in labor till she had him on the beach. You totally rocked, dude. We both appreciate it. We want you and Paisley to be godparents. Will you?”

“Toby, man, I don’t know what to say….”

“Say yes, ass wipe.”

They were passing the information desk when he said that. One of the women frowned at him. He grinned, flashing a peace sign. They went to the security doors leading to the labor and delivery floor. Toby showed his bracelet and they opened the door for them.

“Do me a favor,” Kai said to Toby. “If you name him after me, you won’t call him Little Kai or something retarded.”

“Promise. We’ll name him Marcel instead.”

“You won’t either. I won’t let you saddle my godson with a gay assed name like that.”

“We were thinking Kai Drew, call him KD for short. Whatcha think?”

“I’d be honored,” Kai agreed. “Very honored and proud.”

Suddenly, he wanted to cry. Nothing his friends had ever done, touched him like that. He stopped walking, overcome with unfamiliar emotions.

“You okay, man?”

“Yeah.” Kai rubbed his face. “I—yeah.”

“No, really. What’s up? I never saw you look like that before.”

Kai couldn’t speak. Shaking his head, he pressed his lips together, because he felt like he was going to start sobbing any second. Toby’s eyes clouded. He took Kai in a manly embrace, hugging him hard.

“You’re the best guy I know, Kai. Dude, if you start bawling, I’m gonna too. Don’t you dare, make me fking cry!”

“There you are!” His mother stuck her head out the door. “We were just wondering where you were! I love the new name choice! I approve!” She grabbed Kai, kissing his cheek, then pulled her son over with her other arm. She cried unashamedly, holding them both close. “Little Kai is so adorable!”

“We’re gonna call him by his initials, Mom. KD for short.”

“If you call him Little Kai, everyone’s gonna think he’s my kid,” Kai said. “Don’t want to steal Toby’s thunder.” He chuckled, punching his friend.

“As if anyone could mistake that little blond baby for yours! Now that he’s all cleaned up, he’s like a little dandelion! Come see!”

They walked in to find Paisley holding KD. She was smiling and crooning at him as he gazed at her. He was indeed like a dandelion. His golden blond hair stuck up in every direction like he’d gotten a shock of electricity. His eyes were dark blue and slightly crossed.

“Hell of a good looking kid,” Kai said as they transferred KD over to him. “You did good, Epi. He’s perfect.”

“Eight pounds, fourteen ounces,” she said with a grin. “Twenty-three inches long. How did I do that?”

Kai chuckled, touching her cheek tenderly. “Like a pro, babe. You did great. You should be proud of yourself. I’ve seen women deliver babies almost half as big, and not do as well. You’re officially a trooper.”

She beamed at him, touching her son with her fingertips. “Did you ask him?” she said to Toby.

“Sure did. He said yes. You?”

“Paisley wanted to see what Kai said. So, will you?”

“I’d be thrilled to be his godmother. I don’t know what to do….”

“No worries,” Emily said. “You’ll figure it out. After the wedding, we’ll have a Christening.”

“When’s the wedding?” Kai asked.

“After I’m all healed up,” Epi said. “God forbid I should deprive Toby of his love romp.” She giggled, then grasped her abdomen. “Oh, that’s tender when I laugh.”

Toby took her hand, kissing it. “He’s amazing, babe. Thank you. Thanks for my son.”

“Time for us to go,” Emily said almost too loudly.

Kai handed Epi the baby, giving her a kiss on the forehead. Toby gave Paisley a kiss on the cheek, and they left with Toby’s folks. As he drove home, Kai couldn’t help grinning.

“Hard to believe he’s a dad. I never would’ve thought Toby would be the first one of us to reproduce.”

Paisley giggled. “Why?”

“Cause he was such a goob! Didn’t even get laid the first time, until he was a senior. Not that it’s a bad thing. He was a late bloomer. And try finding a woman he’s not related to!”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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