First Meeting – Continued – from Feel the Heat ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes

First Meeting imageJax Jendrasik isn’t having a very good night. He had some trouble at his brother’s bachelor party, and ended up face down on the sidewalk. Fortunately, a lovely blonde was there to help. He’s been taken to the hospital and he’s waiting for the doctor.

The drape flicked aside and a woman entered. She seemed vaguely familiar, her blonde hair slicked back and glittered.

You?” Jax chuckled.

Doctor Johanna Strauss. You must be T-Rex,” she held out her hand to Telise.

Telise punched her brother’s arm before shaking the doctor’s hand.

We spoke on the phone.”

So, the hot blonde is a doctor, huh?” Jax chuckled.

Yes. Don’t let the hair fool you, I’m very good at my job. I was on my way to an Eighties themed party, when I saw him go down,” she explained. “You do have a concussion, so we’re going to keep you overnight. No fractures, though we do need to clean up your cheek, and see what other damage is under there. My friend Candy, is bringing you the good stuff—not morphine,” she assured them. “Derrick dutifully reported.” Nitrile gloves on, she moved Jax’s head a little, turning on a bright light, angling it away from his eyes as much as she could. “You have some road rash, but it’s not serious as it looked at first glance. It’s filthy, though. I don’t want to speculate what you landed in.”

Outside that club?” He shuddered. “I’ll be happy if it’s just piss.”

We’ll give you a full spectrum antibiotic. You up to date on tetanus?”

It’s been a few years. When did you get the new roof?” he asked his sister.

Five years ago. Why?”

Remember, I stepped on the old nails sticking from the board. Doc hit me with a shot then.”

You should be all right. They’re good for ten. Ah, here’s Candy with the good stuff. We’re going to debride his face now. You need to wait out in the other room. I very much doubt you want to see that.”

You’d be right.” Squeezing her brother’s hand, Telise left.

I’m going to give you a shot to deaden the side of your face, before I begin. It stings, so if you yell insults, I won’t be offended.”

I’ll try not to, but my pain threshold’s real low at the moment.”

What would you say your pain level is right now?” She frowned, exchanging a look with the nurse.

Hovering between five and six. Hit the pavement with my face. Might have noticed.”

We’ll take care of that right now. Candy?”

Off we go,” Candy said, jabbing the needle into his IV port.


A few seconds later, Dr. Strauss popped him with another needle.

Son-of-a-bitch!” he yelped. “Sorry, Doc.”

No worries. I’m no one’s son, and my mama’s not a bitch.”

Good. Mine either. Fine lady. Bit of a temper.” The drugs were starting to make him a little sleepy. “Oh, that’s great shit, Candy. Thanks.” He kissed her hand, smiling.

You’re very welcome. I love happy customers.”

We’re going to drape your face now, Mr. Janesek. This will take a little time.”

No worries. I’ll just—grab a nap….” His head lolled and he dozed off.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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