First Meeting from Feel the Heat ~ A Love Under the Sun Romance by Dellani Oakes

first meetingJax Jendrasik is at his younger brother’s bachelor party, held at a local gay bar. While there, a guy named Teddy hits on him and causes trouble when Jax tells him he’s not gay. Rather than getting in a conflict with the bouncer, he offers to leave. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Teddy’s willing to let it drop. Fortunately for Jax, help is handy in the form of a sultry blonde.

Jax gave his brother another hug and headed toward the door. The bouncer silently saw him out. Teddy was waiting on the sidewalk a few feet from the door.

You owe me an apology,” he stated.

The bouncer was still watching.

Jax appealed to him. “He grabbed me and spilled my drink on my pants. Do you believe I owe him an apology?”


Nodding, Jax walked around Teddy. The shorter man, using what seemed to be his signature move, grabbed his arm again. Careful not to raise his fist, or his voice, Jax turned.

Enough. I’m going to say this one last time—not gay. Excuse me.”

He’d taken two steps when he was tackled from behind, going down hard on the pavement. Teddy sat on his ass, screaming at him. Fists hammered ineffectually on his back as his face pressed into the damp pavement. Suddenly, Teddy flew through the air. The bouncer held the scrawny man by the scruff of his neck, toes barely tapping against the sidewalk.

You okay?” Someone else came over, helping him sit up. “DJ, call the cops and an ambulance.”

Sure thing,” the bouncer said.

It took a few seconds for his vision to clear. The person who had helped him sit up, was a woman. A very beautiful woman. She was obviously dressed for a night out, because her red dress clung to her voluptuous frame like it had been painted on. Her hair was done in an exaggerated Eighties style, which entailed a lot of hairspray and glitter. Huge gold, disc shaped earrings dangled from each ear.

You okay?” she repeated, crouching by him.

Dunno. How many of you are there?”

She giggled. “If you see more than two, there’s something wrong.”

I only see one, does that mean I’m okay?”

Then you’re f***ed, cause I’m twins.”

It hurt to laugh, but the cheesy joke had to be acknowledged and appreciated.

You’re going to be all right. An ambulance is coming. Is there anyone we can call?” she asked.

His brother’s inside. I’ll get him,” the bouncer said, still holding Teddy by the collar.

Jax held up a hand, stopping him. “Please don’t. He’s drunk, and he’s a drama queen even when he’s sober. Call my sister.”

He tried to dig his phone from his pocket. It stuck. The woman tugged until she got it for him. He hated to admit, but that got him hotter than he’d been in weeks.

Sister’s name?” She unlocked it per his directions,

Telise. But you’ll find it under T-Rex.”

Okay. Why?” She fiddled with the phone.

You’d have to meet her. I’m Jax.”

Nodding, she put the phone to her ear. “Hi, Telise? I’m a friend of Jax’s. He’s had a little accident at the bar. He’s not badly hurt, but we’ve sent for an ambulance, to take him to the hospital.”

Jax could hear his older sister screech, even though the phone wasn’t on speaker.


I’m okay!” he said loudly, but it cost him.

The woman put the phone on speaker.

Lorvel Collier Janesek, I’m gonna kill your ass!” Her Southern Bitch showed when she was upset.

Could you hold off on that until after the wedding, or Eduard will rip you to shreds.”

The ambulance screamed to a halt beside them, stopping traffic.

I’ll meet you there. Don’t die.”

Promise. Love ya.”

Yeah. Love ya.” She hung up.

So…your brother is the drama queen?” The woman handed his phone back.

Trust me, he’s worse.” Sighing, he leaned against her.

She held him gently, cradling his head.

What happened here?” the EMT asked as he trotted over.

The bouncer and woman told him. A police car hustled up, stopping behind the ambulance, blue lights flashing. The light hurt Jax’s eyes. Holding up a hand, he squinted. Suddenly, he turned his head away from the woman, and hurled. She didn’t get upset, merely held him as he gagged.

Probably got a concussion,” she said to the EMT.

My thoughts exactly. Okay, my friend, we’re gonna go for a ride. Is your lady friend coming?”

I’ll follow you. Got to have my car to get home.”

You got it.”

They were loading him into the ambulance and he realized he didn’t know her name.

Hey!” he called, waving at her.

Lie back, friend. You can’t get agitated.”

But I don’t know her name! Ask her name!”

Ask her when she gets to the hospital.”

What if she doesn’t come?”

The EMT looked at the woman in red, grinning. “Oh, she’s coming. Trust me. Lie back now, Jax. We’ve got you.”

© Dellani Oakes 2020

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