Love Takes a Swim Part 32 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallThe conversation continues, and Paisley finds out a little bit about Kai’s biological father.

“Too much baggage,” Toby offered.

“I was gonna say the elephants in the room,” Billy offered. “Man, I feel like I’m in a zoo, we got so many. But hey, we’re working on shrinking ’em down. Pretty soon, no more elephants.”

Chi had finished his beer and looked ready to leave. “Kai, it’s been great, but I want to get on this.”

“You can use my computer,” Paisley offered.

He grinned, winking. “Sweet cheeks, no offense but your laptop is tinker toys and bubble gum, compared to what I’ve got.”

“Most guys measure their potency based on the size of their package,” TM said. “Sushi measures his by RAM.”

“And I am the Computer Wizard King!” Sushi said, posing proudly, one hand on his jacket collar, the other clutching his groin.

Paisley laughed so hard, she almost fell off Kai’s lap. “Okay! On that note, maybe we ought to say good night.”

“It’s been a delight,” TM said, kissing her cheek.

Each of the men embraced her, bidding good night. None of them felt like going to the party now, though TM had to put in a brief appearance because it was his cousin’s party.

“I’ll talk to Brill while I’m there,” he assured Kai quietly. “We got your back, blood. Remember that.”

“Thanks, guys. You may be degenerates, but you’re the best guys I know.” He gave each one a clap on the back. “Take it easy. You’ve got my number, right?”

All four of them patted their pockets, nodding.

“You got a special lady,” Billy said. “You treat her right.”

“Is there any other way?”

They bumped knuckles, laughing.

Paisley was cleaning up when Kai got back inside. He helped her finish, then sat back down on the couch with her.

“I want you to go home with me tonight. I don’t feel right leaving you alone. TM’s cousin is cool, but we don’t know who’s at his party. Not all of Brill’s pals like me. If any of them recognize the Jeep….”

“Once you leave, that won’t be a problem.”

“I’m not comfortable with that. I don’t want you alone. Will you pack an overnight bag and come home with me? We’ve got a great guest room down the hall from me, next to Tempy.”

Paisley had to admit that she would feel better at the house. She wanted Kai to stay with her, but she couldn’t invite him without giving him expectations. She wasn’t ready to fulfill any fantasies he might have, so going home with him was the best solution.

Everyone was asleep when they got to his parent’s home. They went upstairs as quietly as possible. Kai led Paisley to the guest room next to Tempest’s. He wanted badly to kiss her, but thought better of it. It would make him extremely uncomfortable on a variety of levels, partly because he really wanted to make love to her, and partly because it was his parents’ house—And he really wanted to make love to her.

“I’ll be fine,” she said quietly. “Go to bed. You’re exhausted.”

“Good night, Paisley.”

“Good night.”

Paisley wanted to kiss Kai good night, but found herself reluctant to do that when they had come so close to making love earlier. Had the guys not come to the door when they did, she might have let him continue. Instead of giving in, she stepped backward into the room, closing the door slowly.

Kai leaned against the door frame as she swung it shut. Just before it closed in his face, he put the palm of his hand on it, halting its movement.

“Hell with it,” he mumbled.

His lips sought Paisley’s, kissing her deeply for a moment. Just as suddenly, he stopped, retreating to his room. Stunned, Paisley stood in the doorway, eyes closed, lips parted. Her eyes fluttered open when his bedroom door shut at the other end of the hall.

Sleep didn’t find Kai for several hours. Not only was he on sexual alert status, he’d slept the better part of the day. He watched a couple shows on Netflix, but didn’t really pay attention. His mind kept drifting to Paisley, and the fact she was down the hall. The taste of her lips and the scent of her perfume lingered…. Finally, he got up and started the shower.

Lathering up, he imagined her hands on his body, her lips on his, as he relieved the pent up sexual tension the only way he could.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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