First Meeting (Number 2) from Ben Drexel ~ A Lone Wolf Prequel by Dellani Oakes

HeadingSome books, for whatever reason, have more than one first meeting. Ben and Ray have had their memories wiped, and a battery of experimental medical procedures conducted on them. Not that they remember the treatments. False memories of a terrible accident, have replaced the real ones. Deciding they need some recreational time with a couple of willing women, Ray sets up a double date for them.

Lance Corporals Shannon Phillips and Delissa Andrews were waiting for them outside the mess hall. Shannon was tall, willowy and had red hair the shade of an autumn sunset. Her friend Delissa was just as tall and willowy with hair like the sun at noon. Ben wasn’t sure why he compared their hair to the sun, but it seemed appropriate.

Delissa’s blue eyes took in every inch of Ben Drexel, liking what she saw. Raising an eyebrow, she showed her approval. Shannon snuggled up to Ray immediately and Ben got the impression that this wasn’t their first date. He certainly hoped that Delissa would be willing to romp later, because now that he saw and smelled and touched her, he needed her more than ever. He liked to fool himself into thinking that he wanted not just any woman, but her specifically, but he knew that wasn’t true. If another woman had come along and made him the right offer, he’d have gone in a heartbeat.

Delissa smiled, enjoying Ben’s company. Not only was he scorchingly good looking, but he had the physique of a god. His dark hair and eyes with the swarthy complexion made her pulse race. She’d seen some handsome men in her life, but Ben Drexel was above and beyond her usual fare, of late.

As they walked to the movie after dinner, she snuggled close. When the lights went down in the Tri-D theater, she put her hand on his thigh and liked the response she got as she moved her palm upward.

“Tell me, First Sergeant, do you know how to use that heavy weapon you’re toting?”

Ben chuckled, hands finding interesting things to fondle under her clothing. “I’m a crack shot and aim to please,” he replied in a throaty whisper.


After the movie, Ben could hardly wait to get Delissa home. Filled with the same urgency, she didn’t wait to get to her room before undoing his pants. Their clothing seemed to evaporate and Ben was inside her before she realized what was happening. They didn’t make it to the bed the first time, but took her against the wall, pounding so hard, she was afraid the cheap material would buckle with the force. Screaming his name, she clung to him as her body shook with one orgasm after another.

They made love most of the night, only stopping when they were simply too tired to continue. Near dawn, Delissa snuggled against him in her sleep, waking him and his desire once more. Although he was tempted to wake her, he let her sleep, gazing at her pretty face in the half light. Her expression mirrored his own, contentment and complete satisfaction.

© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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