Love Takes a Swim Part 28 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallBack at Paisley’s apartment, after dinner, they settled on the couch for coffee and more delicious kisses.

Expecting to get punched any time, Kai continued exploring, waiting to see what his parameters were. He nibbled Paisley’s collarbone, the nap of her neck, the curve where her neck and shoulder met, the base of her throat. Down and down he dropped, nibbling and kissing, until his mouth hovered over the top of her cleavage.

Paisley gasped, her chest heaving as she waited for Kai to continue. She could have stopped him, she should have, but she didn’t want him to stop. She wanted to know what she’d been missing. All those years ago, when her friends started having sex, she was already in Ralph’s clutches. He filled her with disgust, not lust. She’d never had any desire to bed him. Now she’d found a man who made her insides turn to mush, just by smelling him. When he kissed her, touched her, she felt alive for the first time in her life.

“Paisley, do you want me to stop?” Kai breathed across the tender, sensitive skin. Her nipples tightened. “I’ll stop—just say the word. But if we’re gonna stop, do it now, cause past this point, I won’t be able to….”

He wanted to kiss her breasts, take them in his mouth and suckle them, teasing the firm, ripe buds with his lips and tongue. His body ached, his loins burned. If she told him to stop now, he might erupt into flames, but somehow, he’d survive.

She shivered as his breath blew over her. She wanted him badly, but knew this wasn’t the right way. “I want you,” she whispered huskily. “I want you so much it hurts….”

“But not yet,” he said, straightening up. “That’s what you mean right?” His tone was more clipped and terse than he’d intended.

Paisley bit her lower lip, seeing the look in his eyes. Lust burned deep inside, searing her too. Kai saw pain there, doubt, fear. He helped her sit up, cuddling her, brushing her walnut colored hair from her face and lips as he held her.

“I’m not him, Paisley. I’ll never hurt you like he did. You’re safe. He won’t find you here.”

“He will. Sooner or later he’ll find me. He has resources you can’t imagine, Kai. And I had to take this job under my real name. He can track that….”

“Shh…. He hasn’t found you yet. Don’t be afraid. You’re not alone anymore, baby. You’ve got me.”

Paisley’s scent wrapped around him, reeling him in, making him crazy with desire. In tight control, he kissed her lightly on the lips, trying hard not to scare her. She relaxed, pulling his head closer, as she opened her mouth to him. Despite Kai’s best efforts, the heat built in him once more, threatening to overwhelm him. Groaning, he shuddered, the need for her consuming him.

Hammering at the door startled them both. Paisley screamed, clutching at him. Kai put his finger to his lips, kissing her quickly to quiet her. He pointed to the bedroom. Nodding, she ran to her room, locking the door behind her.

Kai looked out the window by the door as well as the peephole. Sighing with relief, he saw a cluster of old smoking buddies from high school. Their lives had gone a completely different direction from his, but they were still pals. He opened the door, leaning casually against the frame.

“You living here now, man?” A short, muscular Hispanic guy said.

“Billy! Dude! I thought they sent you up!” Kai clasped his hand and was dragged into a manly embrace.

“Nope. Charges didn’t stick. I didn’t do it, man. I want you to know that.”

“Never thought you did. Uh, no, this is my lady’s place. Come on in. Kinda freaked us out. How’d you know?”

The four men trooped in. Kai locked the door behind them.

“We was on the way to the party down the road,” Billy told him. “Saw your beat-ass Jeep.”

Kai chuckled. He’d driven the 1988 Jeep Cherokee since high school. It was beat to hell, dented, paint faded, but it had a completely rebuilt in-line 6 motor with 4 four wheel drive. He fixed it up gradually as he had the money.

“Have a seat. Lemme get my lady. That’s if she’s not freaking on me. Hang on.” Kai went to the bedroom door, tapping quietly. “Hey, baby. It’s okay. It’s some buddies of mine. You alright?”

He heard the bathroom door open and close. The doorknob moved slightly under his hand. Paisley peeped out, one green eye at the crack.

“It’s okay,” he whispered. “Some of my old drinking buddies were on the way down the street. They saw my Jeep. Come out and meet them, babe.”

Paisley’s face was pale and streaked by tears. She clutched his hand tightly as he led her back to the living room. The four muscular men were seated on her battered furniture, dwarfing the room.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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