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First Meeting from Falling for You ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes

First Meeting imageKrista Blade is home from college for the Veteran’s Day service at the church where her father is pastor. Several military people have joined them, playing musical instruments to accompany the choir. She knows two of them, but the rest she doesn’t. She makes rather an impression on Air Force Lieutenant Coulton Ferris.

Krista excused herself from the knot of sopranos and picked her way across the frosted grass. Her shoes, predictably, slipped on a slick patch. Four men in uniform rushed to her aid. The Air Force lieutenant reached her first. He steadied her, grasping her around the waist when her shoes failed her once more.

He grinned, dark blue eyes twinkling in his handsome, square jawed face. His close cropped hair was so short, it was hard to tell the color, but the shadow on his chin, that no razor could obliterate, was dark.

“Gotcha,” he said with a smirk.

Krista’s blonde hair escaped its confines. She pushed it back, smiling up at him. The men formed a line, handing her off until she stood by her father and the young woman in the Coast Guard uniform. The Air Force lieutenant followed closely, his hand at the small of her back to catch her if she fell again. The young woman standing with her father, laughed as Krista and her lifeline approached.

“Doggone, K., if you aren’t the clumsiest girl on Earth!” Her dark eyes glittered mischievously in her mocha face, her curly hair pulled back in a tight bun. “And what have you got on your feet?”

Krista put a hand on the sturdy airman’s arm and raised a foot. The Coastie whistled, making a disapproving noise at the four inch stilettos.

“Girl, you got a death wish? Don’t I always tell you to wear something you can run in?”

Krista embraced her life long friend. “Trish, you fuss so about everything, I can’t keep track.”

The young women laughed, getting louder as Krista lost her footing again.

“Before you fall, let me introduce my fellow musicians. Holding you up is First Lieutenant Coulton Ferris. Behind him, to your right, is Sergeant Benjamin Ross of the Marines. To his left is Staff Sergeant Mitch Abrams of the Army. And there, about to grab your fanny, is Ensign Torrance Beck.”

“Thanks, Trish. Him I know.” She turned to the man behind her, hugging him close.

Torrance Beck, Trish’s brother, returned her hug. Friends all their lives, they were one another’s first love. That was over now, but a lingering affection remained.

“Good to see you, Tor,” she murmured into his broad chest.

“Thanks for all the cards and boxes,” he said, easing his grip. “They got me and the guys through some tough spots. Especially loved the entertainment box.” He took her hand, explaining to the others. “K. got this huge box and put all kinda dumb stuff in it to make us laugh. Farside cartoons, CD’s with Ron White and Lewis Black, floppy bunny ears—all kinda stuff.” He thought of something in particular that caught his attention, but didn’t say in front of her dad. His expression was enough for the others to know it had been very personal. “Got us some good laughs,” he finished rather lamely.

“We ready to go to the reception?” Her father clapped his hands, rubbing them together.

Agreeing that was a good idea, they headed toward the church. Krista slipped twice before they’d gone ten feet. The third time, Ferris picked her up, carrying her in strong arms across the frozen ground. Laughter followed. Krista buried her face in his chest, giggling at herself.

“Gotta agree with Beck’s assessment of your footwear, Miss Blade. What were you thinking wearing four inch stilettos on a day like this?

“I’m short,” she replied, her answer muffled in his chest. “I wanted people to be able to see me.”

He set her down on the sidewalk, an arm still around her waist.

“Besides,” she turned her foot from side to side so he could see the bright red shoes more closely. “They’re so cute! I couldn’t resist them.”

“They’re cute, all right,” he agreed with an ill concealed sigh. “They’re hot,” he mumbled. “Lil spicy for church?” His remarkable blue eyes met her dark brown ones.

“I’m not always at church,” she answered with a toss of her blonde hair.

He chuckled. “True. Those are more for salsa dancing.” He shimmied, releasing his grip on her for a moment.

Krista lost her balance again, falling against him. He caught her and they toppled off the sidewalk onto the soft, snow covered flowerbed by the sidewalk. The others ran up. Torrance picked up Krista, setting her on her feet, both arms around her. The other men helped Ferris to his feet, pummeling him as they slapped at the snow.

“Damn, Coulton, you’re just as clumsy as she is,” Ross commented.

“My fault,” Krista replied, blushing deeply. “I think I need a shoe change.”

“Ya think? Come on, KB, I’ll see you home and you can put something sensible on your feet.” Trish took her arm, guiding her to the large house next door to the church.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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Love Takes a Swim Part 35 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallPaisley is completely aware of his desire. Pulling him into her embrace, she rubs against him.

Tipping her head to one side, she gazed up at him, an impish expression on her face. “You sure you don’t want me to?” She rubbed against him again.

“Oh, Paisley,” he groaned. “Babe….”

“I know you were naked in bed with me. I got up to go to the bathroom during the night and I saw when I got back in. You’re magnificent,” she breathed.

“We need to get downstairs….”

“I know. But I had to tell you.”

Nodding, Kai took her hand and they walked downstairs together. His body felt odd, like parts of him weren’t functioning properly. His head felt detached, like it was floating above his shoulders.

“Oh, hi, Paisley! Cody told me you spent the night. Is everything okay at your place?”

“Big party down the street, Mom. At Brill’s place. Lots of weirdos around. Kinda freaked her out some, so I brought her home.”

“It’s never a problem,” Nina said with a smile. “Help yourself to coffee. I’ve got muffins in the oven warming and bacon in the microwave.”

His mother was a great cook, who had learned years ago how to make the most of a freezer and a microwave. She made things ahead of time, froze them, and took what she needed out for a meal.

“Will you fix your signature eggs?” she asked Kai.

“Yeah, sure. Brad and Tempy eating?”

“Brad’s staying in bed. His back’s acting up. Tempy spent the night at Becca’s.”

Nodding, Kai got out his ingredients and whisked the eggs and milk together as the pan warmed. When it was hot enough, he poured the egg mixture into the pan and cooked the fluffiest scrambled eggs Paisley had ever seen.

“Mine always come out wet and wimpy,” she said with a pout.

“I’ll tell you my secret sometime,” he said with a smirk. “Taste.”

He held a forkful to her lips. She blew on it, nipping it off the fork with her teeth. Chewing, she rolled her eyes with delight.

“Delicious! Good grief, those are terrific!”

Smiling proudly, Kai served their plates. They sat down to eat and two big boys burst in the backdoor. Nina looked up with a smile.

“Hi, boys. Knock much?”

“Sorry, Mom,” they chorused.

“Didn’t think about it,” the first one replied as he reached for a piece of bacon.

Nina rapped his knuckles with her coffee spoon. “Behave! Ask.”

“May I please have some bacon?”

Nina lifted the plate, offering him some.

“Thank you.”

She offered the plate to his quieter companion, who thanked her with a nod.

“Sit down,” Kai said. “Be a few more minutes. We’ve got to stop by Paisley’s to get her stuff before we go.”

“No problem. Hello, Paisley,” he said with an elongated, Southern drawl. “TJ,” he told her as he took her hand.

“Hi, TJ.”

“Cody’s best friend. This is my twin brother, JT.”

“Your parents seriously did that to you?”

He shrugged. “We kinda did it to ourselves. I’m Tom Junior and he’s James Theodore. I get called Junior, he’s Jimmy. After we were old enough to object, we renamed ourselves. Mom still backslides.” They gestured at Nina.

“I do not,” Nina said with a blush. “Lies, all of it. Can’t believe a single thing they tell you.”

They talked a few more minutes, while they finished their meal. Kai rinsed his and Paisley’s dishes and she put them in the dishwasher. They loaded into his Jeep, the three large boys crammed into the back. Kai had no sympathy.

“Don’t know know bros before ho’s,” TJ, who was by far the largest, asked him.

“One, you’re not my bro. Second, you ever insinuate that Paisley’s a ho, I’ll break your legs.”

“Didn’t mean it that way, Kai. Lighten up!”

Kai, who knew that, apologized.

“He didn’t get laid,” Cody inserted unnecessarily.

“Thanks for sharing that, Cody,” Paisley said angrily. “Don’t think that’s anyone’s business, do you?”

“Sorry. Wasn’t thinking.”

They stopped at Paisley’s, a pall of silence over them. Paisley hopped out and went it. Kai sat in the car, fuming. He turned to the boys, frowning.

“Look, what goes on in my bedroom, or her apartment, isn’t anyone’s business but ours. Nothing’s happened, which is also none of your business. Anyone makes any other kind of crass comment, I’ll personally take you apart. And you know I can,” he said pointedly to TJ, who was somewhat taller than he. “And you know I will,” he said to Cody. “We clear?”

“Totally,” TJ said.

“Like crystal,” Cody mumbled.

“You know I’m not yelling at you,” Kai said to JT.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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Love Takes a Swim Part 34 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallDuring the night, Paisley has a nightmare and joins Kai (who is naked) in bed. Cody finds them the next morning, and freaks out, thinking they had sex.

She was already up, walking toward the door when the door to the master bedroom opened and closed.

“F**k!” Cody whispered. “You’re dead. You’re so dead!”

“She’s not coming in here,” Kai whispered hoarsely. “Calm down. Once she goes to the kitchen, Paisley can….”

“Kai?” it was his mother’s voice. She tapped on the door.

“Closet,” Kai whispered, gesturing toward it.

Paisley ducked inside.

“Yes, ma’am?”

“You decent?”

“Not exactly. Just woke up.”

“Want coffee, honey?”

“Always, Mom.”

“Okay. See you downstairs.”

“Sure thing, Mom.” He gestured at his brother. “Go look and see if she’s gone.”

Cody nodded, peeping out the door. “She’s in the kitchen, I hear her opening cupboards.”

“Get Paisley.”

“You get her.”

“Um… No, pretty sure you’d better.”

“Dude, you commando under there?” He reddened. “In bed with her? Naked?” His voice rose in a squeak.

“Just get her outta the closet.”

Cody flung open the door to the closet, ushering Paisley out. Once she was gone, Kai got up and put on his baggies. Cody came back as he was tying the waist.

“Are you completely, totally witless?” Cody smacked Kai’s shoulder with the back of his hand. “What were you doing?”

Kai blushed, trying to avoid answering. “Never mind, kid. It’s been a long week. I’m tired, but I promised the beach, so we’ll go to the beach.” He struggled into his T-shirt, getting hung up in the sleeves.

“What really happened?”

“There was a huge party down the street from her, at Brill’s. I wasn’t comfortable leaving her at her place, so I brought her here. She had a nightmare and crawled in with me. We slept—nothing more. Would I be this cranky if I’d just got laid?” Everything about his stance showed his brother how much tension was in him.

Cody’s laugh burst out and he shook his head. “Dude, sorry I freaked. They blue?”

“Blue and leaden.”

“Sorry, man. You must be in agony.”

“Ya think?”

There was a tap at the door.

“You dressed?” It was Paisley.


She opened the door, peeking around it. She was fully clothed and looked amazing. Even in shorts and a tank top, her hair pulled into a sloppy ponytail, she looked great. Kai’s body warmed again, making him curse inwardly. His discomfort was blatantly obvious, though he hoped she wouldn’t notice. It was bad enough that Cody knew. He forced a smile.

“I promised Cody a ride to the beach. Want to come?”

“I’d love to. I’ve never been to the beach.”

“Never? Not even since you’ve been here?” Cody, a beach addict, couldn’t believe it.

“Grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee. Never had the chance to travel much. And I don’t have a car.”

“Then we’ll take good care of you,” Kai said. “Cody, get some drinks. I’ll start sandwiches when I get down. I need a pit stop, babe. Gimme a few, and we’ll have some breakfast.”

“Sure.” She flopped down on the end of the bed.

He’d been hoping for some relaxing alone time, but that was not to be. Instead, he peed, thinking of everything he could, to kill the desire inside, but nothing worked. He was stuck with the war raging in his pants. He splashed cold water on his face, gazing at his harried reflection.

Straighten up, Kai. Suck it up and be a man! I am a man, that’s the whole problem!

Paisley sat cross legged in the middle of his bed. She looked so beautiful and serene, it was all he could do not to cover her body with his, and make passionate love to her. Instead, he helped her up. Leaning over to kiss her, he gasped when her hand cupped his ass, pulling him close.

“Is that because of me?” she asked, rubbing her hips against his erection.

“God, don’t do that! Please!”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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First Meeting from Christmas and a Vampire ~ A Paranormal Romance by Dellani Oakes

Christmas and a Vampire coverThis isn’t a first meeting in the purest sense of the term. In fact, it’s safe to say, it’s probably more like the hundredth. Rafaela DeSantos and Dirk Young aren’t a typical couple. Why? Because he’s a vampire and she’s a vampire hunter. They’ve met many times, and it doesn’t always go well. Rafaela’s job is to kill vampires. Dirk’s job, as he sees it, is to turn more, so she has job security. They shouldn’t fall in love, but by some quirk of fate, they do. They haven’t seen one another for some time, when she stumbles upon his lair.

The hungry orange tendrils leaped higher, igniting the centerpiece—three crucified vampires, each with a stake through the heart. Rafaela De Santos stood back to admire her work. Good lines, perfect symmetry, clearly delineated purpose. It was downright festive with the bright splashes of red everywhere. Icicles hanging from the eaves of the crypt, gave it a holiday flair.

The wood was soaked with a flame accelerating mixture of her own concoction, making the fire extra toasty. With another admiring glance, Rafaela watched the headless bodies crumble to ash as the flames licked at them. The vampire Hunter warmed her cold, bloody hands on the blaze.

“Should have brought marshmallows.”

Satisfied the bodies were completely burned, she added the gunnysack of heads. She left nothing to chance and had never believed in half measures. When she killed a vampire, it stayed dead. None of this ridiculous, humanitarian treatment for Rafaela. That might be all right for some of the younger Hunters, but she was Old School. Stake the vamp, cut off the head, burn ’em up and burn the heads. Cheap, effective—permanent.

Satisfied it was a job well done, she headed back to her car. A rustle in the bushes nearby might have been from a hungry fox following blood scent, but she knew better. Arming her crossbow would take too long, so she faced her opponent with her handgun and specially made bullets.

He strode jauntily out of the bushes, dusting his hands on form fitting, black leather pants, the smile, as always, disarming. His slight over bite emphasized the lengthy canines as his full lips drew back.

“Rafaela, I’d know the scent of your lethal brew anywhere. Still as inflammatory as the last time we met?” He moved forward and to his left.

“I’m nothing if not consistent.” She countered his movement cautiously.

“So true. Did you have to burn them all? I’d just added the girls to my harem. Very tasty bits—AB negative.” He licked full lips.

“I thought I caught your stench on them.”

“There was a time when that stench aroused you, Ella.”

She couldn’t deny it. She had found him charming—once.

“Do you ever stop?”

“Stop what? Loving you? Admiring you? Wanting you?” His voice dropped in pitch with each question.

Suddenly, with the inhuman speed of the undead, he was beside her, hand in her thick, black hair. Her neck stretched to one side as his fangs extended. The prick of a sharp point against his ribs, reminded him that Rafaela was no mere human. Her heightened senses and unique abilities had kept her alive nearly as long as he.

“What made you turn on me, Ella? I thought you loved me.”

“I did. Until—Calais. Somehow, when your lover feasts on your entire family, making you watch helplessly, he loses some of his allure.”

He nodded, having anticipated that response. “Mom sends her regards.”

“Neat trick, since I killed her last month.”

He raised an amused eyebrow. “Really? I had no idea you’d caught up with her.”

“Does it give you some sort of obscene pleasure? You destroyed my life, Dirk.”

“You’re ruining my un-death, Rafaela.” The amusement left him.

“My heart bleeds.”

They stood together, eyeing one another with mixed admiration and lust. It was always like this with Dirk, ever since they met, nearly a century before. Rafaela had the skill and power to kill him. He had the blood lust of a demon, bent on creating chaos from order. They stared at one another a few minutes more before turning away.

“One day, it won’t be so easy, Dirk,” she tossed over her shoulder.

“I know, sweetheart.” He disappeared in a puff of brimstone scented purple smoke, a neat trick he’d learned from Houdini.

© 2020 Dellani Oakes

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Love Takes a Swim Part 33 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallAfter his friends leave, Kai takes Paisley home with him, reluctant to have her by herself with Brill’s party going on. Unable to sleep, he has a long shower.

Feeling marginally better afterward, he dried off and crawled into bed naked. He was so tired, he couldn’t be bothered to find a pair of boxers. Lying on his stomach, he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. Sometime later, his door opened and someone crawled onto the bed, tugging at the covers. He rolled over on his side and looked into the frightened eyes of Paisley.

“I had a nightmare,” she said quietly. “I can’t go back to sleep.”

“Wanna talk about it?” Kai yawned and stretched.

She nodded, snuggling closer. As she closed the distance between them, he remembered he was naked under the covers. Shoving the sheets and duvet between them, he created a barrier so she wouldn’t feel, up close and personal, the fact that he wanted her. Her innocence intrigued him, her lack of guile like icing on the lust cake. Paisley’s scent ensorcelled him, drawing him to her. Fighting himself for control, Kai turned on his back letting her put her head on his chest. His arms circled her protectively.

“I dreamed about that night,” she whispered. “I could feel his hands on my throat. I never realized until this moment, he could have killed me, but he stopped. I don’t know why he stopped. I should be dead! Why would he stop?”

“Maybe he couldn’t bring himself to commit murder. Maybe he did it to scare you into submission? I don’t know, babe. I don’t know how a man like that thinks. I’d never hurt you like that.”

“You’d never hurt me at all,” she whispered, her tears pooling in the center of his chest. “You’d take care of me and protect me…. I can’t believe your friends are helping me. They hardly know me, but they’re taking care of me, just like you…. Why?”

“Because they’re some of the greatest guys I know. You’re with me, that makes you family.”

“I never had family to count on like that.”

Kai chuckled, his laugh rumbling deep in his chest. “You’re with me now, you’ll have so much family, you’ll need a playbook.”

“You really have that much?”

“Not quite as much as Toby, but it’s close.”

“Your family has been so good to me. I don’t know what I’d have done if I hadn’t met your mom when I did. I was desperate for a job…. She’s so kind….”

“She knew talent when she saw it. You’re great at what you do.” He stroked her hair, kissing her forehead.

Paisley sighed, snuggling closer, her fingers playing absently with the hairs on his chest. Her breathing slowed, and he knew she was asleep. Resting his chin on her head, he fell asleep.

The bedroom door thumped open. “Kai, dude, time to wake…. f**k!” Cody stood in the doorway, baggies on, shirt off, barefoot and frowzy.

The door closed quietly and his brother approached the bed, whispering hoarsely. “Are you insane? Totally out of your mind? What’s Mom gonna say if she catches you? Jeez, Kai! In Mom’s house?”

Kai sat up, groggy. “Huh? What’re you talking about, Cody?” It took a moment to become aware of the fact he wasn’t alone in the bed. “Oh, shit. We didn’t do anything, Cody. I swear.”

Paisley woke slowly, yawning and stretching as she sat up. Cody couldn’t take his eyes off her. She looked beautiful in the morning—and he was a man, after all. Kai didn’t get angry with the kid, he was too embarrassed by the fact that he was in bed with a beautiful woman—and buck ass naked. He had an erection that refused to go down. His younger brother was in the room, staring at his girlfriend like she was his next good meal.

Cody finally focused on his brother, squinting slightly. “You promised to take me and guys to the beach this morning, remember?”

Kai had forgotten. “Yeah, sure. What time is it?”

“Almost eight. You like to go early. They’ll be here soon. Dude, if Mom sees….”

“Shut up, and she won’t even know. I swear, nothing happened.”

“I had a bad dream. It’s my fault,” Paisley said calmly. “And he’s right, nothing happened.”

“Why’s she here?” Cody was almost frantic.

“Long story. She was in the guest room. Go see for yourself.”

“She has to get out of your room now. Mom gets up early, even on Saturday, you know that! What were you thinking?”

“I told you, nothing—never mind. Paisley, you’d better go, before my brother totally flips shit.”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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Love Takes a Swim Part 32 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallThe conversation continues, and Paisley finds out a little bit about Kai’s biological father.

“Too much baggage,” Toby offered.

“I was gonna say the elephants in the room,” Billy offered. “Man, I feel like I’m in a zoo, we got so many. But hey, we’re working on shrinking ’em down. Pretty soon, no more elephants.”

Chi had finished his beer and looked ready to leave. “Kai, it’s been great, but I want to get on this.”

“You can use my computer,” Paisley offered.

He grinned, winking. “Sweet cheeks, no offense but your laptop is tinker toys and bubble gum, compared to what I’ve got.”

“Most guys measure their potency based on the size of their package,” TM said. “Sushi measures his by RAM.”

“And I am the Computer Wizard King!” Sushi said, posing proudly, one hand on his jacket collar, the other clutching his groin.

Paisley laughed so hard, she almost fell off Kai’s lap. “Okay! On that note, maybe we ought to say good night.”

“It’s been a delight,” TM said, kissing her cheek.

Each of the men embraced her, bidding good night. None of them felt like going to the party now, though TM had to put in a brief appearance because it was his cousin’s party.

“I’ll talk to Brill while I’m there,” he assured Kai quietly. “We got your back, blood. Remember that.”

“Thanks, guys. You may be degenerates, but you’re the best guys I know.” He gave each one a clap on the back. “Take it easy. You’ve got my number, right?”

All four of them patted their pockets, nodding.

“You got a special lady,” Billy said. “You treat her right.”

“Is there any other way?”

They bumped knuckles, laughing.

Paisley was cleaning up when Kai got back inside. He helped her finish, then sat back down on the couch with her.

“I want you to go home with me tonight. I don’t feel right leaving you alone. TM’s cousin is cool, but we don’t know who’s at his party. Not all of Brill’s pals like me. If any of them recognize the Jeep….”

“Once you leave, that won’t be a problem.”

“I’m not comfortable with that. I don’t want you alone. Will you pack an overnight bag and come home with me? We’ve got a great guest room down the hall from me, next to Tempy.”

Paisley had to admit that she would feel better at the house. She wanted Kai to stay with her, but she couldn’t invite him without giving him expectations. She wasn’t ready to fulfill any fantasies he might have, so going home with him was the best solution.

Everyone was asleep when they got to his parent’s home. They went upstairs as quietly as possible. Kai led Paisley to the guest room next to Tempest’s. He wanted badly to kiss her, but thought better of it. It would make him extremely uncomfortable on a variety of levels, partly because he really wanted to make love to her, and partly because it was his parents’ house—And he really wanted to make love to her.

“I’ll be fine,” she said quietly. “Go to bed. You’re exhausted.”

“Good night, Paisley.”

“Good night.”

Paisley wanted to kiss Kai good night, but found herself reluctant to do that when they had come so close to making love earlier. Had the guys not come to the door when they did, she might have let him continue. Instead of giving in, she stepped backward into the room, closing the door slowly.

Kai leaned against the door frame as she swung it shut. Just before it closed in his face, he put the palm of his hand on it, halting its movement.

“Hell with it,” he mumbled.

His lips sought Paisley’s, kissing her deeply for a moment. Just as suddenly, he stopped, retreating to his room. Stunned, Paisley stood in the doorway, eyes closed, lips parted. Her eyes fluttered open when his bedroom door shut at the other end of the hall.

Sleep didn’t find Kai for several hours. Not only was he on sexual alert status, he’d slept the better part of the day. He watched a couple shows on Netflix, but didn’t really pay attention. His mind kept drifting to Paisley, and the fact she was down the hall. The taste of her lips and the scent of her perfume lingered…. Finally, he got up and started the shower.

Lathering up, he imagined her hands on his body, her lips on his, as he relieved the pent up sexual tension the only way he could.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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First Meeting (Number 2) from Ben Drexel ~ A Lone Wolf Prequel by Dellani Oakes

HeadingSome books, for whatever reason, have more than one first meeting. Ben and Ray have had their memories wiped, and a battery of experimental medical procedures conducted on them. Not that they remember the treatments. False memories of a terrible accident, have replaced the real ones. Deciding they need some recreational time with a couple of willing women, Ray sets up a double date for them.

Lance Corporals Shannon Phillips and Delissa Andrews were waiting for them outside the mess hall. Shannon was tall, willowy and had red hair the shade of an autumn sunset. Her friend Delissa was just as tall and willowy with hair like the sun at noon. Ben wasn’t sure why he compared their hair to the sun, but it seemed appropriate.

Delissa’s blue eyes took in every inch of Ben Drexel, liking what she saw. Raising an eyebrow, she showed her approval. Shannon snuggled up to Ray immediately and Ben got the impression that this wasn’t their first date. He certainly hoped that Delissa would be willing to romp later, because now that he saw and smelled and touched her, he needed her more than ever. He liked to fool himself into thinking that he wanted not just any woman, but her specifically, but he knew that wasn’t true. If another woman had come along and made him the right offer, he’d have gone in a heartbeat.

Delissa smiled, enjoying Ben’s company. Not only was he scorchingly good looking, but he had the physique of a god. His dark hair and eyes with the swarthy complexion made her pulse race. She’d seen some handsome men in her life, but Ben Drexel was above and beyond her usual fare, of late.

As they walked to the movie after dinner, she snuggled close. When the lights went down in the Tri-D theater, she put her hand on his thigh and liked the response she got as she moved her palm upward.

“Tell me, First Sergeant, do you know how to use that heavy weapon you’re toting?”

Ben chuckled, hands finding interesting things to fondle under her clothing. “I’m a crack shot and aim to please,” he replied in a throaty whisper.


After the movie, Ben could hardly wait to get Delissa home. Filled with the same urgency, she didn’t wait to get to her room before undoing his pants. Their clothing seemed to evaporate and Ben was inside her before she realized what was happening. They didn’t make it to the bed the first time, but took her against the wall, pounding so hard, she was afraid the cheap material would buckle with the force. Screaming his name, she clung to him as her body shook with one orgasm after another.

They made love most of the night, only stopping when they were simply too tired to continue. Near dawn, Delissa snuggled against him in her sleep, waking him and his desire once more. Although he was tempted to wake her, he let her sleep, gazing at her pretty face in the half light. Her expression mirrored his own, contentment and complete satisfaction.

© 2020 Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim Part 31 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallThe men find out that Paisley’s on the run from her abusive ex, and offer to help, if she needs it.

“I’d kinda rather he didn’t know Paisley lived here on her own,” Kai said. “I like Brill. But some of his homeboys scare the shit outta me, and I don’t scare easy.”

“Nobody but Brill needs to know. He can order some of the guys to keep an eye on the complex. Someone shows up they don’t know, they call in. Simple. Little peace of mind. You can’t be here twenty-four/seven, dude.”

Kai conceded that he couldn’t. “Baby, whatcha think?”

Paisley shrugged. Talking about her ex always made her quiet. “I’d like to know there were a few armed men between me and Ralph. That’s his name. Ralph Winston Embree, IV.”

“There been three others saddled with that name? And I thought Tyrone Marseilles was bad. Dude, no wonder he’s an asshole. Name like that….”

“He tried to kill me,” Paisley blurted out. “The night I left. He beat me up, and choked me. I couldn’t go to the cops, his dad owns them. So I packed a few things and ran.” She shook, spilling her beer.

Kai dragged her into the circle of his arms, giving what comfort he could.

“Man like that needs to die,” TM growled. “Needs to meet with an accident.”

“Needs to fall down stairs for a month,” Billy said. “With me at the bottom, kicking his ass back up.”

“What’s wrong with a guy like that? You said he was rich, he’s got more money than God, why’s he gotta be like that with you?” Toby asked, his handsome face full of concern.

“Know his social?” Chi asked. “Anything personal you know about him, tell me. You want his money? I’ll get it for you, completely untraceable. You want to be someone else? I can do that, too. I can disappear you fast as lightening. He’ll never find you again.”

“You can do that?” TM was stunned. “I don’t even wanna know how.”

“I couldn’t explain it to you anyway. But yeah, I can do that. Guy like that deserves to suffer. To lose it all, till he’s lower than chicken shit. Then he needs to die.”

“I don’t know his social,” Paisley said, sniffling.

“Don’t matter. Name like that, he’ll be easy to find. Guys, I’m heading home. Suddenly, the need to find female companionship, pales.”

“Dude, you do what you say you can, I’ll personally set you up with one of my cousins,” Toby said. “And you know how hot they are.”

Chi grinned, nodding. “Yeah, you’re related to the prettiest women in the state. Bites for you, man. Anytime Toby meets a new woman, he’s gotta go through his family tree, to make sure they aren’t kin.”

“I met one girl once, damn, she was fine! Tight ass, great tits, pretty, red headed, willing…. So, we’re nearly naked and it occurs to me that I don’t know her last name. Thank God I asked! She’s a distant cousin from North Carolina. Very disappointing.”

“How distant? You know, anything past second cousin is okay to date or even marry,” Paisley said.

“Not in my family,” Toby replied glumly. “It might just be shared potato salad, but we don’t date, and we sure don’t wed anything less than six degrees of separation. My uncle became a family outcast for marrying his third cousin. There was so much family pressure, he divorced her a year later.”

“That’s horrible!”

“That’s the McTeague way.” He shrugged.

“You’re really related to that many people?”

“My family breeds like Borg. I’m fifth of eight. My aunt has ten kids. Another has twelve. My cousin Drake’s from the smallest family, his mom has only two.”

“Patrick’s his cousin,” Kai told her. “There’s only three boys in that family.”

“I got more aunts, uncles and cousins than I can remember. Family reunions are crazy wild. But try to find a woman! I practically gotta go out of state.”

“Toby and I are what, third cousins once removed?” Kai asked him.

“Our mothers know. Kai’s related on Mom’s side. They aren’t as prolific.”

“My dad’s McMurtry kin,” Kai told Paisley.

“You know him?” She was shocked. He never spoke of his father.

“Yeah. He’s a good guy. He and Mom didn’t think marrying at sixteen was the way to go, so they went their own ways. But he’s always been around.”

“Why don’t you use his name?”

“Because then it would take a lot of explaining. He’s kind of an important man now. It’s mine, if I want it and he’s acknowledged me….”

“His dad’s in state government,” Toby explained. “Kai didn’t want to embarrass his old man. If anyone wanted to dig up dirt on him, they’d find Kai. His dad’s name is on the birth certificate. But why call attention?”

Paisley nodded, understanding completely. “How do we manage to find the subjects, most likely to cause embarrassment?” she asked, forcing a smile.

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Love Takes a Swim Part 30 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallThey have an interesting conversation with Kai’s friends.

“I’m working at Antonio’s Italian restaurant,” Billy said. “My folks own it.”

“I thought you were Hispanic,” Paisley said.

“Yeah, Dad is, but Mom’s Italian, and a hell of a chef. I’m waiting tables for her, and she’s teaching me to cook. Who knows, maybe I’m the next winner of Iron Chef?”

“What’re you doing, TM?” Paisley asked.

His dark eyes sparkled with humor. “Homeboy’s gonna laugh at me,” he said.

“Come on, the others told us!” Paisley leaned forward excitedly, not realizing that her shirt gaped, exposing the top of her breasts.

Mouth slacking, TM wrenched his eyes back to her face, knowing Kai hadn’t missed the momentary indiscretion. A slip-up would be excused. Full on ogling, would not.

“Me? I’m going to college. Gonna head to the seminary after that, and become a preacher.”

Kai’s mouth dropped open. He didn’t laugh, in fact he couldn’t make a sound. Paisley nudged him. Blinking, he closed his mouth, inhaling.

“Wow! That’s amazing, TM. I gotta say, I’m really impressed.”

“You ain’t laughin’,” TM said with awe. “These other mother f**kers laughed they ass off when I said that.”

“I always thought you hid your true nature from everyone, including yourself, man. You’ve always walked in faith, no matter how hard you tried to deny it. I think it’s great you’ve finally decided to accept it.”

“You knew? All this time? And you didn’t say?”

“Would you have listened? You buried yourself in drugs and women. Hell, we all did, for a while.”

“Not you, Kai. You always had one woman and you drank some. Most you did was weed,” TM said quietly.

They sat in silence a few moments, none of the men making eye contact with one another. Paisley knew she had to do something, or somebody was going to start crying, and she suspected it was her. Her heart went out to these men. All of them were trying to get their lives on track, running away from whatever demons haunted them, just like she was.

“Anyone want a beer?” she asked brightly, standing so fast, she lost her balance.

Kai’s hands steadied her. It took him a moment to realize he was grabbing her crotch and ass. Blushing, he dropped his hands.

“Beer?” she asked again, as if that hadn’t just happened.

TM cleared his throat. “Yeah. I’d like one. Let me give you a hand.” He stood up, adjusting his jeans.

The other men agreed to a beer, so they went in the kitchen and got them out of the case Nina had bought for her. Paisley insisted on washing and drying the tops before taking them out.

“You don’t know what’s been on them,” she said with a shudder. “I wash every can I open.”

“Works for me,” TM said. “We all have our OCD moments. Me, it’s car keys. I’ll check my pocket six times, before I leave the house to make sure I got ’em. I keep ’em in the front pocket, so folks mostly think I’m checking my balls.” His hand dropped unconsciously to his pocket as he spoke.

Paisley giggled. “If they think that, they’re dumb. Your balls are a little farther to the left.”

“Thanks for noticing,” he said with a deep chuckle.

“No problem,” she replied, flashing him a grin.

TM watched her almost hungrily as she walked into the living room ahead of him, three beers in her hands. He brought the other three, distributing them before sitting down.

“So how did you meet?” Billy asked, sipping his beer.

Kai told them.

“What brings you to Florida?” It was an innocent enough question. Sushi had no idea what monsters chased her.

Paisley paled, leaning against Kai.

“She’s got a lunatic ex. Guy was abusive, possessive, wacko.”

“So, you’re on the run?” This from Billy.

Paisley nodded, shivering.

“We got your back, chica,” he replied. “You ever need to disappear, we’re the guys who can do it. You need new ID, place to stay, anything, we got it covered. We got mad skills and all at your disposal.”

“Plus, I got a cousin down the way’s a bona fide criminal,” TM told her. “He’s got more fire power at his disposal than a seven nation army. That aside, he’s a good guy. Misdirected, but a good guy.”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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First Meeting from Ben Drexel ~ A Futuristic Romance by Dellani Oakes

HeadingThis is from a prequel to my Lone Wolf sci-fi series. It hasn’t got a proper name yet, so it’s just called Ben Drexel after one of my favorite characters from the series. It records Ben’s early life in the Galactic Marines. This first meeting is a little unique, because not only does Ben meet someone, so does his best friend, Ray.

Ahead of them in line were two women that Ben and Ray had their eyes on. Between themselves, the men called the women Ruby and Ebony. They sauntered up behind them, doing their best to appear casual, although secretly hoping that the women would notice.

Ruby looked behind her when Ray accidentally on purpose, brushed against her with his tray. Raising an eyebrow, she sucked in her cheeks, giving him a long, appraising look. He grinned, touching his brow.

“Evening, ladies. What’s on the menu tonight?”

Ruby pointed at the menu. Ray’s face fell. This was the third time in as many days that they’d had Swiss Steak and mashed potatoes. Ray wasn’t picky when it came to food, but he did like some variety.

“Guess they got a special deal or something,” he grumbled.

“Better than the food at our last posting,” Ben commented as his tray was loaded with food.

“True. That shit sucked balls,” Ray said louder than he intended.

Ruby glanced at him over her shoulder. Ebony giggled.

“Could ya not?” Ben said, ears reddening. He was much more careful with his language around women than Ray ever was.

“Not what? Complain? Yeah, that’ll happen.”

“I think it’s more the way you’re saying it than what you’re doing,” Ruby said with a sniff. “There are ladies present.”

“So? Like you haven’t heard bad language. You are Marines, aren’t you? Hell, baby, if you ain’t heard it by now, are you gonna get a surprise.”

“Could you shut up and move?” A corporal behind them said.

“Yeah, bite my ass, Prosser.”

“Yes, Gunnery Sergeant. Bare it and we’ll see who bites who.”

“Shut the fuck up, Prosser,” Ray said, irritated now.

Ruby and Ebony headed up the line. Ben followed and Ray purposely walked slowly as his tray was loaded with his selections. When they got to the end, he looked around for a place to sit. Ben had joined the two women, talking politely. There were no empty spots except for one seat at the same table. Ray ambled over casually, sitting without asking permission. The women eyed him incredulously but he stared at them, taking a bite of his food. Eating in silence, he listened to Ben and the women talk. They still hadn’t told him their names, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to eat and get back to his quarters before he embarrassed himself again.

“Una and I were planning to check out the laser show at the planetarium in town. Would you two like to join us?” Ruby said as she stood to dump her tray.

“That would be great,” Ben said, trying to hide his delight.

Ray was too surprised to speak until Ben nudged him. “Yeah, that’d be great. Thanks.”

“See, Benni, I told you he had better manners,” Ben said with a grin. “He is housebroken, but that’s about the best it gets.”

Benni’s eyes raked over Ray, examining every bulge and contour of his physique, finding it pleasing. She’d been interested for quite awhile, but wasn’t going to let on to him.

“I can live with that, Ben. So, Ray, where are you from?”

“Originally or lately?” He finally warmed up to the fact she was talking to him, instead of at him.

“Start with originally.”

“I was born on Io, but moved to Primos in the Delta Quadrant when I was a kid. Ben and I grew up together.”

“You’re from Primos?” Una asked Ben.

“Yeah. Been there?”

“Been there? I grew up there too!”

“No kidding? My family had a booth in the bazaar in Capitol City. They sold shnack-haueters.”

“No they didn’t!”

He chuckled, putting his arm around her shoulders. “Yeah, I’m pretty sure they did.”

“You’re that Drexel? Oh, my God! My father and grandfather taught me how to use a shnack-haueter before I could walk!”

“Really? We’ll have to get together and practice sometime.”

Benni looked between them, puzzled. “A what?”

Shnack-haueter or snake hammer,” Ray explained. “It’s a weapon that’s kind of a cross between a whip and a club. Very complex and can be real unwieldy. Brutal as hell if you do it right, though.”

“Do you know how to use one?”

“Not too bad….”

“Don’t let him fool you,” Ben said. “For a non-native, he’s damn near good as me.”

“You’re good with your haueter, are you?” Una raised an interested eyebrow.

Ben laughed at her double entendre, at least he hoped it was.

“Among the best,” he said proudly.

“We’ll see,” she replied, snuggling closer.

“Where are you from?” Ray asked Benni.

“I grew up on Old Earth in Death Valley.”

“No kidding? I always wondered why it was called that. It’s such a beautiful place.”

“It used to be a desert, several centuries ago. It wasn’t until all climate changes in the Twenty-Third Century that it got the proper rainfall to grow anything but cactus and lizards.”

“Learn something new,” Ray said with a grin.

© 2020 Dellani Oakes