Love Takes a Swim Part 27 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallFinally at the steakhouse, Paisley is a little uncomfortable that their waitress knows Kai, and kisses him on the cheek – until he explains that she’s his cousin.

“So in other words, don’t freak every time a woman talks to you?”

“Please. Unless she grabs my dick, or puts her tongue in my mouth, then you can freak all you want. But don’t worry. I don’t want anyone but you.”

They had a great dinner. The steaks were perfect, the atmosphere pleasant and not intimidating, the conversation light and animated. More than one person dropped by the table for an introduction. Kai wasn’t kidding, he knew damn near everyone. At least ninety percent of the restaurant workers or patrons were friends, relatives or clients.

Although the beach was officially closed, they went for a walk along the boardwalk, hand in hand. The moonlight spilled across the water, limning the choppy waves with silver. Paisley looked so beautiful in the moonlight, Kai stopped walking. Taking her face in his hands, he kissed her gently.

The waves crested and broke on the shore, but they barely heard them over the beating of their hearts. Kai’s breath caught in his chest, until he reminded himself to inhale. Paisley’s arms snaked around his waist, as she pulled him close. Releasing her face, his hands sought her hips, pulling her even closer, pressing against her. If she had any doubts he wanted her, they were gone now. His desire was obvious, and for once he wasn’t embarrassed. He wanted there to be no doubt in her mind that there was no one but her.

Sometime later, they parted slightly, smiling. Kai rested his forehead against hers, kissing her nose.

“Wow!” Paisley gasped, unable to formulate a coherent thought.

“I guess I should take you home,” he mumbled, his lips close to hers once more.


“I don’t want our first official date to end,” he admitted shyly. “This is the best first date I’ve ever had.”

“I never really had one before. I mean, we went places and did things, but only so he could be seen in the right places and show me off. I was always on display, like a trophy. I couldn’t figure out why he wanted me. He didn’t love me, he wanted to possess me, like I was something valuable. Even if I’m pretty and a virgin, is that enough? It doesn’t make sense.”

“Did you have anything in common?”

“Not really. He didn’t really like stuff that I liked. We didn’t have any friends in common—I hated all his friends. They were just as obnoxious as he was.”

“What’s his name?”

“Does it matter?”

“I wanna know the name of the man that’s got you so tied up in knots, you can’t give yourself to me. And I don’t mean just sexually, Paisley. That’ll come in time. I mean here,” he put his hand over her heart.

“Every time you kiss me, it loosens a little bit. So keep kissing me.”

“Pretty soon that won’t be enough for me. Every time I kiss you, it makes it harder not to take it further.”

“Pretty soon, I’ll let you.”

Kai’s heart missed a beat. He was so shocked, he almost couldn’t move. Again, it took a conscious effort, on his part, to respond.

“Sweet,” he murmured, rubbing his lips lightly across hers.

They kissed awhile longer, hardly feeling time pass. Kai only noticed because he had to bend over so much to kiss her, it was making the small of his back ache. He wanted to sit down on something soft to continue. Paisley shivered when a cool breeze sprang up rather suddenly, blowing across the water.

“I need to take you home so we can continue this more comfortably,” he said smiling. “I need to sit down.”

“And I need to pee,” she said with a giggle.

He drove back to her apartment. They were having a big party down the way. Loud music was playing. People were drinking and dancing in the street. Kai rushed her in the door, closing and locking it behind them. He wasn’t scared of much, but a lot of drunk thugs were potentially dangerous.

Paisley made coffee and they sat around drinking it, making polite conversation, acting like civilized human beings. Eventually, neither of them could keep up the pretense. The urge for one another was too strong. Coffee cups aside, they scooted closer together.

Kai pulled her legs onto his lap. Her arms wound around his neck. Paisley felt wonderful in his embrace. His body tingled everywhere it touched hers. It was the most erotic sensation he’d ever felt. She smelled amazing. He inhaled deeply as his lips descended on hers.

Paisley wiggled closer, her full, round breasts pressing against his chest. A faint sound escaped her, as his lips moved from her mouth to her neck, and down. Gasping with pleasure, she arched her back, bringing her breasts closer to him. Curious lips dropped further.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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