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Love Takes a Swim Part 26 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallAfter Sherri breaks up their moment on the swings, Paisley is a little worried that he’s a player and a cheat—especially then a beneficial friend, Toni, calls him.

He clicked the button. “Okay, go ahead.”

“Hello? Paisley, is it?”

“Yeah. Hi,” she sounded sullen.

“You’ve got a great guy here,” Toni said. “I’m jealous as hell. He’s one of the best, in more ways than one, and has an endless supply of the greatest orgasms ever. Treat him right, he’ll keep you happy forever. Oh, and grab that fine ass for me at least once, ‘k?”

Paisley couldn’t help laughing. Kai looked proud but embarrassed.

“Has he got that hangdog expression on his face, like he doesn’t know if he should strut his stuff, or sink into a hole?”

“Yeah, he does.” Paisley laughed louder.

“I’m opting for a hole right about now,” Kai mumbled.

“There’s only one hole you wanna sink into, baby. Behave! Make him work for it, Pais. I promise it’s worth it. God, I could kill him. I didn’t get a crack at him before you hooked up, cause he won’t share. Kai, any suggestions who I can call?”

“Andrew. He’d be thrilled to hear from you. He just broke up with what’s her tits.”

“Oh, yeah? He’s almost as hunky as you. Hell, who am I kidding? I’d take Buddha if he offered. Night, y’all!” Toni hung up.

“Satisfied?” Kai asked, tossing his phone on the dashboard.


“Good. Then let’s get some dinner. I’m starving.”

“Me too.”

Kai drove to Sonny’s Steakhouse. Having made a call while she was changing, he had a table reserved. The owner greeted them himself.

“How’s your son doing?” Kai asked after he introduced Paisley.

“He’s doing well. The doctor hadn’t counted on a sudden growth spurt, so his medication was wonky, but he’s doing better. Came home the same day. Thanks again for the quick thinking. He said he could hear you talking to him, and it made a big difference.”

“My brother’s the one who called EVAC, I just kept him calm. I’m glad he’s okay. Tell him I said hi. He’s a good swimmer, is he on the team?”

“He’s planning on it in the fall. He’ll be a freshman.”

“I help coach the team. I look forward to seeing him.” They shook hands.

After the waitress took their drink orders, Kai and Paisley sat quietly looking over the menus.

“When did you date Sherri?”

“We were seniors in high school. She dated a buddy of mine the year before. He joined the Army and she was lonely. It just sort of happened. I think there was a lot of tequila involved, but I don’t remember well enough to say.”

“What did she mean about the way you behaved?”

He flushed a brilliant scarlet. “I think you can use your imagination, and figure that one out. But we’d known each other a long time.”

“Was she like me? A virgin?”

“Noooo. Teague took care of that.” Kai looked away, uncomfortable with the conversation.

“I’m sorry. Let’s find a different subject. Your past love life really isn’t my business.”

“It is, but maybe not all at once. I really like you, Paisley. I hope you realize that by now. I’m not after a one night stand, or a snatch of virgin pussy….” He stopped abruptly when their waitress, predictably someone he knew, walked up.

“Interesting subject matter, Kai. What can I get you for dinner? Sonny said it’s on the house, so eat hearty.”

“I was planning on paying for Paisley’s….”

She waved his comments away. “He said both. Who’s gonna argue with the man? Roy’s a good kid, real sweet. I want to thank you, too.” She leaned over, kissing his cheek. “Now, food. I recommend the Porterhouse.”

“Sounds good,” Paisley said.

“Good. You’ll each have the twenty-two ounce.”

“That’s almost two pounds of steak,” Paisley protested.

“That’s what take-home boxes are for,” the waitress said with a grin. “So? How do you want ’em?”

They told her how they wanted their steaks and decided on sides. She walked back to the kitchen, to put in their orders, leaving them in semi-uncomfortable silence.

“I didn’t date her,” Kai said quietly. “She’s my cousin.”

Paisley smiled, a hint of relief tinging it.

“It’s inevitable we’re going to encounter my ex-girlfriends, friends—with or without benefits. I’ve lived here twenty-two years, and worked at the pool since I was fifteen. I know damn near everyone.”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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