Love Takes a Swim Part 21 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai manages to get a little bit more sleep, but the morning alarm is unwelcome. He doesn’t want Paisley to ride the bus. Besides, he has to stay for his shift anyway.

Greg showed up early for his weekend shift, grinning and cocky. Apparently he and Randi had been quite busy on their days off.

“We got married!” He told them all excitedly. “I know it was kinda sudden, but we just found out a little Greg’s on the way, so we decided to tie the knot.”

Kai wasn’t sure he felt very enthusiastic about it. It meant that in a few months time, they’d be short at the club, as well as the station.

“I can’t fire the guy now,” Thad said to Kai later. “Not with a baby on the way. They’ll need the insurance.”

“It’s just as well, Thad. That schedule would’ve half killed me. I’d like a little time to spend with my new lady. Except for driving her to work, I’ve hardly seen her. And the good morning kisses aren’t doing it for me, ya know?”

Thad laughed, thumping him on the back. “Go home, get some rest.”

“Gotta do pool duty, then I can.”

“I promise to give Greg the most wretched jobs I can think of. He’s gonna have to scrub Sparky’s kennel with a toothbrush.” Sparky was the station’s Dalmatian.

“Make him lick it.”

“Ouch! You need to get laid, kid.”

“Don’t remind me. See you later.” Kai trudged across the street to the pool and changed into his baggies.

With his T-shit over one shoulder, he grabbed the noodle container, rolling it onto the deck. Paisley, who’d ridden that morning with Cody, had her back to him when he walked up. She hadn’t seen him since his arrival, because Cody was helping her set up.

“Thanks, Cody. Could you get me a bottle of water? I forgot mine.”

Kai said nothing, just got her a water and walked back with it, putting it on her shoulder. Checking her class notes, she still didn’t turn around, so he decided to get her attention. He set the bottle on the chair next to the speaker and slid a hand around her waist. Once his other hand was free of the bottle, it joined the first, circling her body, pulling her close to his bare chest. His lips descended on her shoulder, kissing her lightly.

Paisley screamed, jumping away. She turned with her clipboard raised, but burst into laughter when she saw who it was. “Oh, you brat! I was wondering what the hell Cody thought he was doing!”

“He’d better not ever touch you like that. I’d hate to kill my own brother.”

Paisley laughed, walking into the circle of his arms. “You wouldn’t kill him.”

“No, but I’d rough him up, so only his mama would love him. I sure missed you.”

She raised her face to his, lips parted expectantly. Always one to oblige, he kissed her long and deep. He didn’t care that they had an audience. There were people swimming laps as well as those coming in for class.

“So, we going out tonight?” Kai asked hopefully.

“If you’re not too tired.”

“I won’t be. I’m doing my couple hours here, then going home to bed.”


“Wish you could go with me….”

She pinched his ribs. “Behave!”

“I’m behaving like a perfect gentleman. Well, maybe not so perfect, but a gentleman.”

“You’re perfect for me,” Paisley said quietly. “Get your tight ass up on the tower. It’s time to start class.”

He kissed her again, lips lingering near her ear. “Thanks for noticing.”

“Put your shirt on, you’re distracting my little old ladies.”

He looked around, leaning closer. “You sure it’s not you that I’m distracting?”

“Not at all, I’m a professional. I’ve seen men’s broad chests, finely sculpted abs and—chiseled muscles before….” She turned away, puttering around with something unimportant. “Just not all put together quite as well as yours,” she mumbled.

Chuckling, Kai pulled his shirt over his head and climbed his tower. Paisley’s class went well. For the first time, he was really able to observe her during the class. She moved like a dancer, with ease and grace unmatched by any woman he knew. He was sure she must have a dance background, because she gave the little flourishes and hand positions he’d only ever seen dancers like Ginger Rogers use. His mom was an old movie buff, who she loved Fred and Ginger. Kai had seen all of their movies dozens of times.

The applause after class was loud and enthusiastic. People who usually complained about everything, came up to him and Paisley, complimenting her class.

“The music is just amazing!” One old lady remarked to anyone who would listen. She was one of the ones most likely to complain. She went off humming one of the tunes.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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