Love Takes a Swim Part 20 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai and his team responded to a house fire before heading back to the station. Too keyed up to sleep, they decide they’re hungry.

Cherise and Kai made pizza and they sat around eating and drinking root beer.

“So, a new woman,” Davis said out of the clear blue.

Davis was next to youngest, a man in his mid twenties. Also single, he had a new woman nearly every week. Kai’s love life wasn’t nearly as active, so for him to have a new woman was big news.

“Yeah,” Kai said around a mouthful of pizza. He chewed and swallowed quickly. “Her name’s Paisley. She’s an instructor at the club. Just started Monday.”

“So, good figure?” Davis asked.

“Of course. She’s hot, too. You come onto her, I’ll break you in two,” Kai said with quiet menace.

“Dude, chill! You have my word I won’t hit on your woman. Never stole another man’s woman in my life.”

“Good. I’d hate to have to kill you,” Cherise added coldly.

“You too? What’s up? I’m a nice guy!”

“You’re a predator,” Cherise replied, her eyes flashing.

“Me? I’m a pussy cat!”

“You’re a pussy hound,” she replied angrily. “I’ve seen how you operate.”

“I’m just a guy, Cherise. Not a man here can deny he’s used his edge to get laid.”

“I’m not sure I know what you mean by your edge, but if you mean you’ve coerced a woman into having sex with you….”

Davis looked away, ducking his head.

“Okay, be fair,” Tommy, an EMT said. “We’re men. It’s kinda in the genetic code to be persistent. It’s not something to be proud of, Cherise, but I’ve coerced a woman or two.”

“Me too,” Kai admitted shyly. “Couple times.”

Cherise sniffed, nose in the air, her arms crossed over her chest. “Bunch of leches.”

Kai laughed, tipping his chair. “I don’t deny that! Hell, that’s part of being male! Don’t hate us. Pity us.”

“And why would I do that?” Her dark eyes flashed.

“Cause how would you like it going through life perpetually horny? I mean, seriously. I see a hot woman, I’m gonna get sprung. It’s a fact of life. Not like I can control it, you know?”

Schwing!” Tommy said, chuckling.

“Do I even want to know what that means?” Cherise asked with a frown.

“Nope,” the men answered in chorus.

“Without man’s persistence, the human race would die out,” Tommy intoned solemnly.

Cherise shook her head, trying not to giggle. “You guys are so damn full of shit. Why do women put up with you?”

The men exchanged a look, tipping their chairs in unison. “Orgasms,” they said as if they’d rehearsed it.

Laughing loudly, Cherise bid good night, and went back to bed. Tom and Davis cleaned up, following Kai to the dorm, where they all went back to bed. Kai found sleep easy.

However hearing his alarm go off the next morning, was hard. He got a quick breakfast for himself while the others slept. The day workers, like Thad, came in and got coffee from the pot Kai had fixed.

“You’re up early,” Thad commented as he poured his coffee.

“Got to pick up Paisley and do my morning shift at the pool.” He yawned loudly. “Sorry, that two o’clock fire really messed me up. I slept, but not well.”

“Do you think you can handle this? I know it’s a lot to expect from you.”

“Needs doing. I’ll try to train one of the others to do my job. Paisley could, but she’s got the whole class to look out for. Might miss something.”

“How about your mom?”

“Panics too easy. She could do it, but I’d be worried about her judgment.”

Thad nodded. “Too bad Cody’s so young. He’s a sharp kid, very capable. I wish I had two more just like you boys. I’d have the perfect team.”

Kai chuckled, sipping his coffee. “Thanks. I’d better get going. Gotta pick up Paisley.”

“That’s somewhat out of your way.”

“I don’t want her riding the bus, Thad. That’s not safe.”

“Agreed. Okay. See you later.”

Kai picked up Paisley, and stayed for the two water aerobics classes. Afterward, he gave her a quick kiss and headed across the street.

Fortunately, the rest of Greg’s shift was quiet. Kai fell into a hectic routine between the pool and station, that by Friday, wasn’t too bad. He knew if he had too many nights like the first one, he was going to be exhausted. He hoped he could find someone to take the pool job, so he wouldn’t have to do both. He didn’t hold out much hope. None of the others had enough training. Only Paisley came close, and she couldn’t teach and act as emergency contact.

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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