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Love Takes a Swim Part 18 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai has an unfortunate occurrence when he’s taking a nap at the fire house.

Kai laughed. “Sure—rub my face in it. She works right across the street at the club. Go over when she’s doing class. You’ll get a good look.”

“Might just have to do that. Hurry up, they’re waiting.”

Kai and his team mates went to the grocery store, wandering around until they found something for dinner. Usually they had some kind of plan, but this time none of them had any good ideas. Finally, Cherise, the only woman on the team, stopped by the kitchen kiosk in the front of the store.

“This smells good,” she said, taking a sample. “Eat.” She handed it around to the men. “We’ll take this,” she told the woman.

“Ingredients are in the cabinet over there. Everything you need for the recipe, plus sides, wine, etc.”

“No wine, we’re on duty. However, the rest of it. Load it up, guys. I decided, you cook.”

Kai laughed at the other men. All bachelors, none of them had much skill in the kitchen. He suspected he and Cherise would be cooking. He was the only one who could handle himself in food prep, and not set the kitchen on fire, or take off a finger.

As he predicted, he and Cherise fixed the meal while the others set the table and basically got in the way. When it was ready, they ate, laughing and cutting up like crazy. The meal was barely over when the alarm went off.

Grabbing their gear, they listened to find out their destination. Multiple car wreck on US-1. They hopped in the truck, taking off, sirens blaring. Traffic moved quickly out of the way, as they sped down the road.

At the scene, police had blocked off the highway, diverting traffic down a side street. Four cars littered the road, scattered from the south bound lanes to the north bound. One of the officers gave them a brief rundown as they approached.

“I’ve got six vics,” he said. “Two minor, the rest are pretty bad. One I’m not sure is gonna make it. Old guy, drunk, turned the wrong way down the highway, started going north in the south bound lanes. He’s real hurt.”

Their team was joined by EVAC from another station. They split up, two of them doing a quick triage. The others started on the worst victims first. Kai did triage, then helped as needed. Soon, they were all at the hospital being attended to by trauma physicians.

Back at the station, they cleaned up the kitchen and prayed the rest of the night was quiet. Unfortunately, an hour and a half later, another call came in.

“What is it? A full moon?” Cherise asked, gazing up at the sky as they drove.

Kai looked up too, squinting at the darkening sky through the canopy of palm trees. “Don’t see the moon yet. I dunno.”

“I was being facetious,” Cherise replied, digging his ribs with her elbow.

It was another car crash, but this one minor. No one needed an ambulance. Only scratches and bruises on the two passengers.

“I’m gonna kill Greg,” Kai said as he walked back in the station. “It’s never this busy on my shift. It’s like the bastard knew.”

“Well, I’d sure as hell rather work with you when it’s like this,” Cherise told him. “I can count on you to do what you’re told, and not argue. You don’t give me shit, or question. And you can work independently, without me riding your ass. I, for one, am glad you’re here.”

“Kai’s got a new woman,” Tommy said with a sly grin.

“And just how do you know that?” Kai was rather annoyed that the entire team knew.

“Thad told me. So, she hot?” Davis asked him as he popped open a soda.

“Does it matter?” Cherise asked, her dark eyes flashing. “Maybe Kai isn’t that superficial.”

“I’ve never seen him with a chick who wasn’t smokin’,” Davis said. “If there’s a sweet piece of ass, anywhere in the neighborhood, Kai’ll find her.” He held out his knuckles for the younger man to tap.

Kai hung his head, ignoring the dubious compliment. “Thanks, man. Make me sound as bad as you. Cherise, she’s very pretty. But I’d like her even if she wasn’t. She’s got a tender spirit,” he mused quietly, knowing she would understand, even if the men wouldn’t.

They didn’t, and teased him about it for quite some time. Cherise came to him later, sitting beside him at the table as the others watched TV.

“So, tell me about Miss Tender Spirit. What’s her name?”

Kai told her all about Paisley, including the abusive ex, and everything else that made her unique.

“She sounds real special. I’m glad she met you. If she’d met one of the goon squad, can you imagine?”

“Am I really that different? I’m just a guy.”

“You’re not just a guy,” she said quietly. “No doubt, you’re a man.” She grinned, punching his broad shoulder. “But you’re more considerate than the rest of them. You’re a lot like my husband….”

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First Meeting from Crippled by Love~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes

First Meeting imageSome first meetings go better than others. Cynthia Marshall is new to the society page beat at one of the local papers. She’s been ordered to go to interview Ian Yarrow at his home. She doesn’t know a lot about him, except that he’s very rich, and has, apparently, asked to be interviewed. Arriving a little late, she rings the doorbell at the door of his mansion. No one answers, so she tries again. Finally, someone arrives – it could have gone better.

The door slammed open and a very angry man, dressed in nothing but a glower and a pair of black silk boxers, frowned up at her from a streamlined wheelchair. Taken aback, Cynthia retreated and nearly fell off the porch. He grabbed her with a powerful hand, tugging her back on the porch.

“What?” he demanded.

“I-I’m Cyn-thia M-Marshall from the C-Clarion P-Post,” she grimaced at her own verbal errors. She’d hammered that stutter into oblivion years ago, but it came back in moments of high stress. Like now, when a gorgeous hunk of muscular, bronzed, hard bodied male in boxers yanked her nearly into his lap.

“The reporter, huh? Might have known you’d be early.”

“N-Not early, Mr. Yarrow. Actually, I’m—I’m a tad late. I had trouble finding the house. My GPS sent me in the opposite direction.”

He glared up at her, mouth a tight line, firm, well chiseled jaw working against his irritation.

“It’s cold out here, Miss Marshall, and I’m very nearly naked.”

He rolled back inside, holding the door partially closed so she had to squeeze past it. Full chested, she had to wriggle around the door frame without catching her breasts or snagging Fiona’s sweater. He slammed the door behind her, the frown still present as he rolled toward an elevator at the end of the vaulted foyer.

Cynthia followed, unsure of where she was going or what she was supposed to be doing. The glower deepened as she stepped onto the lift with him, but he said nothing. The door of the cage slid shut behind her, tapping her on the rear.

“Why’s the paper so hot to do an article on me?”

His question, like everything else about him, caught her by surprise.

“I-I’m not certain, Mr. Yarrow. I was t-told to come here and interview you.”

“You gonna stutter like that the entire time?”

“S-Sorry. It comes on when I’m n-nervous.”

He leaned back, folding his hands in his lap. She caught the glimmer of a platinum ring on his pinky and another, more ornate one, on his thumb. There was no wedding band, though both rings were on his left hand. Since his hands lay just below the line of his boxers, she caught a good glimpse of the superb musculature of his chest and abs. A dusting of dusky, soft hair emphasized the well chiseled ridges.

A knowing smile twitched his full lips, his dark gray eyes taking in details of her physique. She was about 5’6″, full breasted, slender hipped and well toned. She worked hard at maintaining her figure and every inch of her bust line was real. Dressed in sleek black leggings and dark red turtle neck sweater with a black cashmere wrap, Stuart Weitzman boots and chunky jewelry of her own design, she thought she looked pretty good. Apparently Mr. Yarrow agreed with her. The smile grew—as did something a tad lower down—blatantly obvious given his lack of clothing.

Cynthia blushed, turning away. Mr. Yarrow laughed rather loudly. It was frightening in the confined space and Cynthia suddenly wished she’d brought the photographer with her after all. Since she was slated to have several sessions with Ian Yarrow, she’d opted to doing the first interview on her own to get a feel for him. She wasn’t sure she liked what she felt.

He rolled down the hallway toward an open bedroom door. She could see the unmade bed from the stairs only a few feet away. She hadn’t woken him—oh no, he’d had company. Thus the irritation and anger. Concealing a smile, she followed him.

“Gonna come in while I dress?”

“Oh, sorry. Of course not.”

“I mean, I don’t care. But unless you want to see more of me than is generally considered polite, you might want to wait there.”

“I apologize, Mr. Yarrow.” She stepped back from the door.

The tight lips returned. “Just Yarrow is fine. I don’t use my first name much, except with the women I take to bed. Having them scream Yarrow when they cum hasn’t got the same impact as Oh, Ian! You can quote that.” He winked up at her and rolled into the room, shutting the door in her face.

“Don’t we think a lot of ourselves?” she said more loudly than she’d meant to.

The door slammed open a few minutes later. He was dressed in faded, loose fitting jeans and a dark red Under Armour shirt that fit him like a glove. It did absolutely nothing to conceal his physique and everything to enhance it. He was still barefoot. His toes were tan, more dark hairs scattered across them and the instep. Dammit, the man even had sexy feet!

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Love Takes a Swim Part 17 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai feels uncomfortable having to reschedule his first date with Pasiley. Luckily, she understands.

“Having a sex-fest?” She smirked, raising a saucy eyebrow.

“Is that an invitation?” Kai laughed deep in his chest, his hands sliding up her sides as he drew her close.

“You’d like it to be.” Paisley tensed up slightly as his hands got too close to her breasts.

He sighed heavily. “That’s me being tactless. Again, forgive me.”

“For what? Being a man?” She smiled, playfully shoving him aside with her hip. Her ass connected with his gonads making him groan—and not because it hurt him.

“Well, if I could change the way men are, I’d do it in a heartbeat.”


“Because it would be a hell of a lot more convenient if we could control our….” The room was filling up for the yoga class. “Baser urges,” he whispered huskily in her ear. “I’d better get going,” he said unwillingly. “I’ve got to iron my uniform and take a shower. Mom said she’d take you home. In fact, she invited you to dinner again.”

“I’ll talk to her. I’d like that. Your family is terrific. And you’re wonderful,” she said, leaning against him.

Kai took her face in his hands. He didn’t care who was watching, or what anyone thought. Kissing her deeply, he felt his groin swell, almost to the point of discomfort.

“That’s to remind you why I don’t want to do these shifts,” he said quietly. “I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Be safe.”

“You too.” He kissed her quickly and left.

At home, Kai rummaged through his laundry, yanking out his uniform. They technically were wash and wear, but he’d forgotten to pull it out of the drier, and it looked it. He put it in to fluff while he showered and went over it with the iron before he dressed.

Kai ate a quick meal, dashing off a note for Paisley, which he left attached to the oven hood with a magnet. He taped it shut, not trusting his siblings to leave it alone. Arriving at the station a couple minutes ahead of time, he tossed his overnight bag on his usual bunk, and stowed his extra uniform in the locker.

“I appreciate this, Kai,” Thad said when he went back to the office to clock in. “I was at my wit’s end. I’m gonna kill him when he gets back.”

“Please don’t, or I’ll have this gig permanently.”

“I was gonna ask you about that, actually. I’m gonna talk to your mom. If we can work your shifts around so you can be two places at once, will you consider taking this full time? Greg’s a flake, always has been. Honestly, I’ve been looking for an excuse to fire him. This is the last straw for me. I have to know my guys will come in when I need them, and you’ve always been reliable. He’s a good few years older, and nowhere near as mature.”

“How do you mean two places at once?”

“I figure that if you go over there, stay at the pool a couple hours, I still pay you as emergency personnel. Then you join your team after. If there’s trouble, you’re on site as first responder, and I send the guys over.”

“What if there’s an emergency while I’m there?”

“We’ll figure it out. I can still start an IV,” he said, wiggling his fingers. “I got me some mad skills.” He winked at Kai. “Will you consider it?”

“Let me see how it goes this week and we’ll talk about it.”

“Fair enough. The rest of the guys will be in soon. Have a cup of joe, watch some TV, relax. We’ll hope for an uneventful night.”

“I’m gonna catch a nap. Just twenty minutes. I didn’t sleep too well.”

“New lady keep you up?” He gave a knowing leer.

“In a matter of speaking. I had her on my mind, and my pal dick wouldn’t let me sleep.”

Thad nodded. “Been there, kid. Sure, snag a nap. I’ll wake you in twenty-five minutes, that gives you time to get to sleep.”

“Thanks, Thad.” They shook hands and Kai went to lie down.

It seemed like no time later, Thad was shaking his shoulder. Kai glanced at the clock, nearly an hour had passed.

“Tried waking you a couple times, but you wouldn’t stir. Guys are making a dinner run. Want to go?”

“Yeah. Lemme splash some water on my face and rinse my mouth.”

“No problem. Must have been some dream,” he said with a sly grin.


“Boy, you had a boner from hell, when I walked in here. Lucky you didn’t jizz all over yourself. How long has it been since your pal got fed?”

“Don’t remember.” Kai shrugged, shaking his head to clear it. “Sorry. Paisley’s been on my mind quite a bit.”

“Bring her by, let us meet her.”

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Love Takes a Swim Part 16 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai gets a call from his boss at the fire station, asking him to cover for another guy, who apparently is dating one of their workers. Both have asked for time off.

“You’ve got a point.”

“My brother’s not old enough, although he’s qualified. I taught him myself. But he’s not even seventeen. Mom’s qualified, but she panics. Unless Paisley’s qualified…. Let me ask her and talk to Mom. I’ll be on my regular shifts Thursday.”

“He’s supposed to be back by then.”

“Cool. Okay. I’ll ask and call you back.”

“Great. Thanks, kid.”

Kai talked to his mother. As a former nursing student, Paisley should be able to handle things, but his mother felt better having him on tap. She didn’t mind him taking the EVAC shifts if they could work something out so he could still cover the pool. Kai called Thad back to tell him the news.

“Cool! Okay, I need you here for evening shift.”

“Oh, shit, really?”


“New lady in my life. We were gonna go out tonight.”

“Sorry, kid. I really need you. I have absolutely no one else.”

“Yeah.” Kai sighed heavily. “Okay. She and I will have to reschedule, but you and what’s his name….”


“Yea him. He owes me big. Like orgasmically big.”

Thad chuckled. He was 32 and single.

“I’ll gladly help you with your love life, Kai. I’ll front you a romantic evening, okay?”

“You better. And she better be orgasmically appreciative of it.”

“Short of having sex with her myself, I’ll sure help out. Okay, I need you here at three.”

“I’ll be there. I hate you, and I hope you get hook worm.”

“Wish that on Gary, he’s the one whose fault this is.”


A glance at the clock told him he had two hours before he had to report to the EVAC station across the street. He still needed to get home, shower and change. He waited outside the studio door for Paisley to finish her class. The amount of applause he heard, and the smiling faces, told him it was a good class. Paisley was bending over, putting away her things, when he walked in. The sight of her slender hips and ass, in the clinging shorts, nearly made him lose control.

“Hey, babe,” he said softly.

Paisley turned around, shock and horror in her eyes. “Oh, God! You scared the shit outta me! You didn’t sound like you…. What’s up?” She hopped over, kissing him.

“I’m gonna have to reschedule our date. My boss from EVAC called. He needs me tonight and tomorrow night, in addition to my regular shifts. It seems that Randi’s boyfriend is a paramedic, and they’ve both hurt their ankles.”

She made a wry face. “Yeah, right.”

“I agree. Must have had a burning need to take two days off in the middle of the week. I’m thinking major sex-fest,” he whispered as an old lady passed the open door.

“What? Did you say,” she lowered her voice to a breathless whisper. “Sex-fest?”

“Yeah—you know, unbridled passion, a few days and nights of sexual bliss, punctuated by candle lit baths, hurried meals, a few hot, spicy showers….” He saw her shocked, almost horrified expression and stopped. “Sorry. Forgot for a moment. Anyhow, it’s fun. But I always did that over a weekend so it wouldn’t interfere…. Again, sorry.”

He sighed, frustrated. The idea of indulging in a weekend of adult fun with Paisley, had cemented itself in his mind. It refused to move aside for more mundane things—like listening to her instead of his gonads.

Focusing with difficulty, he took a deep, cleansing breath. “There I go again. Anyway, I don’t want to do this, but he needs me and this is what I do.”

“I understand. There will be other nights, other opportunities. Will I see you in the morning?”

“I’ll still pick you up, and I’ll be here for your classes, then I present myself at the station and finish my shifts there.”


“Two for Greg, then two more for me. I hope he enjoys the hell outta himself, cause he now owes me big. I’ll make the bastard pay. The only thing I’ll forgive is death or dismemberment. Nothing else gets him off the list.”

Paisley giggled, leaning toward him. “Calm down. There will be plenty of opportunities”

“Okay. But I wanted you to know this wasn’t my choice—at all…. I’d rather spend the time with you.”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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First Meeting from Conduct Unbecoming ~ A Florida Families Romance by Dellani Oakes

conduct front coverJasper Waters wasn’t expecting to meet a woman like Nadeya Raymund. In fact, he can hardly believe she exists. A former soldier, like Teague, she’s currently wanted by the police, for a murder she didn’t commit. Jasper knows she didn’t do it, and hopes to prove to her that he believes her. Knowing she’s dangerous, and skittish, he’s careful when he goes to the campground where she’s staying in a small cabin. Chances are, she won’t be happy to see him.

As he approached the door, he prayed for inspiration. It was going to take some fast talking for Nadeya not to freak out and kill him. He raised his hand to knock. Rethinking his position, he moved so he wasn’t standing directly in front of the door, but slightly to the side so the thick, log wall protected him. He tapped lightly and waited for a response. The curtain over the tiny window moved aside imperceptibly. Only someone trained to be observant would have seen it.

Jasper faced the window and smiled. “I’m Jasper Waters,” he said quietly. “I’m a friend of Teague’s. You hid on my boat.”

The door opened a crack and one dark, wary eye peered at him. “I remember you. What?”

“May I come in? The skeeters are pretty nasty and they’re feasting on me.”

Nadeya took a step back, leaving barely enough room for Jasper to squeeze through. She shut the door with her foot and slammed him against the wall, one hand pulled up at an uncomfortable angle behind him. She did a thorough frisking of him, leaving no areas untouched, before letting him go. She stepped out of easy reach, eyeing him with a neutral expression.

“I just want to talk,” Jasper said, holding his hands slightly from his sides.

“You’re a cop. Why should I talk to you?”

“Because I don’t think you killed that man on the beach. We’re both friends of Teague’s, maybe we could build on that.”

“Teague has lots of friends. . . .”

“No, Teague knows every damn body, but there are only a few of us he calls friends. You’re one of them—He told me what happened to your fiancé.”

She tightened up. Jasper took a step back, raising his hands.

“Would he share that with just anyone?”

Nadeya’s lower lip trembled slightly and she blinked hard. Jasper caught the hint of a tear in her eyes.

“He wouldn’t unless he knew I would help. You think I drop what I’m doing and run everyone out to a crime scene just cause I’m nice? Teague and I trust each other and I’d like to extend that courtesy to you, if you’ll let me.”

She stared at him several minutes, sizing him up. She gestured to one of the two chairs near the window. “Want some water or instant coffee? It’s all I’ve got.”

“Water would be good, thanks.” Jasper sat.

Nadeya got two bottles of water out of the mini-fridge and tossed him one. Jasper caught it with a grin. His left hand gripped it as he twisted it open.

“Nicely done. Now you know I’m a lefty.”

Nadeya smirked. “And you’re not armed. I could have taken your head off.”

“Yup, but I trusted you wouldn’t. And I thank you for that.”

She nodded as she opened her own bottle. “So, you’re here, talk.”

Jasper told her what he and Teague had figured out about the man on the beach. He even told her about C.L.A.D.

“What do you know about that?” Nadeya leaned closer, whispering.

“Bits and pieces, nothing concrete. What do you know?”

Nadeya looked furtive. “I shouldn’t tell you. We could get in a lot of trouble.”

Jasper held his hands out, palms up. “Who am I gonna tell? Except maybe Teague. Look, the more we know about this, the better. What do you say?”

She looked away, biting her lip. “I don’t know much more than you do. They intended it as a new interrogation technique. It’s supposed to be a way to reprogram people’s minds.”

“Like brain washing?”

“Kind of. More sophisticated, but still a way to break them. I know that someone else got ahold of it though. They were using it on us!” Anger flared in her eyes.

“Us—as in you personally?”

“No. But some of our soldiers. There was a captain I heard of, they tried to kill him off in a raid, but he took out everyone who attacked his convoy. They stole his memories and gave him a fucking medal.”

“Shit! How do you know about that?”

“The subject came up as they tortured my fiancé,” she mumbled.

“Oh, Nadeya, I’m sorry.”

“I know that. Next to Teague, you’re the only man I trust.”

Jasper exhaled sharply. “That’s quite a compliment. Thank you. I know you can’t possibly feel safe here. Would you like to come to my house?”

Her eyes grew hard. Jasper pressed his lips together, shaking his head.

“I’ve got a hell of a security system. Even you would have trouble sneaking through. I’ve got a couple acres around my place so I can see trouble coming and I’m armed better than Fort Knox. I’ve got a guest room with your name on it.”

Nadeya relaxed. “And leave this luxury accommodation?”

“I’ve got more to drink than water and instant coffee. I’ll even throw in breakfast.”

Nadeya’s smile was shaky. Taking a deep breath, she tried to smile again. Tears welled before she could stop them. She didn’t trust her voice, so she nodded.

“Good. Get your stuff and we can go. My car’s outside the gate.”

“My car?”

“It’s a rental, right?”


“Anything in it?”

She rolled her eyes at him. Jasper chuckled.

“I had to ask. I know it’s dumb. Get your gear.”

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Love Takes a Swim Part 15 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallPaisley and Kai have an argument, thought Kai doesn’t really understand why.

“I’m not crazy, and I don’t have a drug problem. I only use knives in the kitchen, for their specific, food related purposes. And if I got pregnant by you, I’d keep it, because it would show how much you love me.”

Paisley got out of the Jeep, stalking away almost angrily. Kai could tell that wasn’t the case. He’d made her cry again, and felt terrible. Putting the sunscreen up in his front window, he followed her inside, but she’d gone in the women’s dressing room.

“Problem?” his mother asked.

“No, ma’am. Well—kind of?” He told her the conversation. “I didn’t mean to upset her again.”

His mother hugged him. “Harder than you thought, huh?”

“What is?”

“Love.” She patted him on the arm before walking into the locker room.

Kai heard Paisley’s tearful reply to his mother’s greeting, and felt like a total prick. Instead of dwelling on it, he let his mom handle it, and went to work. He had quite a bit to do before they opened, and he was about 30 minutes behind schedule. Cody pitched in, helping him without being asked. Kai thanked him with an affectionate punch to the shoulder.

Paisley came out for her class, but she was somewhat subdued. Kai wasn’t sure if he should approach her, but didn’t want there to be a distance between them. Instead of pushing, he gave her opportunities to come to him. She didn’t do anything until after her classes. Once the pool was open to the public, she came to the base of his tower, asking to come up with her eyes.

Kai smiled, giving her a hand up. “Good classes today,” he complimented.

“Thanks. I had fun. I hope they did.”

“They were smiling. Always a good sign.”

“Sorry for the meltdown—again. It’s been a tough month.”

“You only left a month ago?” No wonder she’s a basket case.


“Explains why you’re so emotional. I’m sorry. Now I feel like a total dick.”

“Don’t. You’re wonderful. You could never—even at your worst—be as bad as he was on a good day.”

It took him a moment to work through that statement. “Thanks. I’ll never hurt you on purpose, Paisley. You have my word on that.”

She smiled, taking his hand. “I need to get inside. I’m teaching Zumba today. Then aerobics.”

“Why have you got Zumba? Randi usually teaches that.”

“She called in with a bum ankle. Her boyfriend took her dancing, and she fell when she was walking drunk to the bathroom.”

Kai chuckled, nodding. “Sounds about right. That wasn’t her best move, huh?”


“See you on break?”

“I’m looking forward to it.” She gave him a short kiss.

Kai helped Paisley off the tower, watching her as she walked to the building. Cody whistled at him from the pool deck.

“Kai! Dude! Eyes on me, man! You’ve got a phone call.”

“I do? What? Who?”

“Didn’t say. Get down so I can take over. Move it, dude!”

Kai hopped down so his brother could take his place. He went in the pool office, and picked up the phone.

“This is Kai.”

“Hi, kid. It’s Thad.” His boss at the EVAC.

“Oh, hi. What can I do for you?”

“I need you to fill in for one of my regulars. Are you available?”

“Depends on the hours. I’m working here, too.”

“Can they make do without you for a few days? I’m in a bind, kid, or I wouldn’t ask. Half my guys are on vacation, now I’ve got one with a bum ankle.”

“He doesn’t date Randi, who works here, does he?”

“Yeah, why?”

“She’s out with a bum ankle too. What the hell did they do?”

“Or what the hell are they trying to pull? So, can you?”

“Let me talk to the Boss Lady and see. I’ll have to be here for morning classes.”

“There’s no one else who can do that?”

“You know the regs as well as I do, Thad. If I’m not here, they need an ambulance on call. I know you’re practically right across the street, but do you really want to tie up a team for two hours cause a bunch of old ladies have weak hearts?”

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Love Takes a Swim Part 14 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai tells Paisley about his former girlfriend, who stabbed him. 

Their kisses the day before, had nothing on this one. Taking on a life of its own, it possessed them both, making them hungry and satisfying their longing in one long, luxurious moment. How long they kissed, he didn’t know. It made no difference. However, when his mother called, wondering where they were, he realized they’d been at it nearly 20 minutes.

“Sorry, Mom. Minor crisis here. Paisley’s sink was backed up and water was all over the place. I didn’t think to call.”

“Right,” his mother said, seeing through the blatant lie. “And does the plunger have brown hair and green eyes?”

“Uh, no, Mother. The plunger has brown hair and eyes, with incredible musculature.”

“You’re impossible! Get your incredibly muscular ass over here fast. It’s almost time to open the pool.”

“Yes, ma’am. On our way.” He hung up. “Ready?”

“All set.” Paisley grabbed her things, scuffled into her flip flops and followed him to his Jeep.

Kai opened the door, leaning on it after helping her in. He couldn’t quit staring. Paisley looked nervously at herself.

“Have I got a tag out? Is something wrong?”

“No. Just admiring the view. Forgive me. I’m a horny man. Seeing a beautiful woman this early in the morning makes me—well…. Makes me think impure thoughts. But I had those the second I saw you yesterday, so I reckon it’s nothing new.”

Paisley wasn’t sure how to respond to that, so wisely, said nothing. Her smile warmed him inside and out as he closed her door. Walking around the front of the Jeep, Kai fought a mental battle with himself.

What am I doing? Am I completely out of my mind? She’s come out of a relationship with the Hound from Hell and I’m not much better!

His castigation was short lived. Paisley’s frown of concern greeted him when he opened his door.

“Are you mad at me?”

“No. Not at all. Why?”

“You had such a frown on your face. And you were talking to yourself.”

“Don’t even think that was directed at you. I was mad at myself.”

“What for?” she asked as he started the Jeep.

“I don’t want you to think I’m just out for virgin pussy,” he said, quoting her. “I don’t want you to feel pressured to take our relationship—I don’t intend to force you to have sex with me. Not that it wouldn’t be amazing…! Sorry. Maybe I should explain the way a man thinks.”

“No need. I’ve pretty well figured that out over the years.” She cracked a smile at him. “Just so we’re clear, that kiss was the best—incredible. You’re amazing and wonderful. I really like you. As to taking advantage, trust me when I say, I’ll let you know if you get too fresh.”

He chuckled, blushing. Then the blood rushed further down, making him fidget in his seat, as he clutched to downshift for his turn. He parked, putting the car in first gear before he turned it off.

“As long as you don’t come at me with a butcher knife, we’re good.”

“I would never do that!”

“I only mention it, cause someone tried that once.” He tugged his shorts and shirt aside, showing her the scar Brianna had given him.

“Oh, my God!” Her fingers touched the smooth skin where the hair refused to grow.

Kai flinched away from her touch, not because it hurt him, but because it made him want her even more. I shouldn’t have done that. Way to make a dick of yourself, Kai.

Paisley’s green eyes caught his, riveting him in place. “A girl did that to you? Why?”

“I’m embarrassed to tell you.”

“Then you don’t have to.”

“I want you to know.” He closed his eyes, remembering. “I got a girl pregnant a few years ago. I didn’t know it at the time, but she was pretty unstable. Anyway, I paid for her to have an abortion, like she wanted. It wasn’t my choice, but hers. Then she came at me with a knife, trying to cut my balls off. She missed.”

Her fingers were still on the scar, her eyes lingering on it like her touch. “How horrible! The girl, is she okay?”

“She’s getting treatment. She had a drug problem I knew nothing about. Hell, I was sixteen. What did I know, right? She wasn’t in control of herself.”

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First Meeting from Crash Into Me ~ A Love in the City Romance by Dellani Oakes – Take 2

First Meeting imageAnton’s friend, CV, isn’t feeling well. In fact, he keels over when the two of them are fishing. Worried about him, Anton takes him to the hospital. Of course, CV knows him under the name Donald Winthrop (he has several aliases). Little does he know, he’s about to meet a very special someone—again.

“Here’s Dr. Lister,” Dr. Smithers said, smiling at someone behind him.

Anton turned around and the smile wavered. He found himself less than five feet away from Tabitha Levi.

“Dr. Lister, this is Donald Winthrop, Mr. Carpenter’s medical surrogate, and neighbor.”

“Pleased to meet you, ma’am,” he smiled, holding out his hand to greet her.

Stiffly, she took his hand. “Mr. Winthrop. A pleasure.” Her grip was hard. “Delighted to make your acquaintance.”

His fingers tingled, turning dark red before she let go.

“Doctor.” His smile waned, as he did his best to pretend he’d never seen her before.

Dr. Smithers ushered Tabitha Levi―Dr. Lister―into the cubicle. Anton leaned against the wall, trying to slow his pulse and catch his breath.

Susie popped her head out the door. “They need to talk to you, sugar.”

“Yeah. Of course.” Taking a deep breath, he followed her inside.

“Here’s Donnie,” CV said, wheezing slightly.

“You okay, Old Man?”

“Hard to breathe,” CV gasped, clutching Anton’s hand.

“Doc?” Anton’s eyes found Tabitha’s.

“Let’s get him upstairs,” she ordered. “This is now emergent. Book me an OR, Susie.”

“Yes, ma’am.” She picked up a phone, talking rapidly.

The doctors got the gurney moving. Anton was allowed to walk with them as far as the surgical ward.

“Mr. Carpenter?” Tabitha said sharply as the old man’s eyes fluttered.

“CV, can you hear me?” Anton asked loudly.

His friend gasped, clutching his hand harder as he struggled to breathe. Anton trotted to keep up. He rode with them, but had to stop at the red line outside the surgery doors. He watched as CV was wheeled into a room.

“You’ll be okay, CV,” he called as the door slid shut.

“You can wait in here,” Susie said, taking his elbow.


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Love Takes a Swim Part 13 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallKai has a chat with his step-father about his former girlfriends.


“O’Toole. Also not a virgin. We dated a couple weeks, but she took up with the captain of the football team. I guess captain of the swim team wasn’t jock enough for her. Brianna seduced me at a party.”


“Yup. She was hot as hell, and came up to me, grabbed my dick, and made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Three months later, she tried to kill me.”

“That’s terrible! How did you get away? I mean, she sliced you….”

“I clocked her.”


“Punched her—Pow, right in the kisser. Normally, I wouldn’t have hit a woman, but I thought those were extreme circumstances. I told the police she tripped. That’s the only time I ever hit a girl. But if anyone else comes at my balls like that, I’d do it again.”

“I think you’d be justified.” Brad paused, gathering his thoughts. “I’d really like you to talk to someone about this, Kai. A counselor might have some insight.”

Kai held up his hand, shaking his head. “I don’t do well with that. Maybe I haven’t dealt with this yet, but I will—in my own way.”

“I know when you get stubborn like that, nothing I can say will make any difference.”

“I’m not that bad, am I?” Kai laughed a little. “I guess maybe I am. I’ll think about it.”

“Meanwhile, you and I both need some sleep.”

“Thanks, Brad.” He hugged his step-father, an unexpected camaraderie filling him.

After a shower, Kai lay down in his boxers, staring at the ceiling. The swirls of plaster looked like paisleys, making him think of her. His body filled with longing, his loins burning with desire. It wasn’t like he’d been going without sex, it just wasn’t on a regular basis. He was on good terms with several old girlfriends, all of whom were willing to indulge in the occasional booty call. Calling one now was out of the question. He’d made a commitment to Paisley, and he wasn’t the kind of man who cheated.

After trying to get comfortable for almost an hour, he got up to work off his sexual tension. He put on a Prince CD on, and warmed some lotion on his hands. Feeling like a pathetic loser, he closed his eyes, picturing Paisley. She excited him more than any of the porn he had stashed in his room. Remembering the curve of her breasts, the crest of her hip, the sleek feel of her thigh, made him crazy with lust. It wasn’t ideal, but afterward he felt more relaxed. At least he was able to fall asleep. It wasn’t the best sleep he’d ever had, but more than he anticipated.

He had two mugs of coffee in the morning, instead of just one, and ate a big breakfast before heading to Paisley’s apartment.

She answered the door wearing nothing but her bathing suit. “I’ll be ready in a minute. You’re early.”

“Guess my watch is fast. By it, I’m right on time.”

“Maybe mine’s running late. You hungry?”

“I ate. Thanks.”

“No problem. There’s coffee if you want some.”

He accepted graciously as she finished dressing. The coffee was good, rich and strong. Kai savored it as he sipped.

“Is there vanilla in this?”

“A pinch. I added a few drops when I brewed it.”

“No wonder it tastes so good. It’s tastes almost as good as you.”

Paisley giggled, smiling. “Thank you for the compliment. I’m sure the coffee tastes better.”

He leaned over, giving her a quick kiss, then sipped the coffee. “Nope, you taste better.”

“You’ll be pleased to know you do too.”

“Never been told I tasted good. Cool.”

“You smell good too,” she told him. “What cologne are you wearing?”

He sniffed his shirt. “I think that’s a combination of soap and deodorant, because I don’t remember using any today.”

“Maybe it’s just you,” she said, reaching for him hungrily.

Surprised by her aggressiveness, he took a step back, tripping over a hump in the rug. Coffee splashed on his hand, dripping on the floor.

Paisley hung her head. “I’m sorry. I can’t even do that right.”

“My fault. You surprised me, that’s all.” Kai set the coffee down, licking it off his hand. “Let’s try that again.” He held his arms open invitingly.

Blushing, her Bacall look in place, Paisley stepped into the circle of his arms, head tilted up. Kai lowered his face to hers, his lips a mere breath away. Sighing contentedly, she opened her lips to him. Teasing her mouth with his lips and tongue, he smiled. This felt so good, so incredibly right. His hands slid up the sleek sides of her suit, pulling her closer as his mouth took hers.

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Love Takes a Swim Part 12 by Dellani Oakes

Love Takes a Swim cover smallBrad is waiting when Kai gets home. He wants to have a chat about Paisley.

I know,” Kai said quickly. “She told me that too, Brad. Look, I have no illusions about complications. But I can’t help….”

“You can’t help falling hard. I saw it in your face. You’re hooked already. You’re too much like me, kid. That protective gene kicks in on you, and you want to hold and comfort…. Yeah, been there a few times.”

“That’s what makes you good at what you do.”

Brad was a patient advocate for elderly people who’d been abused by their families.

“It’s also hard as hell—I don’t want to see you hurt. You’ve got your own baggage, way too much for a man your age.”

Kai blinked hard, dropping his chin as he gazed at his hands. “Yeah. Well…” He gulped, trying not to cry. “That was a long time ago. I was a kid.”

“It wasn’t that long ago, only five years. And it still hurts.”

“Do we have to rehash ancient history?” Kai got defensive and angry when anyone got this close to a tender subject. This was the most tender he had.

“Kai, you’ve never really dealt with this. Your girlfriend aborted your child, and came after you with a butcher knife. That isn’t something you can bury.”

“I’m dealing with it my own way, Brad. I appreciate your concern.”

“But you aren’t dealing with it, not really. You might like to think you’re over it, but what Brianna did to you, left its scars.”

Kai raised his shirt and shoved his shorts down a couple inches. A pale scar showed on his abdomen just below his navel.

“Much lower, she’d have Bobbetized me.”

“Not something to joke about.”

“I’m not joking. She nearly made me a eunuch! What do you want me to say? That I still freak out when I get around people with sharp objects? That it’s hard for me to make a permanent relationship with a woman, because I’m afraid she’ll try to kill me?”

“Are those real fears, or are you jerking the psychological chain for effect?”

“Jeez, Bradley. I honestly don’t know right now. I’ve met a girl I really like, that I could have something good with and she’s got more baggage than an airline. And dear God, she’s sexy as hell and doesn’t even know it! Her skin’s like silk and she tastes like vanilla….”

“You force her into anything, and I will personally take you out.”

“Whoa! I’ve kissed her.” And felt her up. “It was voluntary. I promise.” And I wanted to do so much more!

“Is this going to make working together difficult?”

“Why would it? We’ve decided to try dating. If it works, great. If not, that’s fine. But we deserve a shot, Brad. We’re going out tomorrow night.”


“Dinner and a movie. Is it okay? Do I have your permission?” Kai was getting angry and that made him surly and sarcastic. “I promise to keep my dick in my pants, and my hands to myself. Are we done?” He got up, walking rapidly toward the stairs.

“I’m not trying to be a hard ass. You know that, if you’ll let yourself. I see two young people very attracted to each other, with a whole lot of hurt potential, if things go wrong. I don’t want that to happen. You’re like my own son, even if you’re not my blood. Your mom and I have been together since you were three years old—married since you were four. I’ve always tried to be a good father to you. I hope I’ve been successful.”

Kai sat back down, calmly listening to the older man speak. He nodded. “You’re a great father, Brad. I’m sorry. I know you’re saying this for my own good. And I appreciate it. But I have to give this a shot. I can’t explain how she makes me feel!”

“The way your mother does, every time I look at her.” Brad nodded. “God knows she had her own baggage to contend with. I had to fight my way through quite a bit to convince her to go out with me. Once I did, there were all these fears and worries to overcome—and I wasn’t dealing with a virgin. Do you even have experience with a virgin? I mean other than your first?”

“My first wasn’t a virgin. Neither was Brianna.” Kai snorted.

“I thought Brianna was your first.”

Kai smirked. “Nope, she was third.”

“Jeez, kid. When did you start having sex?”

“Fifteenth birthday, out on the boat, when we were supposed to be watching fireworks.”

“Do I want to know who with?”

“Bill and Maxie’s daughter.”

“Jenna?” He chuckled. “Might have known. That girl has no morals at all.”

“Nope. Oh, it was sweet. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

“How did you hook up with Brianna?”

“Met her at a party after Megan dumped me.”

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