Alton & Velda Part 24 by Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerRevanth his immediately taken to a secluded bower to fulfill his part of the bargain. The youngest sister comes to him last, and he finds that he will be her first lover. Taking it slowly, he teaches her.

He told her things to do for him, as he did things for her. When he thought she as ready, he laid her on her back.

“There are as many ways to do this as there are men in the world,” he whispered. “But this is the way I prefer. I would see the moon and stars light your face.”

She nodded, waiting apprehensively.

“It will hurt a little. But it will be over quickly, and the pleasuring will begin. Are you ready?”

She nodded, biting her lip and closing her eyes tightly. Revanth spread her legs and penetrated her sleek, tight confines. A wince of pain crossed her features as he breached her maidenhood. The pain was soon replaced by sighs of enjoyment. She clung to him, hips moving with his. When she reached her climax, he was there with her, bringing her to completion. Sighing, she lay still, inhaling through her mouth, as if tasting something. Her eyes fluttered open.

“Is it always so delicious?”

Revanth rolled to his side. “If the man cares enough to make it so. There are many selfish, arrogant pricks in the world. I try my best, not to be one.”

Oonah giggled, fondling him. “Good. For this one is too fine to be either selfish or arrogant.”

“My thanks, dear Oonah.”

“Can you stay—past tonight?”

“I fear I cannot, my lovely lass. I have people counting upon me.”

She nodded, tears falling. “And you are only with me, because of a deal struck by my sisters.”

He smoothed her hair from her face. “Alas, that’s true. I won’t speak pretty lies to you. I never thought I would disgrace my relationship, with Astrid, for anything. But there are times when a man must do something wrong, in order to do something right. Do you understand?”

“What happened between us was wrong? No! It was beautiful and it made me so happy!”

“Wrong only because it will hurt Astrid when she finds out.”

“Then, why tell her?”

“Because it will hurt her more if I don’t tell her, and she finds out. If one of you has a son, and he is presented at my doorstep, certain questions will be asked.”

Oonah nodded her understanding. “Can we do it again? My time isn’t up yet. Please?”

Revanth looked at the moon’s arc, judging the passage of time. He still had over half of it left. “Yes, we can do it again.”

“I wish we could do it again and again forever,” she sighed as he sucked her breast. “I hope I have your baby, Revanth. I hope I have your son. Boys are important to humans, aren’t they?”

He smiled. “Yes, they are, very important. But don’t you want a daughter to add to your family?”

She shook her head. “I want a boy, so he can go to live with you. Then you will have a part of me to remember.”

“I could never forget you, my pretty, perfect Oonah.” He made love to her once more, going past their time, not caring.

When they were done, he washed her body before washing down his own. Helping her rise, he walked back to the river’s edge with her. They kissed once more, and she joined her sisters.

“Now,” Alton said. “Revanth has kept our side of the bargain—one hopes satisfactorily.”

The sisters flushed a pretty shade of blue. Revanth blazed a bright red.

“Beyond the fields, the hills begin,” Dannae said. “And to the far side of the hills, a mighty river runs. It is the birthplace of many naiads, including most of us. It is the domain of a very powerful sorceress—one who has mastered not only the workings of water, but of air and earth as well.”

“And of fire?” Alton asked.

“No. Not fire,” was Dannae’s tight lipped reply. “Though she is skilled, the wielding of fire is not only beyond our ken, it is anathema.”

“She’s a naiad?” Revanth sprung to the right conclusion.

The sisters sat quietly, looks furtive, angry and fearful.

“Oh gods,” Alton groaned. “It’s her mother, isn’t it. Rialtia lives.”

“Concentrate!” Velda hissed. “If you do it wrong, we’ll be killed!”

“You’ve got decades of this training, it was yours from birth. I’ve had hours, after a lifetime of denying I held any magic. It is not a trait lauded in my country.”

Velda shook her head. “How humans have managed to survive and thrive, I’ll never know.”

“Unlike the magical races, we are prolific.”

“True. Humans, unlike the fae, can have multiple births with regularity. For us, such things are rare.”

“But you said your mother had at least a dozen daughters,” Astrid said, pulling her knees up. She rested her head on them, arms folded around.

“My mother is centuries old. And certain of us are good breeders,” Velda smiled. “It helps to have a good breeding stock. Rialtia had, when I was still home, fifteen daughters. That doesn’t include any sons. But that was long ago. There could be twice that now. We girls do not know our fathers. We could meet our brothers, and never recognize them.”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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