Alton & Velda Part 23 by Dellani Oakes

alton and velda cover smallerFinding themselves at a river, Alton and Revanth ask the naiads for help. The women are nieces of Velda’s, understandably a bit hostile with Alton. However, they promise to help the men, if Revanth will agree to mate with them.

“In exchange, we will tell you what we know of the puka, and the lands beyond the hills,” the second said.

“The thing is, ladies….” Revanth cleared his throat nervously. “I’m as good as married.”

“So? This is mating for young. Your almost-wife cannot object.”

“In point of fact, she can, and does.”

“How? She isn’t here. How will she know?” the second naiad said.

The expression in their eyes turned hard, their faces tense.

“We can see how we fare without their help….” Alton began.

“And if no one else knows? Or drives an even harder bargain? Then what?”

Alton said nothing for a moment. His body slumped slightly, his eyes shuttered. “I know how Velda felt the first time I was unfaithful,” he murmured. “And the second, and the hundredth.”

Revanth hung his head. “If it will help us find them, can I refuse? Could you? It is a function of the body….” He swallowed a sob as he walked boldly to the water’s edge. “Any sons will be sent to me to raise,” he announced. “If you lie about having useful information, woe be to you. I will bring wrath and rain fire upon you. If I do this thing, do you swear you have information to aid us in our quest?”

“We swear,” the eldest said, her voice held a note of triumph.

“Alton, do the deal oath, if you please. My seed—my infidelity—for all the information they have which will help us—and aid in a manner yet to be determined by us. As you see fit, my friend.”

With great misgivings on the part of the men, the deal was struck. One hour with each of the three sisters, in exchange for information and assistance. When they were sure they had smoothed out the details, Alton and Revanth agreed. The three women and their younger sister, also agreed. Though she was too young, she might have information, so was included in the oath.

“My hour first,” the eldest said, stepping forward.

“I can’t mate underwater,” Revanth said, drawing back a little.

“Of course not. A suitable place is waiting.” She led him into the woods to a comfortable, secluded bower. “My sisters’ daughters were all conceived here.”

“And their sons?” Revanth teased.

The naiad clicked her tongue, scolding. Food and drink were brought by the other sisters. After he ate and drank, Revanth noticed changes in himself. Where before he had no true desire, now he found himself wanting the woman desperately. He knew he had been drugged, but cared little about it.

“What is your name, my indigo beauty?” he sighed, stroking her hair.

“Dannae.” She took off his boots. “My handsome man needs cleaning.” She clapped her hands.

Bowls of fresh, warm, scented water appeared, along with soft cloths. Undressing him quickly, she washed and dried his body. By the time she had finished, he was ready to do his duty by her.

“Lie back and enjoy, my handsome lover,” she whispered, her hands running over his muscular frame. “I will do more for you in one hour than your almost-wife will do in a lifetime.”

She proceeded to pleasure him with her mouth and hands, finally mounting him as he lay on his back. She rode him hard, gasping as his seed filled her. Three more times, she brought him to an ecstatic climax. After a quick wash, she slid off and put her clothing on.

“Drink,” she said, handing him a cup of wine.

As he was thirsty, Revanth did as instructed. The warm quickening filled him once more as the second sister, Pilar, joined him. She bathed him just as her sister had, making him love her four more times. When they were finished, she dressed and left as her sister had. “Drink,” she commanded as she left.

It was time for the third sister to have her time. She came into the bower shyly, holding her gown around her. Revanth’s nudity seemed to embarrass her, so he tossed his shirt over his throbbing groin and waited to see what she would do. When it became obvious that she was terrified, he sat up rather than reclining.

“Am I your first?” he asked quietly.

She nodded, deep blue eyes wide with fear.

“What is your name? For truly, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever met.”

“More so than your wife?”

“If I say yes, you must promise never to tell her, or she’d make it impossible for me to father anymore children.”

The young woman laughed a little. “My name is Oonah.”

“That is a name as lovely as the woman. If you aren’t ready….”

“No. The deal was struck for three. It must be three.”

“I could be with your sisters again.”

“No. The deal was struck for three.”

“I will be gentle,” he promised.

“I don’t know how to pleasure you.”

“Then how about I do the pleasuring?” He held out his hand to her.

Oonah took his hand, sitting next to him. Revanth slowly took off her clothing, kissing her body as he undressed her. Soon, naked and shivering, she sat next to him.

“You might put your hand here,” he said, placing it on his groin. “And stroke softly.”

Her nervous fingers clutched too tightly and he flinched.

“Softly, lass. Like a petal on the water. Yes, that’s better.” He lay back, sighing contentedly.

“What else pleases you?”

© 2019 Dellani Oakes

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