When Tis Done – Part 74

When Tis Done cover smallLien’s behavior is much less sweet and more snarly today. Brian collected a hair off the housekeeper’s clothing, and Jordan figures out how Scott might help. He’s a zoologist, but he also has vast knowledge of Asian mythology.

“Hi, Scott!”

“Baby sis, to what do I owe this rarity?”

“Oh, please. I text you all the time.”

“Yeah, well….” he waited for an explanation. “How can I help?”

Very quickly, she gave him a rundown. Scott listened intently. She could hear computer keys clicking as he looked something up.

“You said you got a hair sample off the woman?”


“Can you get one from Lien?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“It would give us more to go on. If not, we’ll use what we’ve got. I have a couple ideas already, but let me do some more investigating. Jordan, watch your back. If this is what I think it is…. Be careful.”

“What do you think it is?”

“I don’t want to speculate. Just watch yourselves. I’ll call you after school, okay?”

“Okay. You’re scaring me, Scott.”

“No fear allowed. Lemme talk to Brian?”

“Okay….” She handed the phone over. “He wants to talk to you.”

“Hi, Scott?”

“Yeah, hi. Listen…. If this is what I think it might be, Jordan could be in serious trouble. Does she have protection against posession?” He mumbled the last word so quickly, Brian almost didn’t hear it.

“Um…. yeah. I mean, as much as it’s possible. I think?”

“Okay, I’m going to talk to Mom and bounce some ideas around. I’ll be there by six. I’m leaving now.”

“Thank you, Scott.”

“Family takes care of family,” he replied. “You watch out for my baby sister, or there’s no hole deep enough for you to hide in.”

“I understand. Count on it.”

After school, the four of them walked out to Jordan’s car together. A crowd had gathered around the vehicle. When one of her theatre buddies spotted her, she rushed over.

“Jordan, oh, honey, it’s awful!”

“What? Kayley?” She started running.

Brian followed her, catching up as she saw her mother’s car. It was covered in dozens of raw eggs. Still fairly fresh, some of the mess dripped off the bumper onto the hot pavement. Some sizzled in the Mississippi sun. Across the windshield, someone had scrawled: “I’ll get you, Bitch!” in red paint, with cross hairs over the driver’s side about where her head would be if she were in the seat. There was no other apparent damage to the car, but that was enough. Roaring with fury, Jordan searched the crowd until she spotted Lien not far away. The smug expression on the Asian girl’s face told her that she’d spotted the perpetrator.

“You evil bitch!” Jordan screamed. “What’s wrong with you?”

Everyone turned to see who she was yelling at. With a toss of her long hair, Lien walked off as if she wasn’t the center of attention.

“Did she do that? How do you know?” the questions fired at Jordan rapidly, leaving her confused and breathless.

“Mom is going to kill me,” she whined.

“No, she won’t,” Chase said. “This is a mess, but it will wash off. At least you weren’t hurt. Let me call Mom.” He took out his phone and placed the call.

“Already on my way,” his mother said.They saw her at the top of the school steps, coming down quickly. “Was it Lien?” she asked as soon as she walked up.

“We’re sure. Proving it won’t be easy.”

“Easier than you’d think,” Dora replied. “After all the trouble last year, the school upgraded the security cameras.”

“How did they swing that?” Jordan asked, staring at the egg still dripping off the bumper.

“An anonymous donation,” Dora smirked. “Ah, there’s Officer Wilke. Steve, can we see the security footage?”

Steve Wilke blinked slowly, obviously absorbing that request. “Sure, Dora. The police will be here any second, then you can have a look.”

“Thank you. Don’t you think these students should leave?”

“Move along,” Steve Wilke said, waving the students aside. “Here are the guys now, Dora. Whose car is this?”

“Mine. Well, my mom’s. She’s gonna be so mad!” Jordan burst into tears.

Marissa enfolded her in her arms. “No, she won’t. She’ll be glad you’re okay. Don’t worry. I’ll stay with her,” she volunteered. “Y’all go and see what you can find on that video.”

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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