When Tis Done – Part 63

When Tis Done coverBrian and Jordan walk back to his house and spot Jian and his father in a car out front. They call the police, hoping that the Fēngs won’t attack an officer. Unfortunately, they do. Brian rushes out to help. Jordan arms herself with a bag of blessed salt and a silver candlestick. Brian fights Jian as Jordan confronts Mr. Fēng.

Gasping and gagging, Ellen tried to catch her breath. She staggered into Mr. Fēng as he tried to rush at Jordan, knocking him back a step. Feeling stronger, she pulled her nightstick and whacked him with it to get his attention.

Snarling, Mr. Fēng turned on her once more. “Didn’t you get enough the first time?”

Smack! she hit him again.

By this time, Jordan heard sirens approaching from both directions. Seconds before the cop cars showed up, her father and Miles rolled up in the Barrett’s car. They jumped out as soon as Heath put it in park, and joined the battle. Miles went to help Brian, while Heath went to Ellen’s aid. Since he and Ellen had Fēng in hand, Jordan turned to see how Brian and Miles fared with Jian.

Brian’s face was bloody, his lips split, one eye swollen. Jian looked like he’d been hit by a truck. He could hardly lift his hands to defend himself. Brian punched him and he fell into Miles’ arms, unconscous.When Fēng saw his son fall, the fight went out of him. Hanging his head, he leaned weakly against his car.

“A regular prison won’t hold him,” he murmured. “He needs to be locked up. Quickly, before he wakes.”

“What?” Ellen said. “The jail….”

“Won’t be enough. Do you have a place?” he appealed to Miles.

“I don’t, but I know someone who does. How long do you think he’ll be out?” Miles asked.

“Not long. he’s very strong.”

“Get John,” Miles said to Heath.

“He’s on his way with Neil,” Jordan said. “And bringing Mom and Marissa. Let’s get you into the house,” she told Brian.

“I’ve got an ambulance coming,” Ellen said.

“We’re fine,” Miles said calmly. “No ambulance.”

Ellen raised her radio to her lips. “You can cancel the ambulance. We’re all right here.”

“You should be checked by the doctor,” Miles added.

“I will be checked by the doctor when I’m done here,” she promised.

“Good. Thank you for saving my son and his girlfriend, Officer Berger.”

“You’re welcome. Doing my job, sir.”

Fēng leaned heavily against his car. Ellen read him his rights and cuffed him. Jian was still down, but Miles and Heath stood by to watch him. When Ellen wasn’t looking, Heath cast a spell to make him sleep longer.

Eventually, things were sorted out. Fēng was arrested, but they convinced the police, using their super secret ninja mind mojo, Jordan’s words, to let John take Jian into custody. He had connections at Camp Shelby and could arrange facilities with some fast talk and a little more mind mojo. He, Neil and Heath took Jian in Heath’s SUV.

Brian was hurt, but it wasn’t serious. Marissa and Jackie had him patched up in no time. Since they were all hungry, and needed to report to the rest of the Circle members, they went back to Neil’s house to eat and explain.

“Is it over?” Marissa asked.

“No,” Brian replied. “It’s only the beginning. Jian said that there was someone else. I don’t know what he meant, or who.”

“There was one member of the family very pointedly not there,” Marissa said. “That smarmy, silly Lien.”

“Don’t you like Lien?” Jordan asked, surprised.

“I can’t stand her. Pretentious little pipsqueak. Pretending to be sweet and gentle—there’s a rod of steel in the girl’s back. We have chorus together and she’s always acting helpless, working the boys around so they do things for her, give her things. I’m surprised she’s got you fooled, Jordan. You’re usually a better judge of character.”

“I’m surprised, too. I’ll keep an eye out, thank you.”

Neil, John and Heath arrived a short time later.

“Jian’s there until he can be collected. Heath spun another couple spells and we warded the place the best we could,” Neil said. “John’s got connections with a secure facility where he can be taken.”

“Fēng acted like Jian was in charge,” Jordan mused. “It was weird, he got really docile after Jian got knocked out. He didn’t fight anymore and warned us to keep him locked away securely. Why would you say that about your own son?”

“Maybe Jian isn’t his son,” Neil speculated. “Maybe he’s the one who’s really in charge?”

“Or maybe neither of them is and it’s Lien. I’m telling you, there’s more to that girl than she’s showing,” Marissa insisted.

© 2018 Dellani Oakes

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