Excerpt from Minnie and Moe by Dellani

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character-quotes-imageSince Sidetracked was so dark, I decided to write something light and silly. It started out well enough, but I must have been in a weird mood after my novel, and it took a turn. Not dark, exactly, but a bit murky. Anyway, this is the first couple of pages, before Minnie and Moe took a turn.

Assignment just came in over the wire, sir,” Miss Mona Penny announced.

Excellent! What’s the job?”

A hit on one Moe Chaufroid,” she said, setting a photo by his morning cuppa.

The man was tall, lanky, and singularly unattractive. He wore his limp, black hair slicked back from a too lean, angular face. “What’s the poor bastard done? He looks like an accountant!”

He is an accountant, but a very clever one. In his case, looks are deceiving. He’s been embezzling from a conglomerate – and its owners are…

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