Announcing So Much It Hurts by Dellani


Normally, I would be posting the next installment of When Tis Done, but today is special. My newest book, So Much It Hurts is live today! I’m so delighted that Tirgearr Publishing chose to publish this novel for me, as it’s near and dear to my heart.

You’d think that all books would resonate the same way with an author, but they don’t. Sometimes, I finish a book and think, “Well, it’s done.” Other times, I’m so excited by what I’ve written, I read it over and over. This is one that creates great excitement.

For starters, I have three truly interesting, and fun, characters in this book. I’ll introduce them alphabetically:

Flynn Chancellor is an art major working on his PhD. He’s creative, talented and driven to succeed. Confident and self-assured, he’s also carrying around a lot of emotional baggage, making it hard to commit to a relationship. He’s finally ready to try, but he’ll have to chuck the bags out the window if he wants it to work.

Pia Donovan is a small town girl. She grew up, mostly, outside Kearney, Nebraska. This is her first time in the big city. She feels lost and alone until she meets Flynn, and later, Yancy. Still smarting from a horrible break-up, she’s not sure if she’s ready to love again, but she’s willing to try. Pia is a musician, here to work on her Masters in music.

Yancy Fredrick is the oddball, left-brain one in the group. A business major, he’s absolutely brilliant. The plan is that he and Flynn will open an art school together, with him running the business end, and Flynn teaching. This has been their dream since they met as freshmen in college. Working on his PhD in business, Yancy has a great career planned, he just wants someone special to share it with him.

Below is one of my favorite scenes from So Much It Hurts. Shortly after meeting Flynn, Pia is introduced to his roommate, Yancy. The two men take her out to dinner.

So Much It Hurts – Available NOW!

We decided Thai?” Yancy asked as they rode downstairs.

If that appeals,” Flynn replied. “There’s also Italian, Mexican, or a Mongolian grill.”

That’s a fun place,” Yancy replied. “The guy has a big steel drum on his food truck and goes all over the city. He’s not there tonight, dude. That’s Thursday.”

You are correct. Pia, what sounds good?”

I’m actually in the mood for Thai,” she said with a grin. “I’m real picky about Mexican. I’m half.”

Do you cook?” Yancy asked.

I do. Why?” Her eyes narrowed with suspicion.

Because we get tired of eating out. If we pitch in on ingredients and assist in the kitchen, will you cook?”

I’d love to.”

Sweet. You don’t mind cooking for a crowd, do you? Because when word gets out…”

Not at all. Dad runs a restaurant back home. I’ve worked there since I was ten. I can make a vat of chili that will put hair on your chest.”

As long as it doesn’t put hair on my ass,” Flynn said, shoving the elevator open. “I don’t like waxing.”

Pia snorted. Yancy leaned over, speaking in a stage whisper. “Flynn hasn’t reached puberty yet. His ass is hairless as a baby’s butt.”

Flynn reached around and rapped him on top of the head. “At least I don’t have back hair.”

I don’t have back hair.”

Seriously, you should see him at the full moon,” Flynn remarked as they walked out the front door. “Werewolves howl and try to hump his leg.”

Pia looped her arms through theirs, laughing loudly as they crossed the yard. “I’m going to love it here. You guys remind me of my brothers.”

The men smirked, sharing a glance over her head.

Thai Garden, here we come!” Flynn yelled, waving his cap in the air.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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So Much It Hurts will be on sale until November 8. For now, it’s only .99 cents, so pick up your copy now! While you’re there, check out my other books. Help me celebrate the launch of my new book!


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