When Tis Done – Part 2

When Tis Done coverThe teens are gathering in Jordan’s basement, waiting for Brian to arrive. Marrissa is already there, being her usual perky self. Jordan, on the other hand, isn’t.

“I’m a riot. It’s part of my charm.”

“Yeah, that’s how I always describe you,” Chase said as he came down the stairs behind her. “You’ll love Jordan, she’s a riot.”

Chase gave Marissa a chaste kiss on the cheek. She drew slightly away from him, not comfortable with the intimate display in front of Jordan. Face registering disappointment and disgust, he dropped on the faded couch next to Jordan.

“Chase Finley is a funny man,” Jordan replied. “I’ve always said that.”

He chuckled, tapping her lightly on the arm. “Where’s big Bri?”

“No clue. He said he’d be here half an hour ago, but hasn’t arrived yet. Not answering his phone, either.”

“You’re not worried?” Chase’s brow furrowed.

“He was watching Elise. I figure Miles and Maribelle aren’t home yet. He turns off his phone if she’s sleeping. He’ll get here.”

“Should we go looking?” Marissa hopped up, ready for action. “After everything that’s happened….”

“No worries, Mar. Brian and I have developed this…something. I know when he’s in danger or when he’s just late. It’s fine. If you see me hop up and start running, follow me.”

“Okay. If you’re sure. Chase and I don’t have that.”

Jordan nodded. She wasn’t surprised. The sense of one another hadn’t developed until they spent limitless time together, their relationship changing from friends to boyfriend and girlfriend. It hadn’t progressed to sex yet, but Jordan was determined to be eighteen before that happened. Brian didn’t like the idea, but he didn’t have much choice in the matter. They were destined to be together, he’d have to live with it.

The stairs creaked and Brian trotted down the steps, ducking at the bottom. He’d shot up again, towering over them all at six foot four. Jordan had squeaked out another half inch during the spring and summer, topping out now as a remarkable five foot three and a half. Even Chase’s younger sister, Kate, was taller than she was, and she wasn’t even twelve.

“Hey, babe,” he said, flopping on the other side of the couch. He kissed her deeply, his fingers trying to creep under the edge of her crop top.

“Hey, yourself,” she replied, grabbing his fingers and squeezing hard.

“I need those,” Brian said. “Sorry! I’m sorry! Ow! What the hell, Jordan!”

“It’s bad enough you grope me, but in front of Chase and Marissa, that’s poor taste.”

“Sorry. The crop top is tempting.” His mouth lowered to hers again.

“Other people in the room!”Marissa’s voice rose in pitch. She blushed a furious shade of red. “Goodness, Brian! Really!”

“He does it just to eat at you,” Chase said. “And me. Thanks for that, Brian. I can barely get a kiss, let alone a near fondle.”

Marissa’s blush deepened, tears springing to her eyes. “Well, Chase Dearborn Finley, I’m sorry I’m such a disappointing girlfriend! If I had any choice in the matter, I’d leave you for someone else!”

“If either of us had a choice, we’d never have started dating at all!” Chase countered. “My God, Riss. We’re supposed to get married and have kids. But I can’t even get a kiss, I can’t imagine how you’ll freeze me out when I want sex!” He held up his hand. “Oh wait, I already do. And my dick got covered with ice crystals.” He turned to Brian and Jordan. “Literally ice! She nearly gave me frostbite!”

Marissa burst into tears and ran to the laundry room nearby. Jordan got up, glaring at Chase.

“Thanks for that. Now, I have to go be sympathetic and girlie. You’re an ass, Chase. No—you’re a dick.” She stalked angrily after Marissa.

“Dude, get a fucking grip,” Brian said. “I know it’s not easy….”

“At least Jordan lets you kiss her! I get a peck on the cheek from no less than six inches away. I love her like my life—because I have to. Why did I get stuck with the religious freak?”

“She’s probably wondering why she got stuck with the horny jock. Honestly, Chase, you can be such an insensitive goob. She has no control over how she was raised. Her dad lived in denial of his powers a long time, trying to pretend that all this didn’t exist.” He waved his arms, encompassing the house and them, but meant vastly more. “None of us chose this path. It was chosen for us the second we were conceived. It’s like some kind of cosmic crap shoot.”

“You’ve been spending time with Jackie.”

“Yeah, and it’s helped my perspective a lot. You should try it. Then maybe you wouldn’t make your girlfriend burst into tears and try to freeze your dick.”

“No one else understands this relationship, Brian. I’m a football player, I’m supposed to date cheerleaders, fucking their brains out. Instead, I’m dating the class prude.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes 

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