Red River Radio Presents Dellani’s Tea Time with CW Lovatt, JS Burke and SA Gibson

TODAY at 4:00 PM EASTERN! Dellani’s Tea Time on Blog Talk Radio!

School’s out! Time to sit around the pool, kick back on the beach, climb a mountain or swim a lake. Maybe you’d like a safari in Africa or an epic, post-apocalyptic journey? Perhaps flying like a dragon is more your speed? Whatever your fancy, our authors can take you there. We have three amazing and diverse guests on our show, so relax and enjoy!

One author is no stranger to the show. I’m not sure how many visits he’s made, but I think this is his fifth. We just love having him back. Please join me in welcoming CW Lovatt author of And Then it Rained, Adventures of Charlie Smithers, Josiah Stubb & Wild Wolf’s Twisted Tales.

Our next two guests are new to the show, and we’re so pleased to have them join us.

Are dragons your passion? Then you’ll love books by J.S. Burke. Her flights of fantasy introduce readers to a whole new look at creatures of the air and sea. J.S. Burke is the author of The Dragon Dreamer and Dragon Lightning. 

Our third guest is someone I met because he was hosting an event for sci-fi authors, to which he welcomed me. I’m delighted to return the favor. S.A. Gibson is the author of Asante’s Gullah Journey, After the Collapse Series and other wonderful sci-fi books.

Welcome to all our authors! Please join us TODAY at 4 PM Eastern as we chat with them.

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