The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 20

the-man-who-wasnt-thereMarissa’s father is sure that Brian is possessed, until Marissa sets him straight. Miles calls from the hospital to tell them that Brian’s brain looks good on the MRI scan.

“But everything is good? He’s fine?”

“Never better, my love. No worrying allowed.”

Andre held out his hand for the phone. Maribelle handed it to him, her hand shaking. Jackie held her, letting her cry.

“Hi, Miles, it’s Andre. Did they just do a head MRI?”

“No, full body. Why?”

“Can I ask Dad something?”

“Sure. One second. Claude?” The phone exchanged hands. “It’s Andre.”

“Yes, son?”

“Did anything strange show up?”

“In terms of what?”

“An unexplained glow around the right shoulder.”

Claude gasped. “How did you know?” he asked softly. “What did Miles tell you?”

“Nothing. Jackie and I saw it. Marissa sensed it too. We think it’s a Rider.”

“Well, I’ll be. I’ll run that by Dr. Rosenthal. Don’t worry, she’s one of us.”

“Keep us posted?”

“Yeah. We’re leaving soon. No worrying allowed. Tell your mother.”

“Will do. Thanks, Dad.”

“No problem. Tell Mamie not to worry.”

“I’ll do that. Bye.”

His father hung up. Andre handed the phone back to Maribelle.

“Dr. Rosenthal is one of us,” he said calmly. “Dad didn’t say so, but I got the impression that he’d seen the glow of the Rider. He’ll pass that information along.”

Brian waited for the doctors to stop talking to his father. Jordan sat next to him, her hand in his. His ears still rang from the thudding and thumping of the MRI machine. Even with the headphones and music playing, the sounds had been loud and disturbing. He’d felt the strength of the magnet as the waves pounded against his body, making him tired and achy. At one point, he’d felt heat on his skin. He didn’t know if that was normal or not, but it was disconcerting. It was especially bad in the area of his kidneys and his groin. That warmth hadn’t stopped, but spread. Even with the test over, he could feel the thump and shudder of the machine. Or is it—?

Jordan gripped his hand, eyes wide. “What is that? Is that you?”

Brian concentrated on the deep rumble under their feet. “I don’t know. I don’t think so. Maybe it’s a train.”

“We’re nowhere near the railroad.”

“A big truck on the highway.” The rumble increased the more agitated he got.

Jordan kissed him. The rumbling ceased.

“It’s you,” she whispered.

“What’s going on?” Miles asked, squatting by his son’s chair.

“No idea,” Brian said. “But can we get out of here? Cause I have a feeling it’s from me.”

“Yeah.” He went over the where the doctors stood. “We need to speed this up, Claude. Brian’s having tremors.”

Fortunately, Dr. Rosenthal, whose brother was an earth adept, understood. She pushed the paperwork through and they were done in less than ten minutes.

Once they were in the car, Brian relaxed and the tremors stopped. “What is that? Is it going to continue?”

“Sometimes, when we get emotional, particularly when we’re scared, we will get tremors. It’s especially noticeable with earth adepts. Those who are air wielders will experience winds of varying intensity. Water—they get rain. Fire is the worst. Thank God you’re not presenting with that one.” Claude shuddered. “I used to have random flames pop up inconveniently—setting things on fire, like the books of my high school crush. Lord!” He shook his head, laughing. “At least she never forgot me.”

“Is it going to go away?”

“It could get worse before it gets better,” Miles said. “You’ve been through a traumatic experience, son. None of us have done what you have, so we have no basis to compare. You could give your buddy, Dr. Meru, a call and see if he knows anything.”

“We need to give him an update anyway,” Jordan said. “So much happened last night, we forgot.”

“Andre called him,” Claude said. “But I know he’d like to hear from you. Bindjali is true friend.”

“When we get home, we’ll Skype,” Jordan promised.

“I need a shower and a nap,” Brian confessed. “I don’t feel that great. The MRI got to me. I felt like it was hammering my insides.”

“Not an unusual reaction,” Claude said. “For an earth adept, probably worse. I’ve got a treatment that will help. I’ll need to borrow Jackie and her crystals,” he told Jordan.

“Mom’s crystals are at your disposal, Dr. Beauchamps.”

He chuckled. “Close your eyes, Brian. Get some rest.”

Brian didn’t have to be told twice. He put his head on Jordan’s lap and fell into a deep sleep.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes 

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