The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 17

the-man-who-wasnt-thereBrian wakes from a deep, dreamless sleep to find Jordan there. They head downstairs for breakfast with his parents and baby sister. Jordan is delighted that Elise says her name for the first time.

“Oh, thank you for feeding my bacon craving!” Jordan took a piece in each hand, alternating bites. “I don’t know how my mother doesn’t think bacon is a slice of heaven. Yum!”

“I gather that once you and Brian are married, you won’t be keeping the vegetarian tradition?”

“With his hulk? He’d rebel and start eating the vertical blinds.”

“Only if they’re made of bacon,” Brian replied, stuffing a biscuit in his mouth.

“I know Mom thinks it clears the brain and keeps her more spiritual, but I can’t deny my carnivorous moments. She made the switch when I was ten. I don’t know what brought it on, she never told me. It wasn’t an easy transition, especially for Dad and my brothers.”

“If you decide to enforce it, warn me so I can divorce you and marry some other sultry, brunette beauty with nice tits and a great smile,” Brian teased, forgetting his mother was in the room.

Maribelle cleared her throat pointedly. Brian dropped his head to the table.

“Sorry, Mom. That was a joke because I nearly landed face first in Jordan’s chest the day we met.” He raised his head, looking guilty. “You know, I had no clue you were even a girl until that happened.”

“You thought I was a boy?” Jordan’s laugh burst forth. “Oh, that’s great. Way to stoke my ego, Casey.”

“In my defense, Jordan isn’t exactly the most gender specific name. And you have a husky voice And you were wearing a very bulky jacket.”

“I concede your defense,” she replied. “As long as you’re clear now.”

Brian smirked, raising an eyebrow as his eyes drifted to her chest. Her sweater clung to her curves, emphasizing her lush figure to perfection. “I’m not sure. Maybe you need to convince me further.”

Maribelle cleared her throat again. “Brian, I didn’t raise you to be a lech.”

“No, Mother, you didn’t. It’s an ironic quirk of fate and, no doubt, a misalignment in the stars that causes my loutish behavior. I promise that I shall strive to do better, but please don’t expect it to improve. I have testosterone.”

“Go away. Now, before I am forced to smack you.” She brandished a spatula at him.

Brian jumped away as she swung playfully at him. “Watch it, Mom. You’ll hit the baby!”

“Go away,” she repeated.

“Yes, ma’am. Going away now, ma’am.”

Brian and Jordan cleared the table and cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast. He felt marginally normal, despite his odd experiences last night.

“You need to journal this,” Jordan decided. “Let’s go to the basement and we’ll do a video log of it.”

“Did all our friends go home last night?”

“No, they’re still here, but we’re not getting together until lunch time. After that, they’ll head home. Meeting at my house this time. Some of the ladies are already there getting things set up.”

“It’s cool that you’re here?” Brian didn’t want her to leave.

Jordan put her hand on his cheek. “I’m where I need to be—where I want to be. I never really got the chance to say this yesterday. You were too hell bent on blurting out everything on your mind. I love you, too, Brian. We’ve battled fire and ice together, vanquished a demon—”

“You raised me from the dead,” he murmured, his lips near hers.

“You gave me my first real kiss,” she whispered. “And even if we weren’t betrothed by Fate, I’d choose you, too. You’re the only guy who gets my sense of humor. You laugh at my jokes and you don’t let my sarcasm set your skin on fire.” She giggled as he moved closer. “And you look at me as if I’m the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Brian kissed her deeply. Heat blossomed in his chest, spreading warmth all over his body. He hadn’t realized how cold he’d been after the ritual, until now. Jordan rekindled the heat inside him, making him feel more alive than ever. Hearing Andre’s voice in his head again, he backed off. Only Andre’s voice wasn’t in his head, it was in the next room.

“Could y’all keep it down? We were trying to sleep!”

Brian laughed, shaking his head. “No, you weren’t! I may not be psychic or see auras, but I’m a man. Mom’s got breakfast ready. Might wanna get dressed and eat.”

“Asshole!” Andre tossed back.

“Dick!” Brian countered.

“Thanks, I got me one already.”

“Mine’s bigger,” Brian couldn’t resist adding.

Andre made a disgusted noise. He and Louisa came out of their room a few minutes later.

“Sorry, dude. I forgot you were here,” Brian apologized.

Louisa went upstairs with Jordan to fix plates for herself and Andre.

“I get it, man. It’s been a busy couple days for you. Cool it, though. I know the urge to take it fast, believe me. I got a kid to prove it.”

“Does Louisa know?”

“Yeah. She’s met the ex and knows my baby. We have an amicable relationship, but it was never love. Both women know that. I can’t stress enough how important it is to wait. Trust me, the first time with the woman you love, the one you’re bound to—nothing like it.” He clapped Brian on the back, shaking his head slowly. “I sound like an old man, don’t I? Mr. Experience at twenty.”

Brian laughed. “Yeah, you’re the old man of the bunch. But we love you, gramps.”

© 2017 Dellani Oakes 

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