The Man Who Wasn’t There – Part 12

the-man-who-wasnt-thereAfter viewing a couple of videos from Dr. Meru, about the Peddler, Brian and Jordan speak to him about the ritual. He tells Jordan that she will help the Casters with the spell.

“Me? I don’t know how to do this either.”

“I am well aware of that, my dear. But you’re his intended mate. Therefore, your participation is essential. I’m going to give you detailed instructions.”

Jordan, who was very well organized, picked up a pencil and legal pad she’d brought down to take notes on the videos. She’d already scribbled some things on the pad. She turned to a fresh page.

“Ready,” she replied.

Meru smiled. “Not yet, perhaps, but you will be as ready as I can make you.”

He spent the next hour giving them detailed instructions on how to stand, how to chant and who should handle what part of the intricate spell. Jordan kept concise notes, repeating the instructions to be sure she had everything right.

Brian and Meru practiced the dance together. Jordan kept the beat by tapping on her notepad with her pencil. When they were done, he smiled once more. His dark eyes sparkled.

“You’ll let me know how this goes?”

“Yes, absolutely,” Jordan replied. “Thank you, Dr. Meru. I hope one day we’ll be able to meet you.”

“I do too, Jordan. And don’t worry, dearest one, you’ll grow. Not as tall as your man-beast here, but tall enough that you’ll be able to hold your own.”

“She already holds her own,” Brian replied, winking at Jordan. “She scares the hell out of me on a regular basis.”

Meru laughed, nodding. “As it should be. Time for me to go, children. I have faith in you. I will call upon the others and we will all be lifting you up.” He bowed his head and cut the connection.

Jordan and Brian went upstairs to talk to the others and give their instructions. Maribelle got pencils and paper for everyone so that they could copy their parts as Jordan told them. Each of them had a part to play. When they were done, Jordan sat heavily beside Brian. He put his arm around her, pulling her close.

“You’re pretty amazing,” he whispered. “If I haven’t told you that before, I’m a damn fool.”

Jordan kissed his cheek, grinning up at him. “Thank you. You are a damn fool.”

Brian laughed, rubbing her head until he mussed her hair. “Thanks a bunch! Just remember, I may be a fool, but I’m all yours.”

“Yes, no end of bother, but what’s a girl to do?”

“Who’s hungry?” Miles asked.

“Besides you?” Maribelle replied.

“I’m starving,” Brian replied.

“I could eat,” Sweet added.

The men all joined in on the chorus of hunger. Soon, the children joined them, creating quite a cacophony.

“Pizza,” Miles declared, pulling out his phone. “Three large, right?” He winked at the assembled hoard of hungry people.

“More like thirty,” Brian replied. “I swear, I could eat a whole one by myself.”

Jordan’s pad of paper came in handy once more. Everyone had their special orders to ask for. Miles gathered and assembled the requests and called the pizza delivery place.

“We’ll pick it up,” he assured the girl on the phone. “No driver should have to deal with that kind of order.”

“I was gonna say, that’s bigger than some school orders. This could take about an hour, is that okay?”

“Yeah. Thank you.”

Maribelle pulled out all the snack food she had, which was considerable. Everything from honey mustard pretzels to a vegetable platter. Brian wasn’t surprised to find out that the mothers had brought a variety of items with them for the overnight trip.

Brian and Andre went with Louisa and Jordan to pick up the pizza. On the way back, Jordan yelped.

“I completely forgot about your loin cloth,” she said.

“No worries,” Brian assured her. “I talked to Dr. Meru about that. He said any natural fiber. I have a pair of hemp shorts that Dad got for me in Jamaica. They’ve never been worn. I rinsed them out in blessed salt water. Meru said those would work great. Even the thread and drawstring are hemp fiber.”

“Whew!” I haven’t even had time to think about it.”

“Aw, you mean we don’t get to see Brian in the buff?” Louisa teased. “I wanted to make unkind comparisons.”

Brian blushed, his ears burning. “I assure you, everything is proportional,” he shot back at her.

Andre’s eyes narrowed. “Oh, hell. I’m just as glad you’re gonna be dancing in shorts cause, da-yam.”

Brian laughed, glancing at his friend with a raised eyebrow. “Jealous?”

Andre, who was considerably shorter than Brian, screwed up his mouth, shaking his head. “No fair. That’s all I’m sayin’.”

The girls laughed loudly.

“If either of you says anything with the word envy attached, she will be summarily chastised,” Andre threatened.

© 2017 Dellani Oakes

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