He Thought He Saw – Part 48

He Thought He Saw redHeath tells them that they are descended from Druids and gives them a little more information about their origins.

“How many families are involved?”

“Eight in every key location. We’re in one of those spots. There’s another one in the Spokane area of Washington, one in Peru, another in New Zealand—all over the world. If we were to trace you back far enough, you’d find that somewhere in the family lineage was a Druid or other magic wielder.”

“This is getting more far fetched by the minute,” Brian said. “Ancient Druids? Really?”

“Scoff if you want, but it’s true.”

“Who is Deidrich?”

“We aren’t exactly sure. He shows up when there’s big trouble brewing. We don’t know if he’s the ringleader or a flunky. He’s powerful and pure evil. He’s the reason your dad left. He showed up around the time you and Chase turned fifteen. He was afraid he’d come to cause trouble. It appears he was right.

“When Jordan started seeing things, Jackie and I didn’t want to believe she was the one. We have five kids. I always hoped that the burden would fall on one of the boys.”

“Nice, Dad. Wish this on someone else.”

“You are my only daughter,” Heath replied. “I’ve got your older brothers and I love them dearly, but you’re my baby girl. If I had to pass this on to someone, why not one of my boys? But fate chose differently. That’s why we moved back here after your fall. We knew we’d be needed and you’d be safer with the others around.”

“Is that why I’ve always taken gymnastics and martial arts? My friends all took ballet. I took kick boxing.”


“How did you know it was Jordan?”

“I know this sounds like something out of a Fantasy, novel, but she has a mark. I bet you have one too.”

The teenagers lifted their left arms, gazing at the underside of their biceps. Each of them had a peculiar strawberry mark. They were nearly identical in shape, size and color. Heath lifted his arm, pulling up his sleeve. He had the same mark.

“It appears when you’re chosen,” he told them calmly.

“If you know all this stuff, why are you reading through it all with us like it’s new?” Brian asked suddenly.

“It’s always good to have a refresher,” Heath replied. “And we have to make sure you actually do it. We haven’t forgotten learning it ourselves. It’s not exactly Donkey Kong.”

“Meaning it’s not a video game? Or meaning it’s not much fun?” Jordan asked.

“Both. Smarty. Admit it, if we weren’t taking you through it, you’d have ignored that family tree.”

“I still don’t get why that’s such a big deal,” Brian said. “So I’m related to some weird guy who had visions.”

“Not just some weird guy,” Heath replied, somewhat exasperated. “He was a prophet. He had visions that were very accurate. His dreams were written down and are referred to even today. He foretold this time. He knew it was coming and he tried to tell people to be prepared. Unfortunately, those who actually believed him were considered just this side of crazy.”

“Are you comparing my dreams to his?”

“Edgar Cayce trained himself to remember and record his dreams. None of us knew how to train you because none of us had visions the same way. Your folks tried, but you were so afraid of what you were seeing, you blanked them out. The only way to document your dreams was to film you when you were asleep. Some of these tapes I’ve seen, but I had no idea where Miles kept them.”

“You’ve seen tapes of me talking in my sleep?” Brian was horrified.

“Yes. I’m sorry. I wouldn’t have, but it was important.”

“What did I say?”

Heath paused. “I think it’s important that you see for yourself. My telling you won’t make as much of an impact. But be prepared for…. Well, be prepared.”

They took the tapes into the living room and Brian set up the VCR. The tapes began with a date stamp at the beginning. A man’s voice narrated, doing a sort of voice over, until the action focused on Brian. He saw an image of himself. He looked about six. He was dressed in his pajamas and a technician was sticking sensors to him. His father sat with him, keeping him calm.

© 2016 Dellani Oakes 

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